Monday, September 12, 2011

Team Captain Butted Heads With Hoss

When Maura was on the track team at UMass, her team captain was Crystal Therrien.

Therrien was what they call a "multi-eventer," a sprinter-jumper, while Maura ran distance with Markopoulos. She remembers Maura as having the whitest teeth and the biggest dimples she's ever seen. "I remember her smile. She was always smiling. We used to hang out at these track parties, where the whole track team would go to somebody's house off campus."

Therrien remembers Hoss being at some of these parties but never knew they were dating. Hoss, she says, had his own way of motivating the women during practice. "He was not a very good leader," she says. "We'd have them running hills and he'd try to motivate them by yelling at them. 'Suck it up!' That might work for some people. But not everybody. He just had a cocky way about him."

Still, other teammates like Nastaran Shams saw good in him. More than they heard about Maura's boyfriend Billy, back at West Pointe. "[Hoss] was great. He was an incredible runner. He was in incredible shape. He had a big crush on her. So we tried to hook her up. Let's just say we weren't big fans of Billy."


  1. James, it's stunning to me that after all these years we are finally getting to know Maura as a "real" young woman because people are sharing with you. Every "revelation" makes her more like the rest of us; as you said in an earlier post (paraphrased)... she has a normal combination of a range of human behaviors. I don't think you're doing anyone a disservice by posting here about your interviews. For some of us who didn't even know her, it gives some hope she is alive. It also gives a greater depth to Maura --- as Sharon R once said: Maura was a complex person.

    Her friends seem like fine young women. And I'm grateful you and those you spoke to had the courage to let us know that Billy might not have been the perfect boyfriend. It's embarrassing how brainwashed most of us were, and I'm ready to admit that I was quoting the families' lines as fact after years of repetition! To be honest, the way the situation was expressed to us (posters/case followers) over time did not do Maura justice --- we are seeing more of the intricacies in her life now.

    Please keep posting as often as time and life allow!

  2. "He was not a very good leader," she says. "We'd have them running hills and he'd try to motivate them by yelling at them. 'Suck it up!' That might work for some people. But not everybody.

    I find quotes like this hysterical. "It might work for some people." It does. It works for men. Woman usually need support, men are taught to be individuals, even in a team sport they are taught to tough it out. The military has trained men like this for over 200 years, with great success I might add. That a woman doesn't get this doesn't surprise me.


    1. I know this is a year and a half after this comment was made, but:

      It does. It works for men.

      These athletes weren't men. Consequently he wasn't a very good leader of women athletes, which by your own admission need a different coaching style (the team captain is, after all, talking about practice... not military service). I think the Team Captain is entitled to her opinion on his coaching style.

      That a woman doesn't get this doesn't surprise me.

      I don't even understand the inclusion of this comment outside of pure misogyny.

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  4. Sorry Jim....You probably will not post this, but You should. He is a pig.

  5. "...Let's just say we weren't big fans of Billy."- I'm curious why- did this person elaborate on their feelings toward Billy?

  6. Probably because not many friends/family are going to be supportive of someone who cheats-especially someone who cheated with Maura's older sisters friend

  7. To Anonymous Sept. 12, 2001 4:51 PM, I think Billy broke Maura's heart by cheating. Her friends on the Track Team probably witnessed her heartbreak. This is just a guess. Maybe Renner will get more details to be sure.

  8. It seems unlikely that she would run away for something that happened 2 years earlier. It looks as though Billy cheated on Maura in early 2002 when they had just started dating and she'd moved to UMass. He admitted this to the cops when she first disappeared, it's illegal to lie in a police statement and I think being being a military officer he would have told the truth about this. There is no evidence at all to say that he cheated on her since then. Has Mr Renner asked the sister about this, it seems unlikely that anyone would cheat with an older sister's friend (especially at West Point where there is very little mingling between the years) - not that it really matters who it was I guess.

    Maybe Mr Renner should focus on who else she was seeing? If Hossein is correct, she had other boyfriends. Who where they? Maybe they know something?

  9. "He had a big crush on her" " so we tried to hook her up". To me these statements sound like Maura was unwilling to see this man considering it was said "so we tried to hook her up". I personally think Hoss should be looked at by LE.