Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hard 8

It was 8 years ago that Maura Murray disappeared.

Work continues on the book. Lots more research to do. But with your help, we've uncovered a lot of new information in the last year.

On this anniversary, I'd like to once again extend an invitation to Fred Murray to sit down with me for an interview. We can do it on camera, so that your words cannot be spun or manipulated. I'm sure you have a lot to say about your daughter and it's very confusing to people why you would not want a book out about her disappearance, especially when it could lead to more info in the case and get your family closer to a resolution.

The same invitation goes out for Liz Drewniak, Billy Rausch, and Julie Murray who have also remained quiet in the face of their loved one's disappearance. The longer we wait, the more time passes, the more likely it is that the statute of limitations on any crime that may have occurred will run out.

You know how to find me.


  1. What else are they hiding about Maura? Why is there a mystery inside a mystery? This family has raised suspicions well beyond any other family that has appealed the public to help find their loved one.

  2. As I've stated so many times, by withholding info from the public about Maura prior to her disappearance, information that was likely common knowledge at the next level down - to friends and acquaintances - the family has allowed Maura to become objectified.
    It is by their " come here .... go away" kind of interactions with the public that the family and their surrogates have fostered a lack of sharing and open trust while they minimize disclosure of enough info to actually help "Find Maura Murray".

  3. It is so frustrating to think that there are people WILLINGLY withholding important information about this poor girl. If we ever find her, I can only hope that they are punished to the full extent of the law for obstruction of justice! So sad.

  4. I think the family was blind-sided by how little they knew of Maura. I think Maura was a young woman who put on a very different face to her family and friends than what she was actually feeling. The more I read about Maura's life, the more I conclude that there was a lot of pressure on her to succeed from a young age. I mean, just look at the photo the family released of her: she is COMPETING in it. I think Maura very likely never even wanted to go to West Point and then found herself failing at one more thing (Umass). I think the family is a bit embarrassed as to the person Maura really was v. the person they thought she was. THEIR Maura was an athletic, high-achiever. The real Maura was possibly becoming an alcoholic, wrecking cars, stealing credit cards, and failing in her relationship with her (no doubt family-approved) fiance.

    I also think that perhaps Maura's family personally finds it hard to sympathize with someone like that, and so they think the public does too. Totally not true. My guess is that most of the people who read this blog and comment on it have had hard times in their life. Heck, I bet quite a lot of us have actually fantasized about starting our life anew. I still think that Maura needs to be found. I find it hard to believe that someone could up and leave all their family and friends without wanting some sort of closure. I think her family deserves closure too.

    1. Rose, well written and I agree with your comments.


  5. Reading the above comments I realize that my parents, too, minimized my mistakes and wrong-doings. I don't know if it was denial for themselves, for their friends, or for the community, but decades later I still don't know if it was helpful in solving the problem...

    I'm starting to think that Maura is alive, and that would be so much better than the alternatives, yet I now see that facing WHAT IS, and getting the child or young adult into heavy-duty therapy (not the kind where the kid says all the right things and only goes for a few sessions) is the difficult, but right, way to go when behavioral issues are observed. Just my opinion.

  6. It sure feels like secrets and differences outside from inside have harmed a lot of people around Maura and her. I hope some folks will go with the idea that truth is beauty and beauty truth and that's all you need to know in life (Keats) and get all this into the past. Even if my appetite to know what happened were never satiated, the players involved seem all to have suffered at under the blackness of lack of truth and acceptance of things and people as they are. Here's to the Murrays having peace amongst them and this sad saga being over and people moving on, even if I never get to know about it, although I am so fascinated by this case I hope to know someday what happened, however selfishly. ~ John Green

  7. Mr. Renner, has anyone thought of taking this case to the Vidocq Society, or of calling in a profiler to do a victimology workup on Maura? What about AMW? John Walsh seems like a good resource.