Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Creep's Videos Are Now International News

The U.K.'s Daily Mail ran a story today on The Creep's sadistic videos related to Maura Murray's disappearance. Check it out.

Als, Fox 25, Boston, got a criminologist to take a look at the videos (see below). Needless, to say, the Creep even frightens a man who has studied criminals for 30 years.

Strange videos continue to surface in Maura Murray investigation: MyFoxBOSTON.com


  1. In a way, I'm glad that these sadistic videos are making international headlines, simply because perhaps this will give LE to look closer into this psycho if they have not previously. On the other hand, I don't think this 'dirt bag' deserves any of the notoriety he is gaining from his little games. I just pray that MM did not spend her final moments (if that is the case) with such a madman.

  2. There is no question that Mr112Dirtbag is a sadistic
    madman, but that doesn't make him a murderer. He is
    hiding behind these videos like a coward. Actually
    physically murdering someone is a whole different
    experience than taunting into a camera. He has a cruel mind and thrives on attention. Don't let him
    distract us from finding the real murderer. A real
    killer would never make himself so public, particularly when half the people in the United
    States are looking for him. NH Law Enforcement said
    that they cannot find any concrete connection to
    Maura's disappearance. We need to trust their

    1. I'm shocked that his videos are not yet removed from YouTube. I'd wager that this latest press clamor will result in precisely that happening at a minimum....obstruction of justice at most.

    2. Levin is a highly respected academic and professional; if he says "sadistic", then I'd back away from "harmless", which has been the mantra for so many years.
      Still, there is no evidence Maura has been murdered, and I'm glad you make the distinction between the actions of an attention-seeker and the physical act of committing a homicide.

      I dispute your premise that we could be distracted from "finding the real murderer". I am unaware that she was murdered, and it is unknown as to when any new leads will surface to unlock this cold case.

    3. The creep laughing his fake laughter is one of the most disgusting and horrifying things I´ve ever seen. He´s crazy, that much is clear.

      But, why on earth would Maura´s family tell everybody to ignore the videos? How can they KNOW the creep is not involved with Maura´s disappeanrance in any way? Unless...they know something about it we don´t? And how would it prevent the police from finding Maura if we paid no attention?

      The statement raises more questions.

  3. OH MY, did you see ur name in the latest video? hes a creep

  4. this man in these vids is just plain sick. I don't care if he has any involvment with Maura Murray or not. He clearly wants to taunt the family and those involved in trying to find her. He at least needs to be arrested

  5. Well it looks like dirtbag has gotten the attention that he demands but it also puts LE back on the radar as well. It may make them look at a few things again at the very least. I also know that mentally ill people do not act as we would expect stable people to act. I watched mr112dirtbags (112 for the rd Maura was on and dirtbag for a comment that Mr Murray made that his daughter was probably taken by some dirtbag??)videos. He is very specific in certain things. The black eye picture he had the eyes brown like Maura and also her hair down like the SBD described. I noticed the video titled The Gold Badge that he pans in on the gold badge. The only law enforcement that I am aware of that use a gold badge (Star) would be the Grafton County Sheriff. State Police and Haverhill Police do not.Also the eyes are looking in the other direction which to me says that this "Person, agency" is looking the other way on the investigation or looking in the wrong direction for Maura. In the video Bodies of Water the music in the background has a common name as the Final Waltz. Interesting.. Does anyone know the music in the other videos? His music may also be saying something.
    Just an average persons interpretations

    1. I have been waiting for someone to say this stuff. This guy knows something. If he isnt the killer, he knows who did it. His videos relate too much.

    2. I understand this is an old blog, but I recently ran up on all of this and suddenly became interested on finding out what's going on. "Bodies of Water". That's a hint right there.I tried to research the numbers on Google that were posted with the face that winks. I tried to look them up as coordinates. And what do you know. I ended up staring at a body of water. Near Nigeria to be exact. Which that's where I became confused. I looked at it as a dead end, but as the killer hasn't been caught yet, we know that anything is possible. I really do want to help this investigation or situation in any way I can because nobody should get away with such a sadistic act. Please answer? I can't be alone at this point on this.

    3. Also new to this blog and am also interested in finding out what is going on here. I find it hard to believe Alden Olson is not a suspect. He is giving us all clues that only the killer would know. Look in the blinking eye, it looks like a lake with the bush to the right of the face and the pupil being where the body is? just a thought. also - the video of him playing the piano what's with the camera? looks like he was taking pictures of them with that back round? weird, lets go visit his place. DK

    4. Just saw this whole thing and came here via search to check it out. To me, still lots of unknowns, but I would get some kind of video specialist and color deconstruction going on that face in the vid with what might appear to be a map as it seems to me there is a semblance of a 7 over one eye and a 5 over the other, coordinating with the numbers on the map. Could that represent any of the ski runs at Bretton from the ski pass? I have not seen the videos, only several cuts from articles describing the case. Also, the phrase "dirtbag" does not only mean a scummy individual, it is also a modern phrase in some rap music referring to "burying something" or "getting rid of something". Would be interesting to know if any other body dumps have been found along that highway. As is usual in some of these famous cases, it is hard to separate a potential simple nutjob (Olson?) from what really happened, but he is certainly deserving of something much more than being ignored and something far beyond just "getting attention"..

