Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Question

It's a long drive back to Ohio and there's a lot of time to think in the car. I got to thinking about Fred's statement to police, which was released through public records request (click for bigger version).

He talks about that weekend he came up to see Maura before she disappeared, the night she wrecked his car in Hadley on the way to his hotel at two in the morning. She got a ride in the tow truck to the Quality Inn where he was staying after the accident.

Fred says he didn't know about the accident until the next morning. That:

She was in bed when I woke up around 10 a.m.

My question: How did Maura get inside his room?

If Fred is telling the truth in his statement to police, how did she get in?

If we're to believe his version of events, she must have had a room key card, right?

If so, why?

To sleep in the hotel room? Her dorm room was just downstairs from the party. Why drive all the way to the hotel to sleep?

To return her father's car keys? But her car was back on campus. She couldn't have gotten back without a ride. Where was her ride?

And there's the fact that someone used his phone to make 3 calls around 5 in the morning.

Nothing about that early Sunday morning makes sense. And the next day Maura is missing.


  1. more crazy thoughts are you sure fred was in the room? three call 1 billy 2sister? 3???????

  2. Let's say for the sake of argument that Mr Murray's statement is not accurate. How is that relevant? When ever my college daughter needed us to come for some actual or imagined crisis, she always slept at our hotel whether it was me, my husband only, or both together...Girls are very emotional and extremely sensitive to criticism and i can assure you that Mr Murray was not happy about her recking his car...but that is not uncommon...So perhaps they argued a bit..but how is that tied to her disappearance?

  3. Keep in mind James he says he had $4000 "cash on hand". Wouldn't he use the interior lock on the door to keep that the money safe? Even a room key couldn't get anyone in unless let in from the inside.

  4. Usually when nothing makes sense is because it isn't the truth. May be just as well that Fred won't speak to you, because you won't get anything else from him besides untruths. Of course, he probably isn't happy with your book because you will be able to see past and disprove what has been put out there.

  5. Sounds like Maura had her dad wrapped around her fingers, also sounds like Fred was pretty drunk that night, to a point where he couldn't even remember if he went to a store with the girls, keep in mind this document was written a week and a half after her being it couldn't have been a matter of he was trying to 'jog his memory.' I also still think Kate knows more than she's letting on. And just an FYI to the Murray family, detectives and law enforcement ALWAYS look into a person's pass, and people they knew..this is the only way cases get solved. The past DOES MATTER.

  6. I have also wondered why Maura decided to drive back to the hotel that night and how she even got in. If it is true that she exercised there earlier in the day, perhaps she did have a key (if the hotel required one to get into the gym). But even so...did Fred not hear her come in? And where did she sleep? Unless he had planned for her to stay there, too, wouldn't he likely have gotten a room with one bed? If she got into the same bed with him, wouldn't he have woken up?
    Does anyone have any guesses as to what the blacked out info might be? Is it the name of a person? And who is the "he" Fred refers to in the last paragraph? The way that is written confused me...

  7. Are we sure that there was only one bed in Fred's room? I used to travel a lot for business, and I often got two beds. I didn't ask for two, but they are sometimes the same price (or close) and I took what I would get. In other words, I'd sometimes indicate that I was by myself, but I'd get a room with two doubles rather than a room with one king or queen. So, are we assuming that because he was traveling by himself that he asked for a single and got one? Or, do we KNOW what room he was in and that it's a single.

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered before. I following this blog and I don't remember anyone bringing up.


  8. Have you considered statement analysis for this statement from her father? I follow Peter Hyatt's blog on statement analysis and it is quite insightful. If you haven't done so already, check it out and maybe Mr. Hyatt will do an analysis.

    1. That is a great idea. I am a member there also and would love to see some analysis on the father's statements. There is a talk show interview with him, the written statement above, etc.

    2. The problem with statement analysis on this is that these are not Fred's words verbatim - a cop typed this up (even added commentary at the end).

      Fred's signature at the end attests "that's about what I said" - not "those are my exact words exactly as I said then."

