Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blackberry not Jigger Johnson

Turns out some websites related to Jigger Johnson have some erroneous info. Jigger Johnson is, in fact, closed for the winter months and would have been closed when Maura disappeared. However, Blackberry Crossing Campground, in Conway, is open year-round. It's a little closer to Haverhill than Jigger Johnson, on Rt 112.

Thanks to those who found the mistake. Another reason for this blog is to suss out the facts before publication.

Again, I'm not saying she went there, only that she was very familiar with the campgrounds around Jigger Johnson and may have had that area in mind before and after the accident. There are hotels in and around Loon Mountain and also Woodstock that may have been her destination. I'm even open to the possibility that she had made plans to meet someone over there. Point is, she knew that heading East would have taken her to an area with lodging that she was familiar with.


  1. I am not sure who is giving you your information but Blackberry Campground is around four miles farther east from Haverhill than Jigger Johnson. So it is farther from Haverhill, not closer.


  2. Mr. Renner, have you heard/investigated the rumor that she was knew or was dating someone who worked at a Loon Mountain resort? There was something about that on the message boards

  3. RE 4:11 pm Aug 9

    Could this be one of the "brothers" Mr Renner is requesting more information about in his more recent topic?