Friday, November 25, 2011

The Wild Ammonoosuc

Having visited Woodsville and the Bath area where Maura disappeared, I figured the Ammonoosuc River was pretty tranquil. It hardly seemed more than a stream. In fact, there was so little water there in the summer I could walk across boulders sticking out of the river to get to the other side.

But this is what happens every year at the start of mud season, sometime in March.

That river would basically get rid of any evidence someone put in there. Scary stuff.


  1. Wow, you solved the case!

  2. I am not sure exactly where this video was shot, but my recollection of this event is that it takes place on the rt 302 location of the river where it get wider. The 112 section of the river
    remains relatively peaceful, but it does get somewhat higher in the spring due to melting as any river will do.I have never seen it get violent accept during hurricane Irene .The rt 302 is where I have witnessed the Ice Dams Breaking up and causing havoc.

  3. As a friend pointed out who traveled to where the crash occurred, if Maura had moved along the banks of this river, which I assume would have been completely frozen over in early February(or would it have been? and, if it was too warm that night, could she have fallen through the ice and broken a bone or even become submerged?), she could have made good time getting out of the area undetected to wait out the police et al, or perhaps she could have stayed put at a certain point and waited unmoving until the coast was clear only to discover that she was shivering and in deep need of warming up. If the dogs spotting to the middle of the road meant that she did indeed get a ride, and if the construction worker's "young person" seen running was indeed Maura, what would have accounted for the person picking her up and dropping her off?

    Thanks to anybody who considers this question.

    John Avellar

  4. need more posts from you!

  5. Hmmm.... So, if Maura was murdered shortly after she disappeared on February 9th, 2004 and the body was disposed of in or very near this river, then by March 2004 she would be gone without a stitch of evidence?

  6. Absurd. Bodies put in water have a very nasty habit of bobbing back to the top and depositing themselves on the shorelines. Be they whole or pieces. Water is probably one of the worst methods of body disposal. That nitwit Scott Peterson had a whole ocean to use and he still screwed it up. Both his wife and unborn child were discovered. Rivers and lakes even harder to try to hide a body.


  7. No her body would've turned up somewhere further down the river....the entire river doesn't look like this in the spring. This is a bit dramatic.

  8. Moreover, a body is harder to keep down in water than it would be to just bury it, particularly rushing water. Chances are if her body were in that water it or part of it would have surfaced unless someone was very careful and invested a lot of time in weighting the body. Compared to digging a hole in the back woods (hikers and walkers are more likely along a river), it would not make any sense for the self-interested criminal. ~ John Green

  9. Mr. Renner, this is all you have brought to the investigation in the past 6 months? The only new item I have seen from you is an attempt to have Fred get involved with you by stating inflamatory remarks such as.... 'nature of his relationship with Maura and why on earth she came to his single-bed motel room at 2:30 in the morning and stayed through the night'.

    I am afraid you have reached an end....

  10. Exactly. It would have to empty into the ocean for anything close to disappearance to occur. And even then, you might need a shark or two

  11. It seems entirely possible that a body of water like this would eventually wash up evidence. But I don't feel Maura was murdered....but this is just a feeling.

  12. OK, I know their disappearances are not related, but BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T POSTED ANY NEW STUFF (hint, James) I've been left to think about rivers, Maura, and Ray Gricar. So this ridiculous post is all your fault!

    Alright... in the middle of the night I started thinking about the similarities of the two cases, not because there's any connection, but to figure out why the cases are both so.... well, unforgettable...

    My notes are somewhere under the bed, but here's part of what I was thinking:

    * both have very specific reasons for being victims of foul play, suicide, or runaways

    * both exhibited unusual behavior before disappearing

    --Ray was sleeping more, supposedly, and seemingly "down"

    --Maura had a (possibly real) crying breakdown at work, being upset at a party, as well as a car accident

    * Neither took a lot of money out of the bank before leaving (as far as I know)

    * as far as I know, neither had used their credit cards, etc.

    -Maura apparently took $280 from her bank and Ray had a reportedly small savings considering his earnings and low expenses

    * Both were rumored to have things in their past that they might have felt guilty or anxious about

    --Ray not having enough evidence to prosecute a case against Sandusky

    --Maura, possible young-adult illegal minor behavior

    * Both had things in their past that may have haunted them enough to take their own lives. They were GOOD people. They might have been too hard on themselves

    * Foul play was possible for Ray due to his job/cases. Foul play was possible for Maura because she was in a vulnerable position.

    * Both googled directions on their computers before leaving

    * Both had a "significant other" but we don't know the degree of commitment

    * Both left their cars behind

    * Both were assertive non-smokers but had evidence of smoking in their cars.... Ray had a little ash on the passenger-side floor and an odor of cigarettes in his car; Maura had a floor mat with a burn, as well as a backseat window opened a tad. Also, a witness thought (not proven) there was a man smoking in the passenger seat with the door open

    * both disappeared by a river

    * both were very intelligent

    * both were hard-working, responsible, ambitious people

    * both were private and secretive

    None of this means anything except that they are both people we'd respect and their disappearance is upsetting enough to cause even strangers to ponder...

    1. Ray Gricar's Brother's had also taken his own life about 10 years prior which puts his chance of suicide up about 300-400%. I should know my Husband, his Sister, second cousin completed (commited) and a first cousin attempted and was saved. All these people came from 2 different Fathers that were siblings.

    2. I did not know there was a burn in a floor mat in Maura's car, thanks @Anon 7:08 pm. I am compiling my own little known facts about this case.

  13. any new info? i just started following this case and am becoming somewhat obsessed with it as i live only a few hours away. cant believe i never heard about it before! keep up the good work!


  14. I've only seen the area on a Google map, never been there, but that river did stand out to me on the map. There have been many cases of drunken (males usually)stumbling out of bars and into a river and either being found drowned later or never heard from again. It’s just as plausible a scenario as any other. In fact, since we know the river IS there and have NO info that a killer was in the area, I think drowning is a more realistic scenario for what happened to Maura than foul play. However the most likely scenario to me, given the ubiquity of the remote wilderness all around, is that she is out in the woods somewhere, a skeleton, having tragically succumbed to the elements years ago. I hope we find the answer in Fred’s lifetime.

  15. Anon who posted at 4:51am, this case has been on going for almost 8 years and Mr. Renner has been investigating for less than a year. He has found useful information on his own that others have since overlooked. I'm starting to think that some of MM family members do not want Mr. Renner to find out what happened to her for some odd reason....

  16. Have you stopped investigating?

  17. MM remains are quite a ways down stream on the bank of the river partially covered.