Tuesday, July 26, 2011

***UPDATED*** Clarification on time of Maura's breakdown.

One of the reasons I started this blog before publication of a book is so that I can work towards "sussing out" the details of this case from the beginning to the end until we find the truth. I don't like to rely on any one else's reporting and so I have to interview everyone again. Sometimes it's hard to recollect exact times from seven years ago. I got a chance to contact Karen Mayotte again and here's what she says:

I think I might have screwed up with the times that I originally gave you, and if is that the case, I apologize. That Thursday night, the receptionists had to work until 1:45 (2:45 on Fridays and Satursdays). I think when I first talked to you I got mixed up as to the day of the week, becuase on Sunday-Wednesdays till 11:45. That night, after I visited the other areas of campus, when I got to Southwest I met up with the other coworkers at the eatery in SW (can't remember the name, can find it after if you are interested for more specifics). I didn't eat, but when visiting with the others another area supervisor told me that Maura was upset and that I should go check on her. At that point I did, and you have the specifics from that visit- I do remember when signing her out early, thinking that she would have to wait about 45 to an hour until I could get off shift to bring her to Dunkins or the counseling area. I got off shift at 2:30, so I would've started packing her up at 1:15pm. (30 min before she would get off) Too bad we couldn't grab the police report I filled out the following morning at UMass Police, which would have had the exact time of signing her out to the specifics. Also to clarify my job title- I was an area supervisor.

It's no fault of Karen's. Take a moment and try recalling in detail times from a specific day several years ago. I expect this will happen now and then as we move forward. In the end, though, I believe we will have a more concrete version of events than has been published before. You're seeing the reporting as it's happening here.

I've also been waiting on public records before I start listing an exact timeline of events. I have those now and will be uploading them soon.

Now, off to New Hampshire.

Spoke with Karen again. What she meant to say was that she filled out the police report the day after she learned of Maura's disappearance, thinking it may be helpful to the case.


  1. Why do you think Karen had to file a POLICE report about Maura's Thursday late night shift? Because Maura had to leave early due to crying heavily? Because for liability the university needed to document that counseling was offered or recommended? Or was there something else that happened to Maura or by Maura that required a supervisor to escort Maura out of that building, offer help, friendship and counseling, and make a report of it to police? That makes the incident sound serious! I hope Maura wasn't hurt that night or did something "reportable". She seems like the "girl" (young lady) we'd all want to be!!!!

  2. She filed the report AFTER Maura disappeared because she thought it might be important. There's nothing more to it.

  3. Mr. Renner you say that she filed the report only AFTER Maura disappeared and that she filed it cuz she thought it might be important to the disappearance??

    This contradicts what the supervisor says in her "corrected" version. In the posting above your's, she writes that she filled out the police report the following morning after the incident. Please reread the supervisor's posting.

  4. I suppose that is unclear. Let me get clarification.

  5. When I read this, I read it as she wished she could get a hold of the "UMass Police report" (Campus Security/police)which she filed the next day (most likely because of Maura's metal state, leaving work early and offered counseling), not the official city POLICE report she filed after she found out Maura had disappeared. Makes sense to me!

    However, maybe I am unclear and the above reader was correct. Did you ever get clarification on this?

  6. When I read the above statement by Moyotte I read it as:

    She wished she could get her hands on the "UMass Police report" (Campus security/police) for the exact time. Not that she wished she could get the ACTUAL CITY Police report that she filed once she found out Maura had disappeared.

    I am sure she felt she should write a report of the incident with campus police originally due to the strange and unusual behavior of Maura in case anything else happened (such as self harm, ect.) noting that she walked her to her room, offered assistance, support and referred her to couseling and that she was obviously not able to finish her shift.

    Maybe I am wrong though, did you ever get clarification on this?

    Maybe I am wrong and the previous