Friday, September 9, 2011

To Maura, If You're Out There...

I'm still very much treating the research for this book like an investigation into a murder. The most likely explanation to me is that she traveled to the North Country planning to meet someone (possibly picking them up along the way, or meeting them in the area and following toward some other location) and then something went wrong.


After speaking to Hossein, members of the track team and getting this info about the bank, as well as a very interesting tip on a recent sighting of Maura with a child, I am open to the possibility that she is alive and choosing to live a new life. If that is the case, and Maura is reading these posts I'd like to make a request:

Please let me or the police know you're alive and well. If this isn't a case of murder, you have the right to continue on with this new life away from the ones you left behind. Verify that you're okay and the police can close their investigation, I can stop researching the disappearance, and you can stay in hiding. Right now, though, everyone is kind of assuming the worst.


  1. A recent sighting? Please share.

  2. James,

    While I realize there are a lot of odd factors in this case and that Maura may still indeed be alive under an assumed name, have you considered that she may be a late victim of the so-called Connecticut River Valley Killer? The reason I ask is because when I first read about Maura's disappearance, I realized immediately how familiar it seemed.

    Cursory research led me to the murder of Barbara Agnew, who disappeared under VERY similar circumstances in January of 1987. Her abandoned vehicle was found in a rest-stop in Hartland, VT during a blizzard. The interior of the car was covered in blood. Agnew's body was found stabbed to death a couple of months later. Her death was attributed to the Connecticut River Valley Killer and it occurs to me that the area from which Maura vanished is right in the heart of that unsub's old stomping grounds.

    Interestingly, a paraplegic man named Gary Westover came forward and allegedly confessed on his deathbed to being present for that crime. He allegedly blamed three drinking buddies, who picked him up and killed Agnew in his company. (Westover did not note any personal involvement or foreknowledge.) I'd be VERY interested to know who the names of those three men as well as their whereabouts on the night of February 9, 2004.

    I don't know if you've considered this avenue or consider it worthwhile. I go back and forth myself. But if you've ruled it out, would you mind at least saying so?

    If you haven't studied that case, I'd advise you to ignore any talk you hear about Michael Nicholau. Although he was indeed a killer, he's being accused in the absence of any hard evidence by a private investigator who's unfortunately poisoned this case by pushing this particular suspect rather aggressively and has since attempted to link him to virtually every unsolved murder series on the eastern seaboard. Unfortunately, you see this kind of thing happen a lot in notorious cold cases.

  3. I remember that story. I often wonder if that story was EVER checked out by LE. If I remember correctly Westover told a relative that was an LE person!