Sunday, January 13, 2013

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  1. According to the ID Disappeared episode on Brianna Maitland, at the time that Brianna went missing, Brianna's aunt answered a call from the "family" of Maura Murray, presumably to see if the two cases could be connected. If that is true, then at least one member of Maura's family did not know Maura's whereabouts in 2004, when Brianna went missing. I wonder which family member it was.

  2. I believe the two car accidents with her Fathers and her own are linked. I also feel she was intoxicated to a point and believe her disappearance is linked to a crime of some nature committed by Maura and that her demise resulted from the elements and her remains are within a four mile area from her car accident.

  3. I think that the bus driver who supposedly questioned her, and then left .. shouldve been questioned a lot more than he was.