Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BREAKING: Maura's secret suitor.

Some info came in from a reliable source last night that kind of rewrites the narrative we've been given about Maura by her family and Billy Rausch.

It turns out Maura was considering ending things with Billy. Seems she had gotten very close to a nice, ambitious young man at UMass and her friends were pushing her to drop Rausch for this new guy. It was a relationship she had to keep secret at the time for a good reason.

I have the man's name but I'm waiting for him to respond before I go into it too much.

I would very much like to speak to anyone who knew Maura at UMass. Please contact me at


  1. Knew this had to be part of it. New Years up north, secret boy, disappearing 9 weeks later... Ugh. You're keeping us on our toes with these cryptic half-updates! Will you head to MA again soon?

  2. I bet Maura was going to see HIM, when she had the first wreck.

  3. Was this source at the dorm party the evening of Maura's first car crash?
    Also, did the secret suitor live off campus?


  4. The fact that social networking as we know it today was barely in its infancy in early 2004 makes it hard to find specific online information about day-to-day college events back then, or about people who knew Maura.

    As for the absence of the young man's name, Catherine...James has been under enormous pressure to keep information like that confidential, if people even want to let him in on it at all.

    1. As for social networking...a lot of people used Friendster back then. Myspace was also quite popular already. I wonder if Maura had accounts on either of those sites?

  5. Wow! Since 2004 it seems no journalist has put in the work to understand what happened to Maura. Mr. Renner has continued to delve deeper into this case than any of us could've hoped. (Sorry, rereading this... it sounds like some kind of book review!) Anyway, it gives me hope that maybe Maura is alive, having made a painful choice (read the chapter bookmarked in "Not Without Peril") to leave her old life in order to "survive" (emotionally, or as an independent person, etc.). Let's hope this (please, God) leads to good news.

  6. This really isn't anything new unless James really has located and confirmed the guy Maura was involved with - here is an interesting article I found:

  7. @Anonymous 2:32 I kind of don't want to know who it is. He's probably still hurting, it's very personal. I was at UMass in 2004 when MM disappeared, and it was very scary and strange, and we'd only met in passing. I hope that whoever that young man was good to her, while they were together, and that he's found some peace in the years since.

    Plus it sounds like there are people ready to beat the hell out of anyone asking questions, so I am on board with keeping that kind of info confidential. For now at least.

  8. Mr Renner´s news leads me to believe that the possible sighting of a Maura look-alike in a Barton,VT, church in IIRC the summer of 2005 might have been the real thing.
    I very much hope that Mr Renner will be able to check this supposed sighting out as well, as I feel it has been dismissed too easily.

  9. Why is Renner here if not to find facts and get at the truth? "...very personal"? Actually, her disappearance has been made very public! Keep at it, Renner! The individual suspected of being a love interest needs to be identified and questioned by the police, if he hasn't been already.


    contains some inconsistencies and untruths itself. The man in the A Frame living with his girlfriend was the brother of the man who had the rusty knife and later died. He currently lives in downtown Woodsville as does his girlfriend. He didn't plow in the area--that would've been much too ambitious for him. The dogs supposedly went wild but no evidence has been returned from testing as positive for anything but animal remains--not human.

  11. Catherine 6:48,
    Can you tell us more about "the people ready to beat the hell out of anyone asking questions". I don't know about that aspect of the case.

  12. Connie, read earlier posts. Mr. Renner was threatened bodily in New Hampshire.

  13. Perhaps I am extremely dim witted, but I fail to understand how Maura having a "secret suitor" rewrites the narrative as told by her family and Billy. If there was a "secret suitor", the fact that he was secret would mean that her family and Billy did not know about him and certainly would be unable to discuss any facts about him. Those of you who have followed Maura's missing from the beginning may remember, as I do, that while still in New Hampshire looking for Maura that Billy was asked by the media about her running away with another man. I don't have his quote, but he replied something about hoping that it was the case because it would mean that she was alive. I also fail to understand why "it was a relationship she had to keep secret at the time for a good reason." What good reason?? Maura was young. Young people break up with other young people all of the time. Her boyfriend was living almost 2000 miles away. He was in the army and could not up and leave to confront her. He certainly would not have been the first young man to receive a Dear John letter. Again, I ask, "What is the good reason?" Also, I have no desire to demean Maura in any way. Too many posters have taken that route. I admire her, but believe that she, like all of us is merely human and subject to mistakes. But it seems odd that you, Mr. Renner, discuss Billy and another girl as "cheating" and yet Maura has a "secret suitor".

    I do hope that you will endeavor to be factual and that something positive comes from your efforts.

  14. 8:55PM
    Billy was an x at time Maura was going around and so it doesn't count as cheating.
    They were a couple when Billy did this to her, and I'm sure that stung more than a knife. It's called CHEATING.
    the relationship went rocky. The mother made it sound like everything after that period in 2001 was just peachy keen. But by spring of 2003 it was not fine, and Maura was getting along without him. That's called FINDING COMFORT and/or moving on.

  15. I think this case needs a pair of fresh eyes.

  16. I have a lot of trouble believing that a stranger abduction took place. I think what is most likely is that Maura met someone she knew and either fled with that person to a life in Canada (and is still alive) or was abducted/killed by that person, who also lured her to take the trip.

    I have strong suspicions that Maura's Secret Boyfriend either is that person or knows who that person was.