Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Note for Maura, If You're Out There

I posted this before, but I guess I should repeat it in light of these new developments.

If Maura is out there, somewhere, living a new life, I certainly don't want to blow her cover. It's her right as an adult to disappear.

If she can contact me and can offer some proof of her identity, I'll happily stop searching. I'm sure others would like to know she's alive so that they can stop searching, too. That doesn't mean she has to reveal her location.

But right now, the possibility still exists that she was murdered, or that she was the victim of an accident of some kind that led to her death. This is still very much a confounding mystery. So I'll keep digging until we know otherwise.

Mysteries frustrate me.


  1. Wow! Interesting to see you are entertaining the idea she may still be alive.
    Got to ask (though not accusing) in light of late night pizza's - was there any evidence to show she was into pot smoking?

    I see you looking to contact her dorm mates and that would be interesting to know.

    Can't believe she was so broke she couldn't pay these small bills.


  2. The more I read, the more I think Maura may have just "checked out" and really could be out there somewhere.

  3. I truly hope Maura is out there living la dolce vita in a fabulous house and with a wonderful husband and is oblivious to all the nasty and unnecessary things being said about her. I hope she never looked back after leaving UMass and that her fantasies about disappearing were realized. My greatest wish is that she was picked up by a friend who drove her to Logan or JFK the next day and she got a cheap flight to LA or Rome and she's happy as a lark!

    I hope the road map printouts were a ruse and that the textbooks and insurance forms left in the beat-uo car were also to deter people from finding her and that the splattered wine and rag were just planted to muck up the waters. Perhaps she felt so maligned and abused that she was able to engage the services of a non-profit group who help people vanish and start new lives. Let's hope so!

    1. James, did she have a passport and did anyone check the flight manifests? If not can you access these? Another thought is that she may have stolen a friends passport, she's not very unique looking.

  4. Fwiw, a few years ago someone wrote that Maura had been bullied at UMass during the fall of 2003 and had reached out to friends and family to no avail and for some reason Maura felt that going to the police wouldn’t get results. This individual went so far as to say that Maura had received help in order to disappear and that the plan was to leave the car deep in New Hampshire to make it look as if she’d been kidnapped or walked away to a new life in Canada. A helper followed her in a car just in case the Saturn broke down and when the accident (unplanned) occurred the driver was able to pick up Maura swiftly and drive her to LaGuardia. There was also speculation that the phone call to BR’s cell came from Maura to lend support to the kidnapped theory.

    At the time that entire theory was dismissed because many thought she’d been abducted/murdered or committed suicide. Given this new information it seems possible.

  5. If MM drove to NH from UMass to get away from her stress-filled life (I think everyone agrees that she did), I would bet the bank that she would want to stay as far from you as possible JR if she is still alive.

    In your attempt to solve this "confounding mystery" you have shared her inner most secrets with the blogosphere while posting truths, half-truths and lies about her and her loved ones that would cause great pain and stress to anyone directly involved in this tragic event.

    You state that you "don't want to blow her cover," and yet it seems to me that you already have.

    If you actually publish this post (and I doubt you will), I would like to pose a question to your readers:

    If Maura Murray is still alive, why in the world would she want to communicate with James Renner?

    1. If she is alive, why in the world would she not contact someone to let them know "STOP SEARCHING FOR ME!" The amount of man hours and money spent searching for someone who does not want to be found? Please!!! I don't believe it for a minute. I belive she is no longer allive

    2. This is exactly what I think as well. I feel it would be pretty hard to just ignore the fact that people care whether you are ok or not. We are assuming for now that (at most) she committed a low level of theft/fraud. Is that something worth worrying your friends and family over?? No. I fear there is either a huge fact that nobody has discovered or she likely died on the night of her second accident. I truly believe something unexpected happened that night--regardless of what she did or didn't have planned.....and I think it changed everything.

    3. I would also add here that if she has run away to start a new life - and this seems unlikely - why on earth would she be googling her old name/identity?? She wouldn't for fear it would leave a trace. If she's moved on then shes forgotten Maura Murray even though her loved ones haven't. However, I agree with the above poster that something bad happened to her that night and she may no longer be with us.

      Mr Renner, dd you why further with interviewing Mr Forcier? I am sure he could provide some new insight.

    4. I too find it unlikely that she would still be alive but it is not impossible. However, I doubt she would be googling her own name unless she is either sadistic or likes to torture herself with memories of people she loves. I admit I have been looking for her online and if she started a new life somewhere she does not call herself Maura (or Raykel) unless she entered a strict convent and quit all online activities which is completely unlikely.

    5. Marie and Sarah, where are you getting this information in regard to her Googling her name? I have read back through the blog, and have read all of the comments, but I don’t see anything about this anywhere? Can anyone fill me in?

    6. If still alive Maura would end up here and read this post if she was making internet searches on her name, but if she is alive she is probably not scanning the internet to read about people who are missing her or searching for her and so she would never read this note as that would mean she enjoys causing pain to herself and others. It is only an assumption, nothing more.

  6. I agree that a RF interview would be really interesting. I would be interested in his response of being able to remeber a Jogger three months later and have no recollection a couple days after the accident.

  7. Mr Renner,
    Have you been able to find out anything more about the possible sighting of a girl calling herself "Raykel" in a Barton, VT, church on, IIRC, Fathers´ Day 2005?
    According to a church witness she looked very much like Maura, but had her hair coloured blonde and was apparently having a lot of foundation creme applied to her face, possibly as some kind of "disguise" tool?

  8. I find it difficult to believe Maura has started a new life somewhere. It would be extremely cruel to her family if she did that, with no good-byes, no nothing.

    Of could be the reason she would have wanted to disappear was her family. She seemed so very close to her dad. Ok, fine, but what about her mother? It is as if she didn´t even exist. Just Maura and dad doing stuff together, if you read what her dad tells about her life. Weird, and makes me a bit uncomfortable.

    If the problem was somehow the family, then it would be logical she might want to disappear.

    She had lots of other problems, too, not the least with alcohol just IMHO. And one of the things she had common with dad?

    But, the most probable answer to the mystery may be the simplest one: She was young, her problems probably looked much worse than they were, she drunk, had an accident, possibly hit her head. Then, she got the brilliant idea she´d avoid the police: packed some stuff with her and left. Maybe she walked into the forest along some small way. Maybe she wasn´t quite herself (mild concussion) and did not know what she was doing. Then, sadly, she expired, somewhere there, and her remains will be found one day.

    A version of this happened in my home country some time ago. People thought she´d been abducted after a scooter accident (DWI) at 2 a.m., but turns out she´d left the road and, for some reason walked into the forest, ending in a small lake. Ok, where´s the sense in that? Why leave the well-lit road (and the scooter and her things), why on earth walk into a forest? Into a LAKE? She was searched for for months (ok, not for years). In the end, she was really close to habitation. Sad story, such a waste of young life.

    Just a question: as Maura is / was / would be an adult if she was alive, couldn´t she just contact law enforcement and tell them she´s fine and doesn´t want to be found?

    You know, lots of people DO care. Even us, who never knew her. I live on another continent, and I wonder what happened to her!!

  9. I pray shes found, I was only 13 at the time she disappeared...I hope shes ok. What if one of the anonymous posters was actually maura! How creepy is that lol

  10. I am so sorry for this young lady and her family... May the Lord give you an answer that you long been waiting for... God Bless you all.