Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Was Maura in Boston Just Before She Went Missing?

A couple weeks ago a tip came in that, on the surface, sounded crazy but has since gained some steam.

A man was photographing the area outside Anthony's Pier 4 restaurant, in Boston, a couple days before Maura disappeared. He was doing research into notorious mobster Whitey Bulger, who killed a guy there back in the day. There were two vehicles parked in the lot and he didn't really think much about them until later.

See, one of the vehicles was Maura's Saturn, he says. He knows because the license plate is clear in the photo and it matches to her plates that are in the public record. Only, he won't scan the pics into a computer. He wanted to send them through the mail to a different source. But then the photos never came.

I know, right? Probably just a bunch of smoke. Except...

The other vehicle that was there. He provided the license plate for that one, too. And I tracked it down. I interviewed the guy who owned the truck. Says he doesn't know Maura. But, yes, he was at Anthony's Pier 4 restaurant.

Which lends credibility to the photograph also showing Maura's car.

And if she was in Boston, what was she doing there? And why was she driving her Saturn so far if it was on its last leg?


  1. Well, if Maura carpooled to Norwood for clinicals, perhaps someone she carpooled with knew the person in the other car and he didn't know maura.

  2. "A couple days" before she disappeared? Was this before or after Fred came to Amherst?

  3. Don't get too excited yet - the photo could easily show that man's truck but not Maura's car. We don't want another "Dirtbag 112" on our hands trying to get attention.

    I would hold off drawing assumptions from this until the photograph is shared. Then, we can go crazy and get excited.

  4. So he won't send or scan photos, but he provided the other car's license plate? How does that make his claim any more plausible? All it does is prove that that truck was in the picture at Anthony's Pier 4 (RIP). I fail to see how it shores up the claim that the other car was Maura's without actually seeing the picture...

  5. James, I think it's important to look back and determine where the idea started that Maura's Saturn was in fact not working well. I know Sharon Rausch mentions this as the reason she got Maura a AAA membership but in my opinion the idea that the Saturn was "on its last legs" has gotten exaggerated by Fred's story of bring in Amherst to buy Maura a new car. I think it is more likely that the car was "somewhat unreliable" especially in the winter (stalling, etc.) - but if it were truly in its last legs she would not have attempted to drive it to NH.

    As for the photo outside Anthony's Pier 4 (legendary, very expensive Boston restaurant, for those who don't know the area), I would take it with a grain of salt until the informant can send you some pictures (by mail or online). Then I would have a photo expert look them over to compare the car to Maura's and see if the licence plate has been photoshopped.

    Unfortunately all the truck license plate # proves is that the informant has a photo of that truck there that day. Anybody with any photo of any other vehicle's license plate anywhere could give you the same "tip" if they refuse to supply the photo of Maura's car.

    If she was there, what does it mean? It would mean she had some movements we don't know about but beyond that I'm not sure we can deduce much. A date?

  6. This reminds me of something from the Discovery ID program. Remember when one of her friends told the story that Maura was missing from school one day and no one had heard from her? It turns out that she had taken the train to Boston... Maybe just a coincidence. Maybe not.

  7. I also don't think that verifying the other car in the pic adds to its credibility at all - there'd be no reason to fake the license plate on the second car, after all. (In other words, you could take a pic of any two random cars on the street - or, more to the point, a pic of any Saturn the same model as Maura's, with the license plate of a second car also visible somewhere in the frame - photoshop the plate on the Saturn, and provide proof that the second car is authentic -- read: that it hasn't been photoshopped -- in an effort to establish authenticity).

  8. I don't see why we should give this report any credit without further information. There is nothing verifiable here so far.

    As for the shape of Maura's car...I, too, have become increasingly convinced that her Saturn did *not* have major problems when she left. I think the family has been pushing that story as a way to explain why she crashed, and that the real reason she crashed is that she was, once again, driving drunk.

    (The "Saturn was broken" thing also fits nicely into the "buying a new car" story.)

  9. So... he should print out another set with the negatives (presuming these were shot on film) and send them again. Surely he didn't mail the only set, right? Right?

    Many good comments here. And I agree regarding the actual condition of the car. Have my doubts it was in as bad a shape as we have been led to believe.

  10. Was the truck red with MA plates, by chance? Did you ever get the photo, James?

  11. I have the same question, due to the mysterious red truck with ma plates that was allegedly following Maura right before her dissapearance. maybe she had a secret boyfriend and they were having a rondezvous and he decided to kidnap/ murderer her. since her family and friends didn't know him or about him, how could he ever be caught?

  12. Could anyone provide a license plate number? Was listening to a podcast about her..there was a boy who was hit by an unknown car a couple nights before she went missing on her campus. It is hypothesized that she did it. However, after listening, I got an idea. After a month in a coma, he woke up and when the doctors asked how old he thought he was, he said 27. I simply think this a peculiarly specific number, and I have to wonder if those were numbers on her license plate that he saw before getting hit, and perhaps he subconsiously knew this.