Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Red Truck

Lots of talk on other boards concerning this rumored "red truck with Massachusetts plates" that was seen near the accident the night of Maura's disappearance. I have been unable to verify this, other than a passing mention in the police logs that night that is not directly connected.

If anyone saw the red truck that night (or knows the name of someone who saw it) please contact me.



  1. Can you post a copy of the police log citing this or copy and paste what it says specifically. This could possibly help develop a timeframe and to determine potential witnesses.

  2. I didn't even know of this case until feb when it was the anniversary. A Facebook friend put a link up and it intrigued me. I've only followed this blog. I've recently glanced at Topix and saw the red truck mentioned. The word there was it was registered to a family member in the Murray family. But the vile names you get called there may keep me from going back there.

    1. I´ve been following the Topix MM forum for a long time.
      I believe there is absolutely no convincing argument that the red truck belonged to a Murray family member.
      The red pick-up truck may likely have had MA plates according to the locally well-respected witness RO.
      A separate witness apparently also spotted a red pick-up truck up on Bradley Hill Road at about the time of Maura´s accident.
      Unlike some people here I consider the red truck sightings in the vicinity of Maura´s accident spot to be valid and likely clues in her subsequent vanishing.

  3. I'm over on topix a lot and ive never seen anyone say the red truck belonged to a family member. A couple people have speculated that maybe it was, but that's def not the word over on topix.
    I think the driver of the red truck is the answer to this mystery.
    We have a vehicle, with mass plates no less, in the exact same area at the exact same time that Maura vanished, in addition to that the truck was most definitely looking for someone.
    I dont think this can be written off as a coincidence.
    I feel like she knew the driver of the truck but that is speculation, it's also very possible this truck noticed Maura driving out of town or up 91n and thought she looked vulnerable.

    The witness that gave her story on the old forums was Robinson ordway(RO). This was a woman who lived on bunga road at the time and walked from her home to the store right around the corner from the accident scene. Her story is very credible IMHO. Her story never changed in even the slightest detail and her timeline lined up perfectly with known events. I don't believe her story should be written off.
    I emailed with her personally back on the old mmm board bc I was driving through the area a couple times a week back then heading up Burlington way and I was helping her look fruck. I emailed w her and her story was credible.

    Interesting side note: she was looking for the truck or a similar truck for months and couldn't find one, this was probabaly almost 2 yrs after the Incident and she Said she never saw the truck agin. But she came online and had been looking around for a couple months trying to at least locate a similar truck so she could take a pic and post it online for everyone to c. Well one day she came on and said she found an almost identical truck and was going to snap a picture of if over the wknd so she could post it.
    Well that was her last posts. She said she was going to take the pic and then never came back online ever again. Weird. I wonder what happened to her. Did someone tell her to not post the pic?
    Was she onto something or what?
    I obviously don't think anything bad happened to her but could it possibly be a coincidence that she never came online again?
    Might mean nothing but it's Just another weird thing about this case!


    1. We know for fact that the first people to call 911 after hearing a loud thump (Maura's wreck) called in at 7:27 p.m.

      So, unless we are to assume that these witnesses heard the thump, then went and microwaved up some popocorn, watched the final 20 minutes of a movie and then decided to call 911 about the thump----- then most likely they called within minutes hearing of the thump which would put maura's wreck at happening around 7:20-7:25 p.m.

      The Red Truck was seen leaving the swiftwater store heading towards the accident site (store is one mile away from accident site) just after 7 p.m.

      So the red truck would've beat maura to the accident site.

      If the red truck driver decided he was going to ambush someone that night and force them off the road and he in fact was sitting and waiting for maura and when she came up around the corner he ran her off the road, then why would he then scram from the scene, allow a witness to come by and talk to maura (knowing she would likely say, hey, some red truck just ran me off the road HELP!)and then go back and get her.

      Conversely, if this red truck was a friend or mystery lover of maura's who just happened to be ahead of her as they drove in tandem, then why would this friend see wait for maura to catch up (at the swiftwater store) but then see her wreck and not go right away and help her. but instead hide out for over 30 minutes before going back and checking on her.

      The red truck angle doesn't add up in either scenario

      So the Red Tr

  4. It always struck me that the red truck was one of those concepts that gets generated meaninglessly out of blog posts that are not moderated to prevent unsubstantiated rumors from flying free. Someone just says something and it takes root as a kind of mysterious fact, getting repeated thereafter. Then people start speculating about it more and their questions/speculations get turned into more facts and the next thing you know a witch from Salem with a red pick up truck abducted Maura. ~ John Green.