  9. If Fred was asking to be dropped off at the motel, why didn't Maura just drop him off? Instead of going in the opposite direction and picking up Kate for round two at the bar with her father. Did Kate have a vehicle?
    Seems disrespectful and pretentious to me that a child would take her parent's car out, and keep the middle aged parent out for more drinking late in the night, with the response of, 'it doesn't start until late anyways...'

    There's obviously a BIG time lapse between them picking up Kate for more drinking, then all of a sudden it's 10am and Maura is in bed. My guess is that she had a key to his room. I don't find that to be unusual, if my parent(s) lived out of state and didn't see me as much as they use to..they would always have an option for me 'here's another key to our room incase you want to stop by, or use the gym or pool.' What IS unusual to me is that Maura decided to drive back to the motel..but i suppose you might say she's just immature, young, irresponsible and drunk..don't we all do foolish things when we're immature, young, and drunk?
    The blacked out part of the document. My guess is that it has an exact address on it,

  10. No offense to Maura if she's reading this, but i find this document to include two more lies from Maura.

    Most drunk driving accidents don't happen because you skid on 'the sand', more like you're impaired and lose control of the vehicle, because you were *drinking* and are *drunk*.
    She seems to blame other things and not take responsibility for her own actions.
    She also says 'she was ok to drive because she hadn't had a drink in a while' well, that's a lie. I vaguely remember reading what Kate said about that night and how everyone was drinking, including Maura.
    I honestly don't know how she got into the UMassAmherst nursing program, and didn't get kicked out. Did she lie on her applications? Must have! With her background, even if she had became an RN, would be hard to find a job!!
    Stealing makeup at West Point? If a person is so low as to steal mascara from another girl, what wouldn't she steal? Probably anything.

  11. I thought it was confirmed by Billy that Maura had called him using her father's cell phone at that time? He said it took him a long time to calm her down, he also said he thought there was something else bothering her, not just the car accident.

    With this new information we have, I suppose i can theorize that the accident upset her, but maybe the fear of her telling her father in the following hours upset her and scared her even more. She may not have been in a 'comfortable' zone or level in the relationship with Billy at that point, to tell him this.

  12. Here's what I think happened re: spending the night at the motel. I don't think Maura was headed to the Motel when she crashed Saturday night - I think she was headed out for some late night loving at one of her male companions' places off-campus (remember the secret lover Renner interviewed said she had several others).

    She crashed then had to have it towed to Dad's motel because it made the most sense - he would have to be the one to deal with it. Fred was passed out drunk as he probably was many nights - Maura pounded on the door and he opened in a stupor, then passed back out. She told him about the car in the morning. The story of where she was heading was then revised because the family wants to preserve Maura's relationship with Billy and her reputation (also, she may have told cops at the accident scene she was going to see Dad to appear more sympathetic/ less suspicious/ less drunk).

    The calls from Fred's phone? Not sure who they were to but Maura may have made them. Maybe her phone was dead and she only brought a car charger. Also possible that she had a secret second cell-phone to communicate with her male friends and that was the one she was carrying - she didn't want to use that one to call family and/or Billy.


  13. Anyone else notice that he said he went back to Ct on Sunday, then LATE THE NEXT AFTERNOON he got a call from Kathleen that Muara was missing? That would have been the day of her accident, not the following day when Mrs. Rauch explains how everyone was notified.

  14. Maura most likely knew dad would be out cold with $4000 in available cash on hand.Maura didnt seem to have any problem stealing.Was Maura going over in the middle of the night,in tandem with an accomplice,to "return the car" and pick dads pocket...4 Grand would certainly help in her plans for Monday...But it didnt go as planned with the Corolla crash..Maybe she still managed to slip out with dads cash?

  15. Fred says "We went to a place in Northampton that her boyfriend had good luck." IS he talking about Billy? I didn't think Billy was from the area of Amherst. As far as going back to his motel room, is it possible that she did not have her keys to get into her dorm room and instead went back to his motel? She had his keys to his car and could have forgot hers. I can't tell you how may times I have done this. As far as her being there and going to bed without telling him or Fred not hearing her Doggy do-do. NO WAY. She just wrecked his car.

