Friday, April 26, 2013

MotherJones article about online sleuthing.

Renner sees Reddit's marathon work as a force for good. "What you're what has always happened inside the writers' dens of newspapers," says Renner. "We've always been able to cast suspicion on people inside our office, to bounce ideas off other journalists, in order to focus our investigations. The internet has merely brought that process of reporting to light. They've made it public. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Maura might have taken a ride with someone that night. She was going somewhere without telling anyone, packed her belongings, invented a lie to her teachers and then had a second car accident in a few days. She was too embarrassed to have to come back. Who wouldn't be?
    If I was in Maura situation I'd have taken a ride with a passerby.

    Maura took time to lock her car and carry a backpack with her. There were no signs of fight, no neighbor reported hearing anything unusual and the dogs lost her scent a few yards from her car. Eveything suggests that Maura voluntarily left the accident scene.

    She quickly wanted to leave that place and took a ride with someone until certain point, as she was later seen by a person running near
    NH 116. Then she took another ride with a bad person, or was abducted and killed by someone.
    I'd search NH 116 better, Easton, Franconia etc...

  2. Go James! So brave of you to put yourself out there as always.

    I'm sure this interview will help put new eyes on Maura's case. The more, the better.

  3. Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing !

  4. Online sleuthing is OK, but some people go way overboard with it. For every one time this type of crowdsourcing is successful, there are plenty more instances where it is an internet facepalm waiting to happen.

    Just look at how idiotic some (and by "some", I mean dozens) Reddit posters acted during the Boston bombing. They accused everyone and anyone they saw with a bag, especially if they were "brown", yet failed to point out the two actual perps.

    Not to mention the ridiculous and nauseating self-congratulations they were giving one another when they wrongly identified the younger brother suspect as a missing Brown student (who was already dead).