Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 Days Left to Donate

Some large contributions have come in the last couple days. But we still have a couple hundred to go if we want to run this ad in Canada.

I will close the account on January 20 and mail checks to the newspapers at that time (and will, of course, post invoices here as they come in).

Please share the link on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!


  1. From what i know this is the biggest push to find Maura publicly in years. To me it is truly amazing to see all these people who did not know Maura donate money to find her. Why her family isnt supporting this to my knowlage is beyond me. If a relative of mine was missing i would be so grateful if anyone started a campaign like this. I could not give much but i gave what i could, i hope you all do the same especially if you have been reading this blog for years like me. Remember this will probably the only time YOU can contribute money to find Maura.

  2. I agree with Victor. It's sad to think how many families of the missing would sell literally everything they own to bring this type of awareness and publicity to their loved one's case.

    My heart breaks for Fred Murray, as I believe he is missing his daughter every day. However, it is hard to think that he or the rest of the family honestly suspect foul play when they consistently rebuff this type of publicity.