Sunday, July 10, 2011

Profiting off tragedy.

When people associated with a cold case don't want to talk (for whatever reason) they sometimes use a time-tested excuse: "You're profiting off a tragedy. You're only interested in making money."

Someone has been telling this to people with information in Maura's case, as a way to ask them not to talk to me.

The truth is not so sexy.

To date, I've not made dime off this case. True, I am working on a book that will one day be sold in stores and I will receive a portion of that. I've done it before, with the Amy Mihaljevic case, a case where Amy's family still sends me Christmas cards. Know what I've made from Amy's book? About $5,000. Know what I've spent on travel, stationary, security, private investigator fees, phone calls, and hotels? Probably around $5,000. I'm lucky if I break even.

Maura's case will be more expensive. I live in Ohio. I have to fly or drive to interview witnesses and family members (as I prefer to do so, in person). Will I really make much money from the book? Doubtful.

I am not investigating this case for money. Like Amy's case, this one is a riddle I want to solve. I love hunting bad guys who think they're smarter than the cops. And someone out there knows what happened to Maura, even if all she did was run away.

Let's share some more information so we can answer that riddle.


  1. I just noticed the MMM facebook group deleted your posts. I think this smacks of guilt and self-righteousness. People profit off tragedies all the time. We don't lambaste the man selling 9/11 commemorative coins or stop listening to police investigators because they're being paid to help. And frankly, no one else has stepped into the role you're accepting, regardless of potentital. Pretty convenient that you're receiving flack for helping when half the people involved don't appear especially cooperative. Disappointing.

  2. Have you interviewed the police and other NH state investigators? Are they open to talk to you?

  3. how long before you list some suspects...i like the job your doing so far alot of things that have not been made public. your going to have someone's feathers ruffled.

    not sure what to make of fred murray not wanting to talk to you or le for 2 and a half years but i do imagine he has probably been aproached by thousands of people about his daughter and might be just burned out talking to strangers that might not be able to help him or her good luck look forward to next post

  4. I´m glad to see that you are taking it upon yourself to investigate this heart-wrenching case, which I have been following for some years by now.
    The complete lack of any kind of new, publicly known information about Maura´s case over the last few years is, IMO, quite remarkable.
    The fact that you got yourself kicked out of the MMM group on Facebook speaks volumes in my mind.
    Best of luck in your worthwhile endeavour, Mr Renner, and look forward to reading some new posts on your blog some time soon.

  5. 1. Yes, my posts have been removed from the Maura Murray Group on Facebook. If they really wanted to find Maura, they would not limit information. Unfortunately, sometimes people become so involved with mysteries like this one, they don't want them to end.

    2. I have interviewed some members of law enforcement and private investigators. They have been open so far but will not talk about everything because it is still an open investigation.

    3. I'll talk about Atwood soon.

  6. I just found this blog - I have been taking some time off this year from True Crime. I have followed Maura's case since a couple days after she disappeared, upon reading the first report on Websleuths. I am happy to see you are pursuing this and look forward to reading the whole blog (hey, it beats cleaning my desk this Friday afternoon) and then reading your book.

    After studying the case for years, and not posting much anywhere because of the attacks of the pro Fred bunch to anyone who questions their ideas, I came to the conclusions: a) the relationship with Billy was never quite what Sharon put out b) Maura had an alcohol problem that may have covered other problems c) something went down with Fred and Maura, that coupled with her problems with Billy led to Maura taking off. I think someone was following her to an unknown location (red truck?) and she left the accident site with them. I think Maura is alive and well at this time.

    I am interested in some of the new things I have read here that confirm my own conclusions. I have posted my theories a few times and been shot down, but, while I may have just shut up about them, I have never seen anything to make me change my mind. I am reading from the beginning and can't wait to read more of your blog.