Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why the records were not released. ***UPDATED***

Check out this video of Fred Murray's appeal for records in front of the NH Supreme Court. Assistant AG Nancy Smith says some interesting things while explaining why the records should not be released. Here's some highlights:

While we don't in any way suggest it's the case here, what we are being asked to do in this case would open up the state of New Hampshire and law enforcement investigatory files at a pre indictment phase to the suspected perpetrator as well as everyone else in the world.

We do have information that we are pursuing that this may involve a crime.

Knowing exactly where we determined the last place she was could be valuable information to that person.

This is very much an active case.

The link above sends you to a NH government website that automatically downloads a streaming asf file. Can some tech savvy reader please convert this and place on YouTube so everyone can see it?


  1. Link downloads a 1kb file but then says it can't find a file to play.


  2. Hi James, I am a big fan of your blog and check daily. Looking at the file its a .asx which is just a container and isnt the video as its a very small file just a few KB. So I opened that file and found the video which should be able to be uploaded to youtube easily here is the file inside the asx file:

    Its a WMV (Windows Media Video) so google shouldnt have a problem with it.


  3. Sorry James. The file it must have security on it to stop a direct download I will have a look into it. CM.

  4. "Knowing exactly where we determined the last place she was could be valuable information to that person."

    Wow, this can't be the crash site, so where is this mysterious place the cops have tracked her to? Or are they simply trying to disturb the sleep of the wicked with false information? Rattle their cages as it were?

    Might it be that they firmly believe the construction worker's sighting of a "young person" running was in fact Maura beyond a doubt, perhaps because of a distinctive item or items of clothing that Maura was known to have on that evening because the C.W. described the clothes the cops were able to see in the video when she withdrew money, or from the liquor store?

    John Avellar

  5. "Knowing exactly where we determined the last place she was could be valuable information to that person"-- that is very interesting that they've determined the last place that she was... and who is "that person" that the information could be valuable to?

  6. This is one the most interesting things I've read here yet - that it seems Maura's last known location *wasn't* the accident site ...

    1. Having watched the full video, I didn't get the sense that Nancy Smith (the Assistant AG) meant to insinuate that Maura's last known location wasn't the accident site. In fact, Ms. Smith stated from the outset that she wasn't very familiar with the Maura Murray case in particular; she was basically just there to defend the court's right to withhold records in light of a potential future indictment.

      Ms. Smith did seem to suggest that there was a suspect in the Maura Murray case -- but this appeal case happened way back in 2006, and nothing appears to have developed since then.


  7. Given that her body hasn't been found, "the last place she could be" is a weird way to put things. It definitely suggests that she no longer is alive or the last place she could be would be a moving point. I can't imagine that they would keep the retrieval of her body from the family, so they cannot know where it is, or at least they can't have been able to recover it.

  8. wow so she probably was seen somewhere else. interesting. so there are probably witnesses to this.

  9. Here is the video above on YouTube. Sorry about the segmentation, but it was tricky to capture it any other way