  6. This individual has obviously taken the username "Mr112dirtbag" from the episode of "Disappeared" in which Fred Murray speculates that Maura was abducted by "some local dirtbag." I'm glad that LE is closely monitoring this person's activity, and I hope they have tracked down his IP address and his precise home location.

    In my opinion, our legal system is way too tolerant of this type of bullying (under the rubric of "free speech")... It wastes LE's time and money, it causes emotional distress, and it seriously interferes with the search for legitimate leads in the case.


    1. Hmmm.. anonymous u mite have hit on something.u are right the father did say that it mite have been a local dirt bag I saw that on unsolved mysteries.

  7. On a positive note, atleast this man is drawing more attention world wide, and nationally..to the Maura Murray case. Keep it up Mr112 dirtbag!!

    Good to hear that law enforcement has looked into this.

  8. looks like the creep called out Mr.Renner and Levin in his latest vid. He clearly has no fear....scary stuff indeed.

  9. As far as the speculation into why he calls himself '112dirtbag'
    And 'mr112dirtbag', this was already covered in previous posts- rather obvious name if you have even the slightest bit of study on this case. I'm trying to conclude now if James is correct in the assumption that '112dirtbag' is in fact the same person as 'beagle' - He seems to know an awful lot about MM and has previously stated that he in fact was a person of interest in this case. I think this needs a little more research and then perhaps we will have more of an answer as to why he's posting such films and acting as though he is mentally unstable when judging by his posts on other sites, he clearly is not.

  10. Hear me out on this one. I know we are giving the creep what he wants but he is telling a story and it appears a good one. Please take a look at his video "When winter Comes". It is not about a place in the video but a place that all of those things are together and about Maura. This place has to have train tracks, not just any gas station but a Citgo gas station, a McDonalds, a diner, as well as bodies of water and water that has some current or force. the other part is about Maura. He pans in on a sign to the #s 21, her age. Also there are pictures of liquor, diquari, a coke sign. All of those are about Maura's dissappearance. The location I am pretty sure he is talking about is "CENTRAL ST in WOODSVILLE, NH. specifically smith st up to the connecticut River. What is that location though? Just a fantasy of his or does it mean something? Is this where she was targeted? Is this where her final stop was? Could it be where a killer lives? or could it be where Maura's life was taken? The song playing is eerie as well. It is Glory Glory Hellalujah. The Lyrics are
    Glory, glory, hallelujah,
    since I laid my burden down.
    Friends don't treat me like they used to
    since I laid my burden down.
    I feel better, so much better
    since I laid my burden down
    What could this place be about.
    Just an average persons interpretations

    1. he is sicker than I thought. After taking another look at the video and where is pans the camera is is using words on businesses to tell the story.
      Follow the video.
      starts: When winter comes near where a train goes by
      a girl (Girl on Motorcycle)
      drinking liquor and coke or from coke bottle (liquor and coke sign)
      Is in a car ( pans the car in front of motel)
      and is looking for a Hotel (picture of the Hotel sign)
      She is 21 (The camera pans to the #21 on the sign)
      She stops for gas (picture of gas station)
      She doesn't make a turn (camera looking at the arrow sign on the road)
      Her name is Maura (he closes in on the M in motel and then the next pic in daquiri are the rest of the letters)
      By Caso (Definition =Fate,chance, coincidence) Caso is on the store sign. So by fate
      She Dies - McDonalds sign he pans in on the D's
      I haven't figured out the rest
      Food City
      Plasma (could be meaning Blood)
      and then pictures of water.
      Any Help?? My flu is getting better and need to get back to work and stop looking at these videos.
      Just an average persons interpretations

    2. It's an interesting feature of the human psyche that, when one's mind pre-programs to expect certain things, one tends to find those things ... amazingly, they are everywhere!

