Sunday, January 19, 2014

24 Hours Left to Donate!

The fundraising ends Monday at noon. Please consider a $10 donation, today. A little more will go a long way.

You guys are awesome!


  1. Has anyone ever thought maybe the bus driver had anything to do with her missing? Im watching a tv show and there was a witness who claimed she was seen with an older man in his sixties, well this bus driver definitely matches the description. ..

  2. James - I am sure Maura's university would run a full page ad in their paper at little to no cost. Additionally, why aren't you pushing for more ads in the area or areas in Canada you have claimed she may be?

  3. Because ads like you're describing would direct people straight to the police, and the police would not share any of the information gained.

  4. I think we should stick one near the USMA's West Point Campus in New York.

  5. James, you are positive there were no foot prints leading away from the car into the forest? What about foot prints going either east or west within the car tracks in the snow?
    What happened to the $6000 that Fred withdrew "to buy a car"?
    No way to know who called from New Hampshire that day? Could be someone telling where he would be parked waiting for her and where to lose control of the car in the curve.
    She had to have assistance getting away that fast. I think this was prearranged and carefully planned by her and someone else.