Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Any true crime blog will eventually get a few resident trolls. I learned this with Amy's case. I think I have literally around 800 profane messages that have been sent to me through that blog. They've started here, already. Here's a couple of the best so far:

It appears that you have decided to try to make money off the Maura Murray case, as you shamelessly did with the Amy Mihaljevic case.

Please note this is not the Mihaljevic case. We have real qualified professionals working on this investigation - the New Hampshire League of Investigators, the Molly Bish Foundation, Let's Bring Them Home, and countless volunteers who actually live in New Hampshire and know the area and people. We don't need another failed newspaper journalist, desperate for work with no investigative training or skills whatsoever, trying to play Columbo.

You are not going to "crack" this case by interviewing people and visiting the scene of her disappearance. The only thing you are going to accomplish is the same thing you have accomplished in the Mihaljevic case - distract the real professionals from doing their work and leaking information that will hinder the real investigation. We've all seen how successful your efforts have been in finding Amy Mihaljevic's killer.

There is no need for you here. We have very qualified and skilled investigators working on this investigation. No one reads your blog. No one in NH cares about the book you're going to try to write about "your" meaningless investigation. No one needs an unemployed journalist getting in the way of real investigators who actually have a chance of solving Maura's disappearance.

Thanks, but no thanks,

And then this one, which seems to be a vague threat towards my four year old son:

Please respect Fred's wishes. He doesn't want you to write a book about his family's tragedy to make money.

You have a son. If he tragically disappeared, would you want an out-of-state novelist to show up at your doorstep asking questions and fishing for information to try to get a book deal?


  1. It's a free country, thankfully, and you are perfectly entitled to write about this case. The people who are freaking out right now and trying to discredit and dissuade you are doing nothing more than casting suspicion on the very people they are clearly desperately trying to "protect."

    The truth is about this case is going to come out one way or the other.

  2. Aw, don't let them get you down. Keep doing what you're doing. This case has been cold for too long. It's time someone started stirring things up and asking some important questions. And as far as no one reading the blog? I read the blog every day, anxious for some answers. Thanks for taking this on.

  3. I live in New Hampshire and I check your blog daily. I care about the book you're going to write. I care about this case. Do not listen to these people. You keep up the good work, you're the only one bringing any light back to this case.

  4. Mr Renner,

    What you are relating in this post is simply outrageous and unacceptable.
    It does seem as if there are people out there who are prepared to steep very low in order to stop the truth, whatever it is, from getting out.
    So, what can it be that scares some people so much?
    All the more reason to press on, Mr Renner.
    Very best of luck in your quest!

  5. The idea that the citizens of New Hampshire would be against anything that might lead to resolution in this case is preposterous. It certainly lends itself to the thinking that these people have something to hide. By the way, I read your blog, eagerly and avidly. I think anyone who has heard Maura's story is hungry for answers.

    I do disagree with you that the second comment is a threat to your son. Likely the commenter was making some sort of misguided attempt to elicit empathy for Maura's family. I have no doubt that you have plenty of that already.

    Best of luck to you. You have been kicked off the facebook page (where I first heard of you), discourage by Maura's family, and, apparently, the people of New Hampshire. If you can uncover the truth behind this mystery, they will all be eating their words.

  6. Apparently you're the first person in history to think of the CRAZY IDEA of writing a true crime book about a missing person. How dare you, right? I don't get it. I feel for Fred Murray, and I've always been on his side, but this unnecessary stonewalling is really starting to annoy me, not to mention the fact that its casting him and others in a negative light. If he seriously thinks he can keep the world from knowing certain things about Maura, while also asking for their help and their sympathy, then he's sorely mistaken. This isn't about Fred, or Fred's old school pride, or Maura's family. This is about finding Maura. The same thing he's been bitching about the police doing to him, he and others are now doing to you. Like I said, I don't get it. If I went missing, and there were some unflattering but certainly not libelous facts about myself coming to light to the public, (especially the ones presented here), I'm pretty I would rather that happen than nothing at all. We should all be so lucky to have people searching for answers to our fate. Anyway, I hope her family's unwillingness to cooperate doesn't hurt your book or hinder your search for facts. I know such things have been done before, but it would be nice to have them on board. (I would even wait before you finish the book, just in case they change their mind...you never know)

  7. I'm grateful you're pursuing this case, even though (as many Maura forum posters have found) there will be harassment and threats galore! You've got the experience, courage, motivation and "street smarts" to see through the onslaught of writings from a (surprisingly small, but very vocal and vindictive) group of people. I'm sure that all but that little group are cheering you on!

  8. I'm not a judgemental person and have enough life experience to understand that how folks react to critical situations is strictly on a case by case basis. For instance, I didn't "judge" Darlie Routier guilty/harshly for having a Silly String/b.day party at her recently murdered sons graves. (Rather, GUILTY by the evidence.) And I'm trying not to judge the father/family of Maura for their non-cooperative stance, as I, God forbid, have no idea how I'd react in their shoes. BUT (lol) I just don't see the harm in someone looking into the case at this point? Unless there is an imminent arrest or case being prepared for trial, which seems highly unlikely, it seems all help should be welcomed.

    True crime has been a hobby of mine for years and I've read and participated in lots of message boards and blogs. The examples you have posted are not what I consider to be "trolls," but rather opposing opinions and I agree with the other commenter that the second one is not a threat to your son. The trolls I've witnessed are foul and disruptive, usually posting outrageous lies, accusations, spam and theories.

  9. I think it is good that there is heat on this case, especially if it is a homicide. Sometimes pressure is good.

  10. There are so many strange inconsistencies in this case. The websleuths and topix forum fighting and threats has been going on for years.

  11. you are an extra set of eyes to this case. you are tying to help. why are they so against others trying to help find Maura!???? I dont get it.

  12. "Please note this is not the Mihaljevic case." Seriously? Because the title of the blog "My Search for Maura Murray" really threw me off.

    "We have real qualified professionals working on this investigation - the New Hampshire League of Investigators, the Molly Bish Foundation, Let's Bring Them Home, and countless volunteers who actually live in New Hampshire and know the area and people. " Countless volunteers who actually live in the NH area, know the area, know the people, and have yet to show any results for that. This case needs an outside eye. Keep doing what you're doing!

  13. I'd like to point out what happened with the Robert Durst case...who cracked that one wide open? Independent film makers/documentarians. They were able to get evidence that no other "professionals" could.

    Keep doing what you're doing. The family is going through a nightmare and their actions may not make sense to you or I, but that's their journey to take. As long as you keep your focus on helping Maura, it will all work out in the end.

  14. Being the mother of an abducted child, I can tell you I personally would welcome anyone trying to help me find her. There's been too little of that through the years. That being said....what the heck is peoples' issues....If her dad doesn't want someone trying to help find his kid, an extra set of eyes....that's just weird.