Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally, people are beginning to talk!

There's a bit of a cultural divide between NE Ohio and eastern Mass, I've discovered. The people out here on the east coast still have manners. They keep things close to the vest and still think pride is a sin. It's a nicer way of living. From New Jersey, west, we're only too anxious to share what we know about everyone and to tell you what's so great about ourselves.

The very culture out here makes my job so difficult. It's like pullin teeth to get people to open up. But finally, I'm making a little progress. Last night I spoke to Maura's aunt Janis, her mother Laurie's sister, a big influence on her life. Great woman. Lots of stories. And just an hour ago, I sat down for an interview with the youngest sibling, Kurt Murray. What a great guy. He reminds me of a young Ben Affleck, except with red hair.

Still no response from the father, Fred. Though he continues to tell Maura's friends not to speak to me.


  1. Does the aunt subscribe to any particular theory and does she have an opinion on the father's behavior?

  2. According to the aunt, the father is "an odd duck". More on that soon.

  3. We have different friends to fulfill different needs that we have. Rather than talking to friends Maura was hanging out with at the time, try finding her oldest friends. She actually might have revealed something to someone she really really trusted.

  4. With all due respect, Mr. Renner, you were speaking to the sister of Fred Murray's ex-wife. What did you THINK she was going to say? That they all got together every Sunday afternoon for tea?