Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cadaver Dog Finds Human Skull in New Hampshire

WMUR is reporting that a cadaver dog unearthed part of a human skull at an old horse cemetery in Littleton, New Hampshire, about 20 miles from where Maura was spotted outside her car near Swiftwater.

The local M.E. will be examining it, soon.


  1. WOW. 7 years as cold as any case can get, (at least as far as the public knows), and now this wall of information coming out. I've been sort of fascinated by this strangest of all strange disappearances since I saw the 20/20 episode on Maura, and I hate to see this culminate with the discovery of remains. That would be the saddest outcome of all, though I suppose it's better than not knowing.

    Anyway, not at all surprised by Fred's reaction to this blog and your impending book, especially after reading your post about his refusal to be interviewed so long. He seems like a very skittish, old school kind of guy, and his insistence that her pre-disappearance activities are irrelevent seems to be part of his bull-like charge in the search for his daughter. On one hand I can't fault Fred; on the other, he is being a little stubborn and a little foolish to think he can successfully find answers all on his own, playing by his own rules. (I'd also be surprised to see the Rausch family cooperate now after your revelation about the email, considering how it puts Billy in a somewhat negative light)

    Hopefully this doesn't deter you though, because this case needs a book, and a book that goes deeper than what we've already read or seen on "Disappeared" and 20/20. I just finished reading two books on the Peter Reilly case, (falsely accused of killing his mother in 1976), and though this case is wholly different, the value of a meaty true crime book can not only fascinate readers, but create ripples through the cases of its subject.

  2. Any word back on this discovery?

  3. No matter what happens she is gone. If she was alive she would be back with her family that loves her. All the speculation about her being prenant and running away to get an abortion is nonsense. She was abducted by some woodsman and probably killed and buried in his territory somewhere. There are sick people out there and I think she fell victim to one of them. This case has fascinated me ever since I saw it on dissapeared, but I do believe that her loved ones know nothing and want nothing more for her to be back with them alive or dead. If you were a dad and your daughter dissapeared how would you act? There is no directions on how to deal with this kind of situation so please don't judge them.