Sunday, January 15, 2012

New City number identified.

The New City number that shows up on Maura's cell phone bill belonged to Billy Rausch. Apparently he got the plan in New City and kept that number while stationed in Oklahoma in 2004.


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I think you're amazing. Whatever Fred Murray may think of you, trying to make money off his daughter's disappearance, ...In my own opinion, I think anyone should be grateful over another person, whom they have never met.. to spend their own money, and putting in all this time, effort, and energy, and travel miles.. into trying to find out what happened to this poor girl. I do feel incredibly sorry for her father, well as her family and friends..and boyfriend...but I hope someday, her father changes his mind..and sees everything you have done..and realizes you're a good person.

  2. Per the cell phone bill, she had also called a number in Lawton, OK which was determined to have been a call to Bill Rausch as well. With the New City number being his plan/number, it sounds then like she was not only trying to reach him via his phone but also via a number on the base at Ft. Sill where he was stationed. Interesting.

    1. The number called to Lawton OK ended with 1261. The number 442-1261 comes up as the 434th fire brigade at fort sill.

  3. BY GARY E. LINDSLEY, Staff Writer

    Saturday April 10, 2004

    HAVERHILL, NH - Maura Murray's family has enlisted the help of a nationally known psychic profiler to help them find her.

    Murray, a 21-year-old University of Massachusetts at Amherst nursing student from Hanson, Mass., has not been seen since she was involved in a one-car accident in Haverhill, N.H. Feb. 9.

    Carla Baron of Los Angeles, Calif., has come up with a theory about what happened to Murray the night her car failed to negotiate a sharp left-hand curve after driving by The Weathered Barn.

    Baron, along with Maura's father, Fred, want to reserve some of the information so New Hampshire State Police can have a chance to act on it.

    She believes Maura was picked up by someone passing through the area where the accident occurred.

    "I believe she is no longer with us," Baron said.

    She has told Maura's father she believes Maura met with foul play.

    Baron, a psychic profiler who helped lead police to finding the body of a man who had committed suicide in a cornfield in the Midwest, has provided Fred Murray with a description of the person who picked her up as well as the type of vehicle.

    She has also told him in what kind of an area Maura can be found.

    "I have been in touch with Maura," Baron said.

    Maura met with foul play the same night as the accident, she said.

    What really concerns Murray, is what else Baron has told her. She has told him there is another woman who can be found near Maura who has fallen victim to the same person. And, Baron also told him there have been others.

    Murray does not want too many details released right away to the public until the state police have had time to analyze the information and search possible locations.

    Baron has been able to obtain somewhat of a description about the man as well as where she can possibly be found by talking twice with Maura's father via the telephone for a total of about 2 ½ hours.

    "It's called remote viewing," she said, referring to how she obtained the information about what happened to Maura by talking to her father.

    Murray said he spoke with Lt. John Scarinza and others from New Hampshire State Police Troop F Friday.

    "I gave them my theory that someone picked her up," he said.

    He asked them, again, to bring in the FBI and make a direct appeal to the public for any information they may have in helping find his daughter.

    "I asked him if he would accept help from a nationally known psychic," Murray said.

    He said Scarinza mentioned they had been contacted by other psychics.

    "They said they would accept help from a psychic," he said.

    Murray is hoping state police and Baron talk soon.

    Baron has appeared in episodes of "Psychic Detectives" on Court TV and will be seen in a segment of ABC's "Primetime" at 10 p.m. Thursday.

    Anyone with information about Murray should contact New Hampshire State Police at 603-271-3636

  4. So that means she talked to Billy at 12:07am the day she got upset at her job.

  5. I feel really bad about this whole situation, but yes I believe Psychic Carla Baron is 100% accurate. She is right on about everything. Maura was going through a tough time and just wanted a small, little break in a calm area away from it all, and was going to come back to school a week later after drinking away her sorrows and having a mini-vacation to clear her head. Her fiance was cheating on her, she was working two jobs, she had been arrested for stealing credit cards, she was in a difficult nursing/pre-med program, she was sleeping around and afraid she might be was all just too much for one person. She drank a little too much and crashed her car, and when the bus driver stopped to help her and called police, she realized she would be arrested for DUI and get kicked out of nursing school, her 2nd accident in 3 days. So she decided to hitchhike and unfortunately got in a car with a serial killer who raped and murdered her. Very sad :(

  6. So this means that the call that upset Maura may have been the 12:07 call to Billy rather than the 10ish call with her sister Kathleen. This makes more sense to me!

    1. Total speculation, and I don't remember the length of that call--but what if Maura called Billy and someone answered who shouldn't have? That would be plenty upsetting.

  7. I'd like to think Maura would have more sense, but quite honestly she either placed herself in a situation where she was vulnerable to attack or orchestrated a nearly flawless escape.

    As for Carla Baron I have used psychics and I believe some do have a gift but