Thursday, July 11, 2013

Investigation into Maura's Disappearance Found Other Criminal Activity

I'm currently writing about Fred Murray's lawsuit against the State of New Hampshire. Found this little nugget today, tucked into the state's explanation about why it couldn't release certain information about the case.

...although the information may have been determined not to be relevant to Maura Murray, it may in fact be relevant to other criminal conduct: in fact information that has been gathered in this case has resulted in cases being opened investigating charges related to burglary, drugs, arson and criminal mischief

Any thoughts as to what/who this is referring to?


  1. My first impression was that they must have uncovered something while either talking to witnesses or persons of interest. I would think that persons of interest would be the most likely. Drugs are a pretty big problem in the Haverhill/Woodsville area. What baffles me is why couldn't those findings just be held back as possible evidence for another case.

    Criminal mischief could be anything, the interesting items are burglary and arson. I will put my sleuth cap on and start digging.

  2. James, great job. Great catch.

    This is exciting to me. As you know, I have been saying for a long time that another crime was lurking in the background that set all of this in motion. And as you know I am looking hard now at something specific for ideas about what that crime might be and who it may have involved.

    Again, great stuff!

    John Green

  3. I'm not sure it means anything too crazy.. For one, if a crime like that is committed in a small town, everyone is going to start putting the blame on the "sketchy" people in the town... Once the police start looking at these people and asking questions they are likely to find more stories worthy themselves of their own investigation... They have even stated the evidence is likely not related to maura.. However, I do think it is important to look into. You never know!

  4. As for thoughts about what it is referring to, I think you make a very good point Hcannon839. I have no basis for arguing it, really. But I do have a sense that it could be something kind of big. For a long time I have been thinking that a bigger criminal act, enterprise or problem was lurking in the background of the Murray's lives and may have set this into motion. I am currently hard at work, with some help from others, trying to piece one admittedly vague theory together.

    John G.

  5. I have one comment.

    "Criminal mischief" is not an offense recognized in Massachusetts.
    See Commonwealth v. Deberry, 441 Mass. 211. 218 (2004). This offense is, however, recognized in New Hampshire. See Berry v. New Hampshire, 132 S.Ct. 716 (2012).

    Criminal mischief is intentional or wilful destruction of personal property, See Deberry, supra, such as intentionally damaging a vehicle. See Berry, supra.

  6. Maybe that's why Fred wanted the records... to see possible evidence of something he might be involved in...

  7. It depends what information Fred Murray was trying to get. If he wanted all the case records, then these could include information gained from interviews with a large number of people, some of whom had little or no connection to the Murray family (such as people living near the crash scene or other students in Amherst). It's possible that the police discovered other instances of criminal behaviour by chance, and that these have nothing to do with Fred Murray. I don't think police generally like sharing their documents, so if they could see any reason for preventing their release, however tenuous, they may have used it.

  8. I think that this probably has nothing to do with Maura’s disappearance. Throughout these documents LE goes out of their way to be as vague as possible and they are very careful not to give anything away. This part is perhaps the only thing that has some detail to it. That makes me think they are unrelated crimes LE coincidentally discovered during their investigations.

    I do wonder if it would be possible to find the arson case. I guess arson is pretty rare in both the Amherst and Haverhill area.

  9. Authorities were investigating a possible link between the disappearances of Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland. I believe the "criminal activity" has to do with Brianna's case, including the confiscation of 4.5 grams of crack cocaine and the identification of 2 firearms. Brianna Maitland, 17, disappeared on March 19, 2004. She was leaving work, at approximately 11:20 p.m., from the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery, Vermont.
    I found the above information on the link below, which contains a synopsis of the 3-month investigation into Brianna's disappearance:

  10. In several articles, I read that Maura received a phone call at work the night before she vanished and became visibly upset. It seems this distress caused her to leave work early. In my opinion, this seems to have triggered her irrational behavior. After that occurred, she wrote a note to her long-distance boyfriend, packed all her dorm belongings, and bought liquor for her fateful road-trip. Maybe this phone call led to deep emotional problems and felt she needed to deal with those issues alone, therefore didn't share her plans with family or friends. Does anyone have any opinions or theories about this? I am curious why authorities didn't look more into the phone call she received at work that caused her to become so upset. I am a parent and haven't had to deal with the awful tragedy of a missing child, but it seems as though Fred is looking over and over in the same areas. Maybe he downplayed how angry he got and feels guilty because he was furious when she wrecked his car in the first accident. Maybe he was the one that called Maura at work and said something to her that caused her severe emotional distress. Maybe the boyfriend called her at work and said something terrible to her. And where is her mother in all this? I've heard very little about the mother. Any ideas?

    1. I somewhat agree. I've poured over this, and it's obvious that we all want to wear rose colored glasses when we look at our kids mistakes. If you want to go deep, try that! But really, I think Maura was escaping to make up school work and chill out. I also think she probably started sipping before her destination. She wrecks the car, doesn't want a DUI, asks the witness not to call, and in between that little space, a "kind face" stopped to help, and shoved the rag in her exhaust w/o her noticing, the car doesn't start, and "he" gave her a ride. Done. She was buzzed and not herself, and dropped her guard. Just my opinion. I think Maura was a Very bright woman, she just had some big weight on her shoulders. JS