  16. My best guess was Fred was too drunk when she came back and told him of the accident to do anything about it at the time..and waited until he slept and was more sober. No other reason for him to have lied about it. Clearly he *wasn't* lying to protect Maura ( or make her sound like it was just an accident without alcohol involved).. in the statement he even says, 'you're lucky you didn't get a ticket for drunk driving..."

  17. Anonymous - April 1, 2013 at 6:08 PM:

    FM is referring to Billy when he stated, "We went to a place in Northampton that her boyfriend had good luck." Billy bought a car in the area a few years earlier.

    JR - Based on the body of work on this blog as it relates to FM giving a statement to the police this is my take away:
    1. Initially you suggested we couldn't trust Fred bc he wasn't willing to give a statement to the police.
    2. Now you say that the statement FM gave police suggests we can't trust Fred.

    Which is it?

    If you can try and answer my question I will give you a few more facts to chew on.

    Acting in good faith here is one fact to help answer your question, "Her dorm room was just downstairs from the party. Why drive all the way to the hotel to sleep?"

    The party wasn't in her dorm building.

    1. Statements from her friends she was at the party with stated that she left the party to 'Go upstairs" and go to sleep. Sure sounds like the party was in her dorm, or we have yet another lie to chew on.


  18. One of the clerks could have let her into his room.

  19. Hey anon at 8:39- how could you possibly know that billy bought a car in the area a few years prior? I've asked that and never heard anything like that.
    Why would he buy a car in Northampton of all places? He's from Ohio, he lived in OK at the time, what possible reason would he have to buy a car there? Northampton certainly is not known for anything being cheap, and there's a couple used car lots there but they're ridiculously overpriced in my experience.
    Nvm the fact that the kid lived really far away and there's many many other places to get cars that are much better than noho.

    Also your premise makes no sense-billy bought a car there a few years prior...well a few years prior did he even know Maura? And if he did the she was at wp at that time & ha no affiliation with western mass, so why would he drive hours to a place where he's never been, knows nobody to buy an overpriced car?

    You state that as a fact & then say you can provide more facts if renner answers a few questions for you. Lol, maybe you should explain your first "fact" & how you could possibly know that or why that's even a fact in the first place cuz it makes no sense that billy bought a car in noho a few years prior, none.

    IMO it sounds like Fred is talkin about a different guy.

    James did you ever confirm whether this new guy was at dinner with Maura, Fred & Kate at the abc that evening?

    As for the earlier accident- I think thats pretty much direct proof that Maura DID have a second cell phone, how else could she have called AAA that night from where she was? There are no houses immediately near that crash site & I seriously doubt she was goin knocking on doors at 3am. Also the cop makes it sound like AAA was Already called by the time he arrived & not only that but once a cops arrives on scene you're not allowed to call aaa anymore, the cops have contracts with towing co's and they don't let you call AAA once they're on scene.
    It's pretty obvious she had another cell as evidenced by the fact she was able to call aaa at 3am & get her car towed.

  20. I don't understand the part about the cell phone. Couldn't Maura have called AAA with her regular cell, the one she'd got from the Rausches? Do we know for sure that she didn't have it with her? And if not, why not? Seems odd. Maybe she had it, but it was dead and what she didn't have with her was the charger. Mind you, I agree that she probably owned a second cell, for a number of totally innocuous reasons, and maybe she did use it to make that call. I'm just not sure the second cell--assuming it existed--is hugely relevant to the solving of this mystery. Perhaps you could expand on your theory a little--?

    1. It was stated that Maura left her cell phone (the one the Rausches got her) at the party that night, which is why she used Fred's cell phone to call Billy at 5am. I do wonder how she called AAA if she didn't have her phone.

  21. James, if she did use another cell phone to call AAA that night, couldn't the records from the AAA company trace back to that specific number?

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