Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fred Tells Maura's Friends to Keep Quiet.

When Maura lived in Hanson, she was part of a popular group of girls that stuck together through thick and thin. Katie Jones. Carly Muise. Erin Devine. Andrea Connelly. Laura Rideout. Leader of the gang was Liz Drewniak (pictured above), who ran with Maura and would later go on to become valedictorian.

About a year ago, I started reaching out to these women but got no response. When I visited Hanson earlier this year, I spoke to Drewniak's mother at length, who provided me with a lot of background on Maura. Connelly's mother, as well, was much help. But the women, themselves, still did not return messages. I later found out why.

Turns out Fred Murray spoke to Liz Drewniak and said they should not talk to me. He, again, reiterated that he did not want a book or more publicity about his daughter's disappearance. For misguided, though understandable, reasons Liz then told her friends to keep quiet.

Hopefully they change their mind before the book goes to print.


  1. Why in God's name would Fred NOT want all the publicity that he could get for his missing daughter? I agree that Fred never really semed concerned as to WHY his daughter was heading up there, only what happened to her. It very well may be that they were going to meet there. If so then why all the secrecy? It's no big deal if that was the case. Maybe he just didn't want to add confusion to the case who knows.

  2. He could just be a garden variety control freak. Then again, all of this adds up to some suspicious behavior and is worth a look. I'm sure the Renner-bashers will show up any minute to huff and puff and weave more lies and absurdities.

  3. Why would any father NOT want publicity for his missing daughter???? You'd think the friends would just do what they want, what's the harm in alienating Fred? Do they even have contact with him?

  4. He probably told them to not say anything because he might know where she is. That is, she could be alive and have contacted him. She could have told him that she didn't want to have any further contact with anyone she knew. He still might not know where she is living, but she could have contacted him through a note or something other way. It sounds ridiculous, but lots of people have double lives. Who would have thought that Casey Anthony could have lied about having a job for over 2 years when she was not working! Crazier things have happened.

  5. Consider the possibility that Maura is alive and contacted her father since the Missing episode at some point and told him to give it up, she has a new life and no intention of coming back. Any more publicity could destroy her new life. He is trying to protect her future maybe? Just a thought.

  6. Why/how does he have so much power over this group of highly intelligent women? Look at their majors and the colleges they graduated from.....what is up with that?

  7. I don't really agree with most of your comments on here. The man obviously has done a lot to find his daughter, he even went to television for it, I just recently watched the segment of him and his missing daughter on Netflix.. so, to say that this man doesn't want publicity for his daughter is very incorrect. From what I understand of this case, and from researching it online, he has done everything from working with police officers, to contacting a psychic, to spending all of his free time, himself, looking for his daughter.. even though it's been years later.. that's a lot more than what some parents out there can say about their missing children..and the man isn't a spring chicken.

    The girls must have some kind of respect for him, in order to listen to what he said..and I'm sure judging from everything he has done, and still does to find her.. there must be a good reason for it.

    To me, it sounds like this girl had some kind of problem, maybe some form of depressing? Nursing school is very competitive, and you normally don't have any form of social life when you're in nursing school, it's very hard. She left West Point for a reason, or was asked to leave... it also sounds as if she was drinking and driving.. who knows.. maybe her father is just strict to her, wants to see his daughter succeed in life, and in college.. and maybe she felt as thought she let him down..with so many accidents and also drinking and driving.

    I cant imagine anyone wanting to run and hide after these many years from a man they love, and want to get married to, and a father that was there for them their whole life.. I just feel bad for the family, and her boyfriend, and his family.. this is a lot for these people to live with everyday of their life..and I can not imagine that a single one of them has had a single night's sleep with this on their mind.

  8. I posted this before and it didn't make it up, so here is my second try.

    I am about the same age as these girls and maintain a great deal of respect for most of the parents of the girls I grew up with. I have to imagine I would treat them with even more respect and sensitivity if one of their children were to go missing. Their respect for his wishes does not seem out of the ordinary at all not any exertion of "power" over this group of young women.

