Thursday, December 19, 2013

NH Police Chief Was Sexual Predator, Avoids Prosecution

The former police chief of New London, NH, David Seastrand, resigned in April 2013, after a young Colby-Sawyer student came forward, claiming he said he'd drop her underage drinking charge if she'd pose nude for him.

Shortly thereafter, several other young women stepped forward with similar tales. One claims that Seastrand coerced her into having sex with him, the other says he got rid of a parking ticket for her after she posed in lingerie.

Last week, the NH AG decided not to file criminal charges.

This predator was on the force for 27 years. He gets to keep his nice retirement package.

New London is quite a drive from where Maura went missing (78 miles). But I thought it was worth mentioning. Of course, the Haverhill Police Chief had his own demons.


  1. The local police is -was (until a month ago when a political influence died) very corrupted indeed. Yet, I don't believe they would have done anything bad purposefully with the investigation. If something was not done it was probably due to ignorance on their part on how to conduct an investigation of this scale. And, there was no sign of foul play, body or anything like that. It was just a very odd case from the get go, and stayed odd.

    1. BTW, before I get any comments...English is my second language.

  2. not worth mentioning except to be provocative. 75 miles might as well be England.