Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What the witnesses saw.

One thing that has been re-reported with little verification over the years is the story by Faith Westman, who lived in the house across the street from where Maura's car came to rest on Wild Ammonoosuc Rd., in which she says she saw a man in Maura's car smoking a cigarette. That's not exactly right, she told me last week.

"I heard a crash and then I went to the window. I saw the car. There was a red light in the car, which I thought might be the light from the end of a cigarette," says Westman. "But I never saw a man and the red light could have been anything. Maybe a cell phone light as she was trying to find a signal to call someone."

She saw the woman in the car get out and walk around the vehicle as she called the accident in to local authorities--crashes on that curve in the wintertime are not unusual in themselves and she has to do this at least once every season.

John Marrotte is an old, earnest fellow who lives in a house on the North side of the street. Since the trees were bare at the time, he was able to see the car--and the woman--from the window of his kitchen.

"I saw her get out and walk around the car. When I looked out again, the police were there. She was gone. I don't know what happened. Only man who knows is up there." he points to the sky.


  1. If I remember correctly the old story was that Faith thought she may have seen a man smoking
    while her husband maintained that it was more than likely the glow from a cell phone. Or was it the other way around? In any case this new statement has only Faith's take on what she saw.
    One wonders if her husband or other family members saw anything at all. Heck, does she even have a husband and family and, if so, did they at all figure in what was witnessed that night?

  2. IIRC I believe it has always been said that Mrs Westman thought she saw a man smoking in the car, while Mr Westman supposedly thought it was the glow of a cellphone.
    Now, I´m sure that the media might well have got things completely wrong - yet again - in their reporting, so wouldn´t put too much stock in that.
    According to Mr Renner Mrs Westman is quite clear that she in fact did not see a man in the Saturn and that the light/glow could have been anything, such as e.g. a cellphone light.
    This leads me to believe that previous media reports on this matter might likely have been muddled.
    And yes, Mrs Westman does indeed have a husband.
    As far as the media reporting goes no other family members were in the house at the time apart from Mr & Mrs W.

  3. under the evidence tab when looking at "phone calls" it states Faith W called about the accident and said she could see a man smoking a cigarette in the car, but Butch A never said he saw someone else in the car?

  4. I have a question about the witness statement about seeing Maura (possibly) running a few miles away from the accident scene--do you think it's possible she was fleeing her abductor?

  5. Is there anyway to look at her call history and see the last few numbers that were called?

  6. I saw the episode on Disappeared about Maura, according to the police there was no cell phone reception there. She also told the bus driver that she had already called someone. How could she? Also, she was a runner, apparently a damn good one too. I am also a runner,you can't be a good runner and smoke. So,IF it was the end of a cigarette surely someone else would've been smoking. Why would Maura smoke? I did see the police reports where Mrs. Westman commented that she thought she saw a man smoking(not verbatim, but thats the general gist of the sentence). So did she or did she not? What happened to the bottles of alcohol she bought? I've only read about the box of wine behind the seat. Wheres the rest? The police report said there was a coke bottle that smelled of alcohol. Drinking and driving? Is that why she didnt want the police involved? I have many many theories. I hope she's found. I plan on going to NH for Christmas to visit my in-laws and I'm planning on visiting the crash sight. I'd like to pay my respects.

  7. Just to reply to a couple questions above that are two years old (I have no life). The coke bottle found was supposed to have been filled with red wine, presumably from the box of red wine which was left on the back seat. It would of course be interesting to know how empty this box was. Some of the wine mentioned as a pinkish liquid had been poured into the snow. I am sure I also read reports of wine stains on the inside roof of the car and the seat or foot well, implying she might well have been consuming wine from the bottle up until the crash (and at the time of the crash). The bottle of Vodka and Kalhua were missing, presumably Maura had taken these with her.

  8. Thanks I was also wondering what had happened to the alcohol.

  9. No one can sit in a car and smoke after airbags have deployed. Talcum powder or sometimes cornstarch are commonly used to lubricate air bag fabrics and aid in deployment. The talcum powder appears as "smoke" when air bags inflate. I had a car accident where both air bags inflated and smoke filled my car. There was no way I could sit in the car and defiantly no way I could sit in the car and smoke a cigarette.