Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NH police: We would tell you if she was alive.

If Maura Murray is alive, the NH state police don't know about it.

There's been a lot of speculation lately that Maura may have made it out of Haverhill, alive, after getting into the car accident. Some people have suggested that the police may know of her whereabouts, but, since it's not a crime for an adult to run away, may be protecting her privacy by not saying they've found her.

Not true, says Jeff Strelzin, a prosecutor with the NH AG's office.

"If we knew she was alive, we'd let you know. We'd close the investigation. We don't know where she is."


  1. I have been moderately obsessed with this case for a little over a year now. I am so glad to know that there is a fresh set of eyes straightening out all the details... and sharing this new wealth of information.

    One of many questions that has always plagued me is: what did her cell phone records say? How could that not shed some light on the events of the evening of the crash (or events that led up to it)? We all know that our cell phone companies are not that careful with our privacy...

  2. Great point, Mahoney. I've always felt that the cell records have not been explored fully. Great work, James, I look forward every day to your next post.

  3. This is the latest info I can find dated July 20. Why no updates since? Puzzling unless it turned out to be evidence in some ongoing investigation and they need to connect the dots.


    No Answer Yet On Littleton Skull

    No Answer Yet On Littleton Skull

    LITTLETON, N.H. -- The partial human skull found in Littleton is still undergoing testing. Its age and whether it is related to a crime are still unknown.

    The skull was found on the evening of July 7 at the Wallace Horse Cemetery on Mt. Eustis Road.

    Officials are not saying who made the discovery. On Tuesday, New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin said the skull still has some testing to undergo before an official report can be released.

    The day after the discovery, Strelzin said a forensic anthropologist would be carrying out the testing to determine whether the skull was recent or more historic.

    The cemetery contains the remains of three horses. A search of the area found no other human remains, Strelzin said.

  4. Everything about this case screams suspicious. Someone knows the entire story, just in my opinion... someone other than Maura...
    If they haven't come forward by now, they won't come forward. It's too bad.

  5. This makes sense. The police would tell the family if they knew she was alive. If she told them not to disclose her whereabouts, they may honor that, but they wouldn't withhold knowing that she was alive to the family. Besides, they would take her off the Cold Case list too. Why would they want to leave the impression that she was still missing and that they were not doing their job finding what happened to her? It makes no sense for them to keep it a secret, even if Maura wanted it that way. Her disappearance got them involved, so they have the right to close the case with a reason (she was found alive).

  6. It's a shame, but I fear the blue ribbon will be hanging around that tree trunk until someone just neglects to keep it there. Every theory in the book has been examined over and over with the same results: nothing. In this case, nothing wins. Everyone else loses. Pity.

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