Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forget the Skull in the Horse Cemetery

Ever since New Hampshire reporters broke the story in July that human remains were found in an old horse cemetery in Littleton, 20 miles from Haverhill, the rumor mill has wondered loudly if it was Maura Murray.

Though officials have still not commented publicly, I can tell you the Murray family has been told the remains are not Maura's.

My hunch is it's just an old family cemetery.

The search for Maura Murray, alive or dead, continues...


  1. It is Just a Horse Cemetery. There are 3 horses buried there. It is not a people cemetery. Unless of course We can find Mr. Ed. Have You been to the cemetery physically?

  2. The main point is that it is not Maura and that is hopeful news

  3. ok, i forgot the skull in the cemetary.....what else is new, lol?