Sunday, December 1, 2013

***UPDATED***So How, Exactly, Is Martha Nagle Related to Maura?

Last week, I told you about Martha Nagle, aka Martha Vivar, who did clinicals with Maura at UMass. When I contacted her to get some background on her trips to the hospitals with Maura, she said she didn't want to comment because she was related to Maura. When I asked her how that was possible, she said it was by marriage, then stopped replying.

As I see it, this leaves only a few possibilities. Either one of Martha's siblings married into the Murray family, her husband's siblings married into the Murray family, or... Maura married into Martha's family.

I can find no link between Martha and the Murrays. And the fact that someone in her clinicals ended up related to her is improbable. Though, not impossible.

I guess there is another possibility. That she's lying. Can anyone find a link, here?

Not lying, exactly, but the connection is quite tenuous.

Martha is related to Patty Nagle, who is the sister of Carol Dwyer, who is related to Helena Dwyer Murray, who married into the Murray family.

I think I'm more closely related to Jeremy Renner than she is to Maura Murray.

Still no comment from Martha as to whether or not she is the author of the messageboard post that first mentioned Maura alive and well in Canada.

(Thanks everyone for your help!)


  1. It could be more distant than that. Ie, they have cousins that got married

  2. I wonder if it is pretty distant? Looking at her Facebook photos it looks like Heleyna Dwyer Murray and another Dwyer frequently "like" her photos. It is a shame she felt like that she couldn't help you, and it is strange how she went to regretful to not be able to help to angry pretty fast with you.

  3. Could Martha be related to DW?

  4. I think I'm more closely related to Jeremy Renner than she is to Maura Murray.

    OK, I admit it, I chuckled. Thanks for that bit of levity.