Saturday, January 28, 2012

Did you live in the Kennedy dorm at UMass in 2003/2004?

If so, I'd like to speak with you. Please contact me at

Thank you!
-James Renner


  1. I find it odd that noone, even anonymously will contact Mr. Renner. They may have something to add that although insignificant to them, could help explain Maura's state of mind, or circumstances going on around her at that time. College kids talk..I'm sure there was lots of talk following Maura's disappearance. A fellow student could anonymously contact Mr. Renner to add anything they may know or may have heard. I don't think anyone who follows this post wants anything more than a happy ending to this mystery, or at the very least, to know what happened to this beautiful girl. I feel she was troubled and may have made some bad choices...we all have done that..but I feel she was a warm and loving, perhaps confused and troubled lonely girl. My heart aches for her and her family.
    Anon WV

  2. I find it odd too. I read in other posts on other websites, that people who lived in the same hall with her, say she had an eating disorder, bulimia, and it was becoming worse. Some of them knew about her credit card fraud also, because the numbers she stole were friends of theirs.

    I don't know why after all these years.. no one will talk to you.. no one will offer their one.