    1. I agree. Although I wouldn't discount the significance of the red truck for any of the reasons pointed out by Clint above--people do unpredictable and seemingly strange things when they are being furtive--I don't think it's clear that the red truck has anything to do with this case. I think people are making too much of the Massachusetts plates. I spend a lot of time in New Hampshire and there are lots of cars with MA plates, especially during ski season.

  5. On an interview with Law Enforcement, Butch Atwood stated that after he placed the 911 call, he went outside and stood out on his front steps. Although he could not see the accident scene from his house, he said he did not see or hear anything out of the ordinary. He also pointed out that he saw a few unrecognizable cars drive by.

    I believe that is where the 'red truck with Massachusetts license plates' come in.

    A few people have pointed out that if Maura did have a boyfriend, wouldn't have emails or phone calls resurfaced...true, but on the other hand.. this didn't need to be another boyfriend. It could have just been a friend, male or female.

    I believe law enforcement did try to look into this, but they were unable to find out anything else about this red truck (atleast that's what we, the public, have come to understand).

    New Hampshire borders Massachusetts, so it wouldn't be too much out of the ordinary to see a driver with Massachusetts plates drive by.

    Anything is possible.

  6. Leave my hometown, Salem, out of this ;)

  7. Anyone ever considered that the girl who crashed the car in NH and spoke with the bus driver wasn't even maura?

  8. I have studied this case for a few years now and have even spoken to Maura's cousin, Helena on several occasions. I am a published author and about two years ago she called me to see if I was the one going to write a book about Maura's case. I was told that the family did not want a book out there. I have several published novels -Lone Lake and One Quiet Night-Murder in NH. I believe I read in some report that after a few months another witness surfaced out of the blue-(a construction worker) driving west on Rte 12 reporting that he thought that he spotted a young female walking along Rte 12 about 1/2 to 1 hour after the crash.
    2/9/2004: The night of her accident a local witness claims she saw a person in the same clothes Maura was last wearing about 4-5 miles from accident site and when she noticed the witness she ran down a dirt road. What Road?_____________ I also read that a non-police personnel was asked to assist in a cursatory search which seemed odd to me. Mountain Lakes Estate off Rte 112 in Haverhill, NH was where reportedly Butch Atwood or Police did their cursatory search. Claim: some evidence was found there and being tested. Then there was some focus on the book left in her car which led some to believe suicide -is ridicluous- I went out and purchased a copy and read it- it's about surviving the elements and hiking in the White Mountains- the exact opposite of committing suicide.

    I also thought it strange that some of locals would give the Murrays a hard time when they wanted to traipse across thier property searching for clues. Most land in that area is open space and if any landowner has the recreational discount/current use- the public is allowed access without the permission of the landowner.

    There seems to be a lot of these bump and hit accidents in that area. Who knows it could have been a law official as well. I also found it strange that the Atwoods moved away to Florida shortly after this incident. He was the last person to knowing see Maura alive. I hope to feature a segment about this case and others in an upcoming novel, Last Seen. Some day this will be solved. I believe God holds the ultimate justice over all and he knows above all who speculate and want to be an amateur detective who may have preyed on Maura and many other young women. It's strange that this deadly corridor has been reactivated again since all the missing women from 1968- through the early 1980's along the NH/Vt border.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Have you ever heard of another case of a missing woman where the family didn't want more publicity and help?

    2. What's strange about the Atwoods moving exactly? The guy was the last publicly validated individual to see Maura alive. And even though he was accounted for all night long, helped search for Maura, was witnessed driving off without the girl, and phoned the police even though he may have been asked not to, every internet reader even 8 years later is saying "OMG!1!! I THINK IT WAS THE BUSDRIVR. Why did the cops JUSt let HIM GO OMG!"

      Of course he moved. Would you stay? Can you imagine how many "journalist" have contacted the guy? Or how many people have wanted to search his property? Made accusations?

      It'd be strange if he stayed, come on now. You've written on subjects like this before, he was guaranteed to move away. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he wasn't advised to do so, or even assisted.

  9. Sometimes I wonder if the family members are highly private - and would just prefer the case to be handled by the authorities. Trying to put myself in their shoes, and poeple always say that there are many ways to handle grief.

    From what I can recall, the father was intensely engaged in search efforts even one year after the disappearance. And in interviews , etc.

    Perhaps this family, like most others, has some dysfuncitons and issues that they do not want made public for anoyone to read. Perhaps they have disclosed what they could to the authorities - perhaps they do not feel the need for all to know everything about their lives. That does not in any way indicate that they are not hugely grieving the loss of Maura.