  9. I think it's always good to look at the facts: No footprints were found in the snow, the dog's lost her scent,& the bus driver saw a few cars pass by before the cop came.
    If she were to die from nature & the weather, they would have found her body. They seemed to have searched the area many, many times. Her father still continues to. She couldn't have gone too far on foot, I think she got picked up.

    Wouldn't it have made the most sense for the police to go in the same direction as she was initially driving? I guess that night they did not.

    Her siblings checked out hotels, motels, places to stay and did not find her anywhere.
    As with the rag in her muffler, the only person who knew that rag was there was herself, once she left for her trip. So I find it unlikely that a person stuck it there without her knowing. How would they know to find a rag in her trunk, inside her car kit..and be able to find it, and do all this without her looking
    There were no calls from her phone history or on her harddrive having to do with another man, so I doubt some other was with in the picture.

    Plus, she was a full time nursing school student, worked two part time jobs, & was an athlete at college, and also was in a long distance relationship. Most people have a very difficult time being a full time nursing student to begin with, let alone having all these extra activities.

  10. PART 1 of 2

    So let me try and understand what you are saying:

    These six girls do not want to speak with you and your explanation is that Fred directed them not to speak with you, and they gladly followed his orders? Sounds like a very powerful man. Or is this Liz Drewniak, “Leader of the Gang,” the real muscle keeping these girls quiet? I hope Liz and/or Fred do not direct your publisher to stop returning your calls/emails or you might be forced to self-publish!

    Who is at fault for keeping the others who were close to Maura from speaking with you? Her sisters are obviously under the control of Fred so that’s a no brainer right?! Her older brother probably still takes orders from his father as well. Hmmm, what about the boyfriend and his family? Fred would be the obvious person to blame; however, Liz IS the “Leader of the Gang” so we should not under estimate her, right? Right! What about her West Point friends? It seems that Liz and Fred are indeed two very powerful individuals. WAIT! Perhaps you have spoke with the people closest to Maura and you simply have not posted it on your blog? Are you keeping these conversations from the blog in order to surprise us when we buy your book? That is assuming that Fred and/or Liz do not find out who your publisher of course.

    Could you please help us understand who we should blame? Is it Liz? Fred? Both?

    I think we all agree with you when you say that you hope “they change their mind before the book goes to print.” After all, I would hate it if I had to go to the fiction section of my local bookstore to pick up your book. I hate the fiction section – really! Again, I am assuming that Fred/Liz do not get to my local book retailer first.

    I think it is really unfair that Liz/Fred gave everyone closest to Maura permission to give so many interviews on TV, Radio, with newspapers, etc. and they will not allow you the same access. It is unfair and I hope you spend plenty of time in your book analyzing why they would speak with Montel and not you?! I mean, come on, Montel? Really? He’s great, but I don’t even think he has a blog! Oh, and CNN; no one even watches CNN – seriously! And I heard Liz/Fred told everyone to pony up cash early on to provide a reward for information and now they won’t even help sell your book? Come on! You even had a post about what to do with the money. Good things are going to be done with it was the final conclusion. Good things. Plus you aren’t doing this for money. Everyone knows that authors do not make any money. Anyway, I think everyone would agree with me. You are a victim here and I, for one, am floored that ALL of us were fooled by the previous blogs, websites and reporting by the lame stream media to think these people actually wanted to find Maura. If they did, they would HAVE to talk with you now. Right? Indeed. Of Course.

  11. PART 2 of 2

    I am so pleased that this blog has brought up so many new ideas and insights surrounding this case. I really believe YOU might be the one to crack this case. I think I heard about these searches her closest friends and family would organize and conduct in NH and wonder, why would they do that and not speak with you? They even wasted money on hiring PI’s to do independent investigations – they should have just phoned you! And now FINALLY here you are and they do not even realize that you are the answer to their prayers (NOTE: I do not know if any of them pray. Like most of the posts on this site I am simply stating it as fact without any firsthand knowledge to back up what I am saying). OH, and I just realized that Fred/Liz probably don’t want us to know if those closest to Maura even prayed for her?

