Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maura as a Blonde

A few people have sent me their best attempts at age-progression photos. Here's one that shows what Maura may look like with blonde hair and glasses.

Keep em coming.


  1. This came from Wikipedia:

    "June 2005. A girl with blonde hair resembling Maura was seen at a church in Barton, Vermont. A witness said that the girl said her name was "Raykel" and took off quickly when the minister started a Father's Day sermon.[20]"

    Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this witness.

    I did not believe the witness who says she saw a woman mouth the words "help me" or words to that effect while standing in line at a store and then said witness decided to wait months before telling anybody to which I could only say: Some help!!!

  2. It has always occurred to me that the reason Maura always wore her hair back in a tight ponytail is because it is so curly and frizzy. My hair was like that when I was much younger and I hated because you really couldn't do anything with it. Maura's hair seems like mine was - you can blow dry it straight but rain, heat or humidity will make it frizz and curl no matter what.

    To me, that says she would not cut it. Keeping it long is the only way to control it.
    Any other women with that type of hair? Do you think she'd cut it?

  3. I don't have curly or frizzy hair, but Maura was a runner, meaning she took a lot of showers and had to dress fast. Putting her hair up wet after a post-shower run is probably the fastest. IIRC, she had VO5 in her bag in the car, and I bet she swiped some of that on after she put her hair up to control the frizzies. Also, nursing students can't have long hair hanging down around patients. I'm betting West Point has a hair code, too. Any girl with a plug-in straightener can have straight hair in no time now. I think she'd go short.