Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Salamone Place Was Not for One Person

I'm devoting the next few weeks to filling in some holes in my reporting as I work on another draft of the book.

Today, I spoke with Linda Salamone, who owns a condo in the Seasons Resort community of North Conway. Maura called her to check on availability of her rental the day she went missing.

Here's the thing. Her condo is quite large. Two bedrooms. Big living area. It's not meant for one person. She cannot recall ever renting it for just one person. Usually, she rents it to families. This, again, lends itself to my developing theory that Maura was traveling in tandem with one or more people the night she disappeared.

Of course, she couldn't rent to Maura that day because her property doesn't really work like a hotel. Linda would have needed to mail Maura a key and a contract, first.

She has since learned that Fred and Maura used to stay together at the Seasons Resort, though never in her unit.

When Salamone was contacted by police, many months later, the detective told her that the reason she hadn't heard from them before was because the case "had taken a turn" and they didn't believe they needed the information she might have. The investigation, he said, was "going in another direction."


  1. Do we know how Maura got mrs salamones contact details ? Was the condo advertised somewhere . Perhaps the size was irrelevant and Moira was just looking for a price without doing proper research as she had only just decided to take a week out to think things over

  2. If Maura was traveling in tandem with somebody, and the two-room condo was important to her for that reason, then it is likely that she was not romantically involved with whoever she was traveling in tandem with. Otherwise, why would two rooms be necessary?

    1. Either that or maybe she hadn't looked into the details of the place beforehand. If I've ever searched for a place to stay (before the age of smartphones), just seeing the word "condo" would probably be enough for me to ring and find out.

  3. if maura was traveling in tandem with someone, there would be some indication of a "cyber trail" on her computer, or some sort of a phone trail---I don't believe the "traveling in tandem" to be a valid or likely theory at all

  4. Yes: how/from whom did she get the contact info for this condo, and did she know in advance of calling that the condo was so large (i.e. would she have had an expectation of the size based on her accommodations at the Seasons Resort? Did she think it was a smaller place)? Just posing rhetorical questions :)

  5. Maybe my wires are crossed, but I thought she had stayed there previously with her father and perhaps Billy?

  6. There may be an explanation as to why Maura was looking for a condo rental. In a Boston Magazine article:
    ( an eyewitness to the crash site that night explains there could have been "a man smoking a cigarette in the car." Could Maura have been traveling with someone that night?

  7. Maybe this is why the case has not been solved. The investigators need to look at everything, not completely ignore possible information because they think they know what happened. This is ridiculous and horrible work on the part of law enforcement. No wonder Fred is so angry with them.