    Anyway, I wish you luck Sir. I still do not understand why those closest to Maura are not speaking with you (unless you ARE going to surprise us in your book! Don’t let Fred/Liz find out who your publisher is, shhhhh) after they have wasted so much time and money over the years engaging in countless activities to try and find Maura. I mean, you haven’t done anything wrong that would give them reason not to speak with you have you? It can’t be something to do with YOU could it? No! Never. Not possible. Why would anyone not want to speak with you? Personally, when someone doesn’t want to speak with me it is ALWAYS their fault. I think the same logic MUST apply in this instance. Without question. Absolutely. It must.

    I look forward to reading future posts; however, if you do not see messages from me in the future I think you will know who found me!

    Anonymous (Liz/Fred must never find out who I am!)

    PS - I know a guy at Coffee House Press if Fred/Liz convinces your publisher to back out.

  12. Anonymous @8:56 Parents of missing children should NEVER give up hope. I would never stop looking and take any opportunity I could get if I had a missing child. I wouldn't care if someone made a billion bucks off my story, as long as I found out whether my daughter was alive or not!

  13. I really think that Maura's girlfriends should NOT be intimidated by Fred and talk to James! This group of girls might be able to shed some light on things otherwise ignored. At eight years out you are not going to keep all or Maura's "secrets" hidden. They are out in the public domain. They may be the clue to finding what happened to Maura! I'm sure that the Author may well donate some of the proceeds to a fund for missing persons! I would gladly pay several extra bucks to help find these people, and I'm sure most other people would to! Maura's friends have no contract with friend to stay quiet! I'm sure her friends may have children of their own now! Maybe solving the mystery of Maura's problems and what really happened will help others! Please friends of Maura please come forward and talk to James! It doesn't really look like the police have been of much help! PLEASE COME FORWARD LADIES!

  14. Fred was obviously very critical of the police response. I wonder if he is now bitter that information has been leaked about him to you and others? By this I mean the years it took him to be interviewed and the rather unsavory story about the photographs in the adult magazine. At any rate by forcing her friends and he himself not speaking to you the only damage that is inflicted is on the search for his daughter. Sounds to me as if Fred's ego is getting in the way of the search for his daughter. I can't see how his actions do not hurt the hunt for Muara Murray and just work at making him look suspicious and egotistical.

  15. I'd love to see a copy of Fred's living will. If anyone knows where Maura is - it's Fred. If anyone is willing to support Maura in whatever decision she's going to make, wrong or right, it's Fred. What about when Fred's no longer living, though? I guarantee, if his will is written, there's money left to her or a name that she could be using now.

  16. Is it possible Fred is telling them to keep quiet so they aren't in danger?

    - Sara Alfieri seemed genuinely frightened.
    - Kate Markopoulis left the country.
    - Maura's sisters husband refused to allow his wife to talk to you.
    - The rest of the family isn't talking much, although Fred has hinted that the FBI is needed to make the police talk.
    - There's the unsolved murder of Tom Conrad. There are rumors linking this to Maura's case (Did he know or suspect something? Who were his friends?)
    - A local who voiced suspicions was immediately threatened. He moved to Arizona.
    - Most others in the case have moved far away.
    - The bus driver's own wife said that he may have seen something but was frightened.
    - The issue of the car being sent to Lavoie's (where it was not locked up) and the rag being pointed out early on and Fred Murray being instructed to remove the rag...(The easiest way to ensure that Maura's disappearance wouldn't be looked at too carefully would be to make it look like she was attempting suicide via carbon monoxide).
    - The documentary & podcast guys were feel threatened in NH (How was it known they were there?)

    If you add this all up, does it seem like there might be a pattern of threats or intimidation that are causing people to clam up?