Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Tour

There will be limited updates until I return from this crazy book tour.

I'll be in Boston, briefly, on Saturday if you're in the neighborhood....


  1. I had a question about the Maura Murray book. I also had some information that you might want to look into.

    I did an experiment the other day where I called my cell phone voicemail and went through the process of checking my messages. I did not have any, like I think Maura Murray did not have any, and then clicked off to end the call. It took 21 seconds so give or take about 20-30 seconds for a person to check and see if they have messages(and there are none). If there were messages, the extra time for the voice generation to tell you the number, the length of the message, and to listen to it would put it well over the 20-30 seconds. Obviously, using the actual cell phone Maura Murray used would be the best way to test how long it takes to call her voicemail.

    When discussing Maura's last cell phone call, the 4:37pm one to her voicemail, police only need to get the phone record to see if she was on the phone longer than 20-30 seconds. The reason I always thought this was important is because my cell phone, my first one, which was bought for me in 2003, had a unique problem. I remember it was a Motorola and it was a "green screen."

    Cell phones today are much more on top of receiving messages. The problem I always had with my Motorola cell phone is that if I left it off and someone called, when I turned it on, the message that had been left for me would not register for hours. Todays cell phones, if your phone is off and someone calls you, and you turn it on, within a few minutes it will pop up on your screen that you have voicemail. The technology is simply better and I use the same service.

    What type of cell phone did Maura use? Did she have any messages? If she had a message, that makes my point useless because someone could say that maybe she left her cell phone in the car while she pumped gas on her trip, her boyfriend called, she saw she had a message, called her voicemail to listen to it and because she is not waiting for anyone else important, turned her cell phone off for the rest of the trip. That makes sense. It doesn't make sense if she did not have any messages unless her phone was off and she experienced the same type of problem I had when I had trouble getting messages if I had my phone off. In that case, she was checking to make sure she did not have any messages, and that is why she called her voicemail. But the length of the call would be what solidifies that statement. Why does a person call their voicemail if they do not have any messages?

    My main question though, is no matter what direction you take with your book, how can you write a book without an ending? Every story has an ending.

  2. lol your Today Show appearance was hilarious. It's a small world right? I once transcribed several hours of interviews for a book that Nancy O'Dell was "writing." She has a ghost writer for her Creative Memories book series. :-)

  3. I am a huge fan of Mike Polk and an almost obsessive reader of this blog. Knowing that was you in the Today Show kiss sort of just bumped you up to the status of my ultimate idol.

  4. I see 112dirtbag is still on YouTube and still posting.