    Just my two cents...

  10. From what I've read and being around the same age as Maura was... I can say that emotions run high in certain situations. I do point more to Maura getting away from her current situation. I know that her life was very hectic leading up to her disappearance. She had the car accident on the way to the hotel. Although, Fred states that it wasn't a big deal I'm sure at the time there was a heated argument, which is understandable. I think Maura felt very overwhelmed by this. No child EVER wants to disappoint their parent and I'm very much like Maura in the sense that I'm a perfectionist. If you combine that with her recent charges for credit card theft, and whatever upset her the night she left work early... it could lead to very emotional decisions.

    On the night of the disappearance... AGAIN... Maura crashes the car. This might have just thrown her over the top. Whether or not she had been drinking, I imagine she would have been somewhat shaken up, emotional, and disoriented. Obviously, Maura planned on getting away for awhile. The amount of time she planned to leave is pure speculation. However, the amount of alcohol she had with her, and the clearing of her bank account really do point to her trying to escape both physically and mentally. She didn't NEED to take the money out of the account seeing as how she did have credit cards with her... it seems like she just wanted the cash in hand, clothes and things to get her by for awhile, and a car to take her as far as it could go. I think the moment the crash happened, Maura probably just felt so hopeless. Another crash, another mistake. I think she didn't want the police called because obviously she was overwhelmed, knew that the consequences would be severe since she had alcohol present (and supposedly) spilled all over the car. I've read reports of her taking some of the alcohol with her and other reports that stated that LE had recovered all of the alcohol that was purchased on the receipt. One huge reason, coming from the mind from someone who was her age, that she took the alcohol is either to get rid of it or remove it from the scene, OR she could have left the scene on foot in the hopes of not being found and thought the alcohol could have helped keep her warm? When my friends drink they always say that they love how warm it makes them feel... might be a silly thought but it did come into my mind when I read about her taking the alcohol with her and leaving other items behind.

    I'm not sure if I buy the whole intruder theory but if it did happen... I think Maura was a very smart person and one of the reasons I believed she turned down the help from the bus driver was because she was smart and knew not to take a ride from a stranger. I think she said she called AAA to have the man leave and to give off the impression that help was already on the way. As a young woman, that is personally what I would do. That being said, I don't see her getting into a stranger's car or going into a car willingly. The only way I see that happening is if someone grabbed her but with the amount of time and the witnesses I think something would have been seen or heard.

    I do think that Maura was definitely upset and was going through a very rough patch in her life. I think she was overwhelmed and maybe made decisions that weren't the best. Like I said... highly emotional... not thinking clearly. I do think that Maura might be alive and living a new life or that she left the scene on foot and succumbed to the harsh elements. Perhaps, since she loved the mountains so much, she thought she could hang low there for a while, get her head straight. I could see her thinking short-term.. get away from the scene.. I can't deal with this right now. I could see her drinking trying to piece everything together and maybe drinking too much and not being able to find her away out. I'm not saying the intruder theory isn't possible and I sure hope it's not.

  11. The red truck may be a big break in the case, and may not but hearing about the rumored red truck gives me goosebumps.
    Maura, you have been gone way too long, if you are out there, please come home; your family loves and misses you. Just come home. If you did something wrong, just tell the truth. Your family loves you no matter what you've done and all will be forgiven.
    I remember an Unsolved Mysteries case about an older man who went missing but turned out he had chosen to disappear. He was quickly found after that episode aired. I guess he saw himself on the program and decided to come home. The reason he chose to disappear was because like Maura, he had things in his past he was ashamed of but he saw the program and realized he had made a mistake and that his loved ones missed him so he came home and worked it all out. Maura, please listen to me if you are out there: THERE IS NOTHING THAT CANNOT BE WORKED OUT. COME HOME!!!
    If she is no longer with us, somebody knows something. Please break your silence and come forward. Lots of people are hurting because they lost their loved one.

  12. The red truck may be a break in the case and may not. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it lurking around, though.
    Maura, if you are out there, please come home. You have been gone too long and your family loves you. There is nothing that cannot be worked out. There was this Unsolved Mysteries episode about an older man who went missing but he came home after the episode aired when he saw himself on the program. Turns out he had things in his past that were haunting him so he chose to disappear but after the saw how much his family loved him he realized it was nothing that couldn't be worked out.
    If she is no longer with us, somebody knows something. Please break your silence and come forward. A lot of hearts are broken due to her absence.