Friday, November 11, 2011

In case you're interested in the Penn State story...

I investigated the disappearance of Ray Gricar, too.


  1. well its so freakingobvious whats going on. Sandusky needs to be questiones on her murder, and they need to get the client list from him so they put those in jail to rot right along with him and obviously he needs to be questiones on rays dissapereance. mr. renner be careful if u research this because it seems like they are some powerful people who kill and murder.

  2. Ray Gricar, Betty Aardsma, Penn State... yikes!

    There's a really good flowchart about halfway down this page about people related to the Penn State horror:

  3. James, is there anything new in your thinking about Ray Gricar? Did all the records of the 1998 Sandusky investigation disappear? Do you think Ray was working on a broader investigation in ref to Sandusky and others?

    If Ray took his life because of remorse for not thinking he had enough to pursue the case (and maybe he goofed and he did have enough?), why hasn't his body been found?

    Sorry about all these questions (and there are a lot more). Wonder if someone was smoking, leaning on the passenger-side door, window open, and convinced Ray to go with him/her? Why did Ray hang out there so long and keep going away and returning to that spot?

    We know that many team athletes are so naturally physical that violence is more of a possibility with them than with a bookish person who has never hit anyone. Do you think someone connected to Sandusky killed RG?

    I hope besides your book and other blog that you update us here on any new directions you're going in. Thanks!