Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maura's Double

Thanks to everyone who passed along info about Maura's look-alike today. No, it is not Maura, though the resemblance was striking. The woman has no connection to Maura or Hanson or Amherst. Just an uncanny resemblance.


  1. James, care to enlighten the rest of us about this? Thanks

  2. Where was the Maura look alike seen at? Do you have any photos of this look alike?

  3. Maura Murray's mysterious behavior including said credit card problems, alcohol, erratic driving and spontaneously heading out of town could be explained by bi-polar syndrome. If she was just having her first bi-polar year as a young person, no one who knew her would have recognized it. Twenty per cent of people with bi-polar commit suicide. Her behavior does not make much sense, and mental illness does not appear to make much sense either and is little understood or recognized. It can take the better part of a lifetime to come to terms with mental illness but Maura was just starting out her adult life so how could she or her family recognize what was happening. One thing to look for: another family member whether parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle would probably have mental illness as well if she did.

  4. Hey James,

    This may not be the best subject post this comment under, but I've been reading about everything and anything I can about Maura Murray.

    Something that always stood out to me was the anonymous call she received while at work, it was after her sister called her. Whoever it was who called her, even after 8 years and counting, has never come forward. I almost think Maura was involved in some kind of relationship, or friendship with this person..and they had something to do with her disappearance.
    I know that she had a cell phone, which Billy was paying for.. but i also know that Billy's mother bought her a few pre paid calling cards. Why would you need pre paid calling cards if they were already paying for her cell phone bills? She could have easily used those calling cards to call another man, without anyone ever knowing about him. Whoever that man was.. maybe knew she was in a relationship already.. maybe it was a friend of Billy's? or maybe it was a married man..and didn't want anything long term with her to begin with.

    I have read that her and Billy's relationship was rocky at times, and that he did cheat on Maura. Maybe it was during one of their rocky times that Maura decided to go with this man.. or have a fling with him.

    It's been speculated that Maura may have possibly been pregnant? I'm just throwing this out there... I wonder if she was involved with another West point cadet or graduate..or someone with a title... and i wonder if she became pregnant by them..and possibly the child was theirs? But wanted an abortion? Maybe Maura thought 'my life is over...' or that person wanted her to have an abortion? Maybe she was meeting up with that same person at a place to discuss that. Maybe that person..would rather her be killed..than risk his future of being a young dad.. or maybe he was married.. or was a professor?
    What really gets me.. is that after all these years..with as many times..that this has been in news paper articles..and in the media.. that person who called her while she was at work..has NEVER come forward, there is a reason for everything..and i want to say that there is a reason for that.

    Maybe that could explain why she was as secretive as she was.. before she close as she was to Billy and her father, i can understand why she would even keep that from them. It makes me wonder if she just learned that weekend she was pregnant and needed to do something about it right away.

    Just a speculation of course.. just throwing an idea out there.

    It's not unusual to hear about these things in the news. I've heard many times in the news husbands killing their pregnant wives..because they no longer want to be with them..and they're with another woman already.. or married men killing their pregnant mistresses..for fear of their wife finding out.. it's sick but it unfortunately happens.

  5. @May 22, 2012 9:53 PM
    Maybe the caller has been identified. According to 'LE said regarding the caller that this person had "moved on".' - whatever that is supposed to mean.
    There is no source given, but maybe Mr Renner can shed some light on this.

  6. I agree 100% that phone call could me some form of missing link. They witness said that post call MM was in a nearly catonic state. It would take some one scaring the you know what out of her or it was news that made her believe her life had just changed drastically. I am not sure how emotional MM was but it is hard to get anyone to be affected that drastically by a phone call. As to the other person's post. MM commiting suicide seems to be an option based on all the weird stuff that happened prior to her disappearance, however, MM could not of hiddent her own body. The fact that no body has ever been recovered 100% rules out suicide for me. Someone wanted to make sure MM was not found and it was not MM herself. There are some crazy coincidences to this story, James I truly hope you can piece them all together.

  7. In cases where there was an affair, there would usually be some clue in terms of e-mail records, phone records, things saved among her personal belongings, a hint that close girlfriends might have picked up. As there was none of this, I'm going to vote for Maura heading off on her own to battle her own demons. I think it's possible she committed suicide and has not been found. Recently a girl's body was found in the busy city of Toronto that had not been foung for two or more years! Everyone assumed kidnapping but it was not. If a body can go hidden (in a golf course where she had jumped from an overhead bridge) in such a big urban centre for so long, it can also happen in the forest too I imagine. Here's another rather obvious thought: Maura is a beautiful young woman. Unfortunately many of the young women who are killed by serial killers are highly attractive in a conventional way. If she had weighed 250 pounds I might be less likely to say it's also quite possible she met with foul play in that brief 10 minute period of time she was left alone (which might have actually been more like 20 minutes for all we know).

    1. " there would usually be some clue in terms of e-mail records, phone records, things saved among her personal belongings, a hint that close girlfriends might have picked up"

      Have you seen her email records, phone records, gone through her personal belongings, talked to her girlfriends?? I don't understand why people think they know everything about this case. I'm sure there's a ton of information that hasn't been made public.

    2. Exactly. I'm guessing LE has a ton of stuff no one knows about.

  8. Are any of you familiar with the Charlotte Schilling case? She was a mother who went missing, along with her 10 year old son in Nebraska. Her neighbor, as well as family and friends couldn't figure out where she went, or what her fate was...

    They recently just found the decomposed bodies of her and her son, deep in the woods of an Iowa state park.

    Her family and friends didn't think anything was wrong with her, or her life.

    Police (so far) don't suspect any foul play.

    I wonder if Maura did accept a ride from a passerby, and asked them to take her by a state park in NH. Its all speculation on my part of course..but I can see that as being a possibility.
    Maybe the driver didn't realize the extent of anything.. until he heard it in the news the next day..and maybe didn't want to come forward out of guilt by giving her a ride.. not knowing her intentions..and didn't want to be named a suspect by law enforcement.. or heckled by Fred.
    Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in our country.

    I would think her body or whatever she was carrying with her that night would have shown up by now. Maura seemed to be an avid outdoors woman..who was familiar with state parks in I wonder if she knew the right place to go that was off trail and desolate.

    It's sad to think this.. but it is a possibility..I just read the Schilling case, and it made me think of Maura.

    I wanted to add, that I don't care what anyone thinks of Mr Renner or any of us who post our opinions or two cents on this blog.

    I believe the best attribute people can have in this world, is compassion, empathy and caring..for other people. I never met Maura, but I care what happened to her. I'll always check this blog, and others.. until her body or she is found.

    1. The area is very dense with woods, so it is possible no one discovered her if she is there. Also, she was already on the edge of a National Forest, so there was no need of a ride there. I also think it would have seemed weird to someone to drop her off in the middle of no where in the National Forest at night and in the winter. They would have remembered that odd request.

    2. Not to mention anyone picking her up in that area would have either had to drive by the crash site just prior, or soon after, picking her up.

  9. I still believe Maura is living a new life. She had nothing really to lose? A father who was abusive physically, and verbal. A boyfriend who cheated in the military.. Had friends she could replace. Got into cc fraud, then 2 DUI wrecks. She was young, beautiful, smart, and strong (the girl lifted weights for track)... I highly believe that upsetting phone call she received was her ride couldn't pick her up in umass ... She had to travel. She had to change her plan . Shes a smart girl.