      This video to me suggests that when winter arrives in the north country, many people hop a train south to warmer climes -- visit Cajun Country, stay in motels, play in casinos, have a few drinks, see run-down but colorful older buildings, and maybe even visit the coast. People either do it or would love to do it. If you run short of money and are healthy, you can even sell your blood plasma to help fund the trip. :)

    3. There is a Motel on Smith Street and Toms auto repair is at the corner I believe

  11. The end of the video:
    Food City - He is focusing on the F
    Plasma???? Which letters is he using? or is it a reference to blood
    Diner - He is actually focusing on the open sign in the window more than the Diner sign
    and then shore line with a pan to the water
    "Something F+plasma in open water.
    Could it be "falls in open water" Oh that is scary.
    So if I read his video correctly this is what it says
    When winter comes near where a train goes by (Woodsville)a girl drinking alcohol and coke or alcohol in a coke bottle is in a car and is looking for a hotel. She is 21. She stops for gas. She doesn't make a left hand turn. Her name is Maura. By fate, chance, coincidence she dies. She falls in open water.......
    Maybe this is not the right place to post this.
    Just an average persons interpretation

    1. Anonymous 07:12 PM

      As far as I know the last train passed Woodsville,NH, a long time ago, including cargo trains. The formes railroad trestles have in part been converted to trekking/biking paths (according to available maps of the area).
      Amtrak´s Vermonter train doesn´t even come close to Woodsville.

  12. http://passingthroughtown.blogspot.com/2011/02/motel-and-apartments_10.html The photos that are in one of his videos are on this blog.

    1. Look at the picture of the guy who posted t, it is him

    2. did you also notice that in his "profile" it states that his location is Amherst Mass? Another connection to maura....

  13. A monster Troll has now been created in the name of mr112dirtbag.
    I find it horrifying that his name and likeness has actually surfaced in the case of Maura Murray.

    Please, no more discussion of this idiot. It is clear that all he seeks is attention and is drawing attention away from what is really important, finding out what happened to Maura. Anyone who continues to follow this lunatic is following a path to insanity and loneliness.

  14. If Maura indeed did choose to run away from her former life and Made It -- then for her Feb 9th would indeed be a Happy Anniversary: of the first day of the rest of her life.

    Quite a few people do think she accomplished this and is alive and well out there somewhere. Happy Anniversary to her, and maybe she spent the day laughing about it, laughing at LE and all those who dream up alternate scenarios.

  15. The creep is known as Mr112DirtBag on Youtube. He may also be known as the Beagle on several blogging spots. He is also referenced as the Beagle on Youtube in comments. There is a missing persons show on Discovery Investigation. In this show Maura's father states "some local dirt bag..." He is clearly insinuating the man who took her is the dirt bag.

  16. This is irrelevant but it struck me as funny and odd considering the recent videos posted here:

    At the bottom of this post is a link is to a Youtube episode of "Criminal Minds". It's Season 2, Episode 8, called "Empty Planet". It is on a MrSupremeGenius's channel (a very good channel, by the way).

    ABOUT 40 SECONDS INTO THE VIDEO there is a quick glance at a man, a bus driver, who might look familiar to all of us here; it seems to show how easy it is for witnesses to make mistakes in identification! Hope you all will enjoy a double-take too!


  17. The man in the youtube video knows something about what happened to Maura. This should not be ignored, especially if he was proven to be in the area where she went missing at the time of her disappearance. There was a witness on Disappeared who claimed to have seen Maura with an older man. Is there any way to track down that witness and ask if this was indeed the man who she may have been seen with? This man needs to be located and thoroughly questioned. The area where he was at the time should be searched for the poor beautiful girl's remains. He is a sick person either way, and should be stopped from hurting anybody again, whether emotionally or physically. This case has been cold long enough. It is time to solve it and finally bring her family some peace, and then maybe her father can stop looking for her after all of these years. I pray for resolution and peace for Maura and her family.

  18. James, Do you have any idea if this dirtbag character has been questioned by authorities or located?

  19. I'm speechless.

    I don't understand.

    Obviously this man needs to be IDed thoroughly investigated.

    I am still trying to play catch up on this case so I don't know if he's been IDed yet, but this is incredibly disturbing. Even if he had nothing to do with Maura's disappearance... he probably was involved in something incredibly disturbing.

  20. If i was maura's father i would have questioned this guy myself

  21. His channell on Youtube has been cancelled. I've seen two videos only- Happy Anniversary and the song he's playing. Are there any other videos? Where can I see them?

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  23. Are there any mirrors to mr112dirtbags videos? Since his channel has been down The only one that seems to be easily found is the happy anniversary one.

  24. He did it. He took her to the lodge, hit her and gave her a black eye, and after a while, he dumped her body. If he don't have an alibi, he did it. It's too odd that he lives there, has a ticket to a lodge near where she disappeared, and then posts this stuff. The girl he drew has hair and eye color like her, and besides, he lives alone, so no one would miss him. A convenience store clerk say a girl that looked like MM with an older man around the time of her disappearance. He kept her for a while, and he's done this before. Police need to interrogate him and use that resort map and check that area!