Saturday, June 15, 2013

Request for info

First, just for the record, I had a great conversation over lunch at Luigi's the other day with blogger John Green and I can tell you he is definitely not Alden Olson.

Second, I'm a good ways into this book, finally, and hope to finish up a draft by the end of the summer, which makes publication in 2014 a real possibility.

I'm currently searching for any documented interview with Fred Murray in which he refuses to talk about Maura's past and the days leading up to her disappearance. Anyone remember where that came from?



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  2. James, I've read and collected a few dozen articles from the first weeks and months after her disappearance, mostly from the Boston Globe, Patriot Ledger, the Caledonian Record and the Boston Herald. Just to read the first information available about the case. I've just been over them again and in that period there are not that many interviews with FM him self. When he or other family members are interviewed the message is like the following:

    We don't know why she was there, but now she is missing and because we haven't heard from her, it should be a criminal investigation. The police is not doing enough and should call the FBI.

    So I guess his refusal to talk about the past and the days before her disappearance dates from a later period.

    By the way, I read something interesting again. today. I know it's off topic but I hope you don't mind too much about that.

    What I read again is that a Umass Detective stated in the Caledonian Record of February 27, 2004, that the disturbing phone call was tracked to a specific location. So LE knows where that call was made. They didn't know who made it or what is was about. Perhaps they still don't know.


  3. James,
    I have found a few things. There is a quote in the Patriot Ledger (February 9, 2005) from the Stage Shop owner about FM: “He’s just wrong. He’s not telling us anything about her and what he’s done is turned neighbor against neighbor up here.”

    On the project Jason forum about Maura I’ve found this from the Boston Channel (now"If she was upset and wanted to get away to find peace, it would be here. It doesn't matter what brought her here to this point. Once she got here, something happened," he said." (November 18/19, 2004).

    In the 20/20 article by ABC on August, 12 2008, you can read: “ Regardless of what brought Murray to that remote area, her father wants to know where she is now.”

    So I haven't found anything about FM refusing to answer any questions about her past. This is FM stating the past is not relevant for her disappearance.

    I’m still trying to find and read as much information as I can. If I find anything else I will let you know.


  4. James,
    I would be interested In The Networks.
    Disappeared,Montel,20/20.They should all have something to add to this topic first hand.What was said off air? Were there any restrictions on what could be discussed on air VS off air ? Those 3 shows would lead to a lot of further interviews.