Sunday, May 1, 2016

So What is True Crime Addict About, Anyway?

With three weeks to go before its release, more early reviews are popping up in magazines and on Goodreads. The book contains some answers and some new clues not yet discussed on this blog, as well as a secret epilogue not given to reviewers. It will stand as the definitive book on Maura Murray's case. But it's going to be quite unlike any other true crime book you've ever read.

The latest Goodreads review sums it up nicely:

Throughout the course of this book, James Renner will investigate crime, get himself incarcerated, be verbally and physically abused, follow false leads, learn that he scored "very similar to" Ted Bundy on his psychopathy test, spend the night in a room full of teddy bears, find a chilling surprise in a dirty magazine, drink and drive to put himself in the shoes of a missing woman, get into cars with strangers, take the advice of a psychic, explore his own family's legacy of violence, be internet-stalked and threatened by a creepy dude making targeted videos straight out of a low-budget slasher film, witness his autistic son predict the future with chilling accuracy, discover a modern-day underground railroad, and casually, but earnestly, drop in some theoretical physics bombshell about how there's a fairly good chance that the entire universe as we experience it is just a computer simulation in which it's possible to trigger glitches in reality. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Coordinates Posted on 4Chan

A few days ago, a new Maura Murray thread was created on the 4chan messageboards. Someone then posted a set of coordinates that leads to a wooded area beside the Winnipesaukee River near Laconia. While this is probably another troll, nobody has yet to venture to the spot. Anyone in the area want to check it out?

The coordinates are: 43.445081, -71.636925

This comes almost two years after someone emailed me different coordinates which was supposedly the location of Maura's body. To date, those coordinates have never been reached.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Listen To The First Chapter of TRUE CRIME ADDICT!

The audiobook for True Crime Addict will be available through Random House Audio for download May 24, the same day the physical hardcover goes on sale everywhere books are sold.

A clip from the audiobook just popped up on SoundCloud -- it's actually the entire first chapter.

Check it out and preorder today!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Confirmed: The Book Has a Secret Epilogue

We're about five weeks away from the release of True Crime Addict and things are heating up a bit, after Library Journal called it "An entrancing, brilliant next step for fans of the podcast Serial, Netflix’s Making a Murderer​, and other true crime cases."

A few advance copies leaked out recently, resulting in some very early reviews over on Goodreads. Going forward, I will not post any spoilers on this blog until May 24, when it is released to the general public.

I will say this: the advance copies did not include the 10-page Epilogue. That has been under lock and key and was only just added. What's so important about the Epilogue? It likely reveals why Maura Murray ran away.

More soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Trolls Are Getting Hungry

Anyone who gets involved in this case quickly becomes hounded by some of the most vile trolls on the Internet. I don't know what it is about this case in particular, but I've never experienced anything quite like this.

The first and worst was Alden Olson, a Walmart greeter from Hadley who uploaded a video on YouTube on the anniversary of Maura's disappearance, taunting the Murray family. Olson went so far as to upload videos of my five-year-old son.

Since then, there have been various other trolls trying to wreak havoc and undermine any discussion about this case - I have to approve every post on this blog because they do things like submit 100 comments and then delete them all, causing confusion in the comments section. Every day, there are new threats from anonymous posters.

Tim & Lance were hounded by an aggressive troll when they tried to follow coordinates into the White Mountains that some have suggested is the location of Maura's body. Someone called them at their motel and emailed an odd, threatening message. They were so shook up, they left before they could search.

These trolls hide behind the anonymity provided by the Internet, going so far as to have their emails and posts routed through remailing services to hide their locations. As a rule, I don't share all of these because this blog would become just a forum for these attacks, an echo chamber of hate.

But a reader just noticed something in this video:

Take a look at the still at the top of the article. He believes he sees Maura's face in the shadows in the upper left of this screen grab, and she looks like she's suffered trauma of some kind.

I don't know what to make of the rest of the video. Perhaps someone else will find some clue.

And yes, that's me looking fat and haggard in a hotel room. Happily sober and twenty pounds thinner, now, thank you trolls.