Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm very interested in taking a fresh look at the reports of Maura Murray sightings since her disappearance.

If you think you saw Maura, or know someone who has, please contact me at


  1. I always thought any reported sightings were probably 'wishful thinking' at best. In light of some of the discoveries, I have to admit I am thinking there actually IS a possibility Maura is still out there. Boggles my mind why one would have to pull such an elaborate disappearance and what kind of a person would cause their loved ones such agony with such an action tho.
    Looking fw to your reportings on this!

  2. Hope to hear updates on this soon. I remain hopeful that she is out there somewhere.

  3. Could she have had a split personality? Perhaps there is a side to Maura that nobody or few knew about...