Saturday, October 22, 2011

More thoughts on the "Londonderry Ping"

So I guess we're calling this clue the "Londonderry ping." Sounds good to me.

Some people have been wondering if this call that came into Maura's cell phone the afternoon she went missing, the call that "pinged" the Londonderry tower, could have been Maura checking her cell phone. When you check voicemail on some cell phones, the phone literally calls itself. Mine is like that.

However, the way I read the search warrant, it appears they were trying to identify the person who owned the number that called Maura. Obviously, they would have recognized Maura's cell phone number. It seems it was either logged on her bill (that would be the bill that goes to her boyfriend Billy Rausch's mother) as a number that they could not put to a name or an "unlisted" number that could be provided by the cell phone company logs.


If it was merely Maura checking her cell phone, this is still significant information. The phone could only have pinged the tower if it was within 22 miles. There's a photo above, showing the area. If it was Maura, she wasn't traveling up 91 N like we've assumed. She would have likely been traveling up 93 N, which begs more questions, like, could she have swung by Hanson or Weymouth before heading into the North Country?

My hunch is it was not Maura checking her phone. I think it came from the person she was meeting up there.


  1. There's no way that she could have gone back to Hanson that day if the ATM and liquor store receipts are after 4 would take 2.5 hours to get there then 3.5 hours to northeastern NH...the earliest she could have got there would be around 9pm that night...

    However, if she was leaving Amherst and taking 93 it would take about 4 hours...meaning she could possibly get there at 8 pm but probably closer to 8-830 with stops.

    The best way would be to go up 91(taking probably 2.5 hrs) there would be no reason to head up 93. I truly believe she was meeting up with someone going up 91 with them coming from southern NH or coming from the Boston region which would cause the ping from Londonderry when they called to check up with her...

  2. I never gave it a thought that it could have been her.... assumptions are dangerous things but I certainly assumed it was someone else given what I know about how towers work and what I know about the case.

    Whether or not it was investigated beyond Trooper Landry I do now know.

  3. Were phone numbers to and from her dorm phone cross referenced? Had she contacted rental condos/cabins in NH? If so, could it have been someone calling her back?

  4. I'm bothered by a lot of the speculation about what might have happened to Maura Murray -- lost in woods, met up with a friend, committed suicide, etc. These seem totally implausible. I'm a journalist, and a young woman who has also been known to jump in the car and take off for a few days. So I get it. I understand that she just needed to get away for a short period. Have a change of scenery. Breathe. I'm pretty sure her father's instinct is right. Some dirtbag grabbed her. Who? I think someone who lives on that road, or someone who lives on a road that leads off of that road. How many houses could that be? 40? Has anyone walked that road and knocked on every door? And walked down every road that leads off it and knocked on every door? I now live on a country road. And very few cars go by over the course of an evening. And every car is someone who lives on this road. I would guess that whoever grabbed Maura lives in a two-mile radius. I think the father, Fred, should hire a private investigator, someone with a very keen sense of when someone is lying or hiding something, who will go door-to-door and ask every single person in every single household where they were the night Maura disappeared. I'm sure everyone (except the guilty) would be happy to offer this information. In my experience living in the country, most people come home from work between 5 and 5:30 and don't leave their house the rest of the evening. Someone who lives on that road, or a road that leaves off that road, went out that night (to go to a bar, to play poker at a friend's house?) and came upon Maura on his way back. Took the opportunity. Offered to give her a ride. Did something to her. I would like to see the dirtbag found and brought to justice. I think this case can be solved. Go door-to-door. Talk to everybody. Start the process of elimination. Narrow it down to guys who were driving down that road around that time that night. Maybe a local New Hampshire group could help rally the town to help you. I would bet the perpetrator's brother, or girlfriend, or mother...knows or suspects something.

  5. Did anyone go door-to-door on the road where Maura disappeared and talk to everyone in every house? I think, as her father does, that a local dirtbag grabbed her. And I think he either lives on the road where Maura disappeared, or a road leading off of it. I don't think this is more than 50 houses. I think you knock on every door and ask every person where they were the night Maura disappeared. I live on a quiet road now, and not many people are out driving around after 5:30 or 6. I think this case can be solved.