Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boston Magazine Tackles Maura Murray Case

Journalist Bill Jensen contacted me several months ago to go over the finer details of Maura's disappearance. His piece for Boston Magazine, which focuses mostly on internet sleuths and the upcoming 10th anniversary of the case, is out today.

He managed to score an interview with Fred, who gives new explanations for both the rag in the tailpipe and Maura's clean dorm room which differ from both the facts of the case and his previous statements.

Here's an excerpt:

After hearing about numerous accusatory posts on Renner’s blog, Fred refused to cooperate for the book. He believes his daughter was abducted by “a local dirtbag” and rejects the notion that she was running away. “She didn’t have any reason,” Fred says. “She had things going for her. She was going to be a nurse. She was getting a new car—a three-year-old car—the very next Saturday. She was getting married soon. She was getting great marks.” 
The feud between Renner and Murray has become personal.“What I think he’s trying to do is create characters for a screenplay,” Fred says of Renner. 

FYI: Fred is excellent at manipulating timelines and facts. As I've pointed out before, he said he didn't want any book published about his daughter's disappearance. And he made that statement 9 months before I began posting about this case. So the excuse that he didn't cooperate because of this blog doesn't wash.

Read the rest here.


  1. I would not only like to know where Fred and Maura picked out the car they were going to pick up the following weekend and whether or not a deposit was put down.

  2. I entered a comment before and it seems to have disappeared so here's the amended version: I like how this article presented the case. It seemed non biased, and that has cleared up some confusion I had about where this whole thing was going. I can't wait to read the book.

  3. Fred still is sticking to the local dirtbag got her theory yet in an earlier plea for Maura it sure sounded like he was thinking that she was a runaway ie: we can bang it out.Then there is the song written by her brother "What I Wouldn't Give
    Where did you run
    Is there somewhere that your new life has begun
    In a sea of endless time
    What have we done
    To make you turn your back on us and run
    From our love
    That will grow on your return
    Why did you shun
    A life that you had only just begun
    To live, to live..."

    I still say there is something under the surface that we don't know about yet.Why wouldn't Fred welcome the possibility that she might be alive? Maybe Fred doesn't want the investigation to go down that path and uncover that something we don't know about yet.

  4. Why was Maura's face not shown. For a missing persons article it doesn't make much sense.

  5. Is anyone else having trouble getting the article to load? I read it earlier, but am trying to go back now & can't even http://www.bostonmagazine.com/ to load.

    Is this article the first time a family member has mentioned they're aware Maura may have been drinking while headed to NH?

  6. That weekend, her father came up from his job in Connecticut to help Maura find a new car. Maura’s 1996 Saturn “kind of blew a cylinder” and was “smoking something fierce,” according to Fred Murray. -- KIND OF? Did it or did it not? Does a blown cylinder cause smoke? Not in NASCAR. It just causes a lack of power.

    “I said, ‘You can’t drive this car. The cops will pull you over in a heartbeat,’” he recalls. As a temporary fix, Fred says he suggested she put a rag inside the tailpipe to hide the smoke. -- Wouldn't that just cause the car to stall? I'm no mechanic, but that sounds like a dumb solution. Wouldn't they have to fix what was wrong so they could SELL the Saturn? Were they just going to junk it?

    He says he withdrew $4,000 over the course of eight ATM transactions and that on that Saturday he took Maura to purchase a car in Northampton. -- WHY? Why not just write one check or go into the bank and withdraw it all. You can only take $300 out of the ATM at one time -- so he did this over the course of 8 days? (Which still doesn't add up.)

    They ended up a couple of thousand dollars short, though, so Fred figured he’d go home, round up some more money, and come back another time. -- Wouldn't they have known the price before driving up there?!

    This story is fishy as hell.

  7. Has anyone ever heard of a bank that let you make $4000 in ATM withdrawls in one day? I have never heard of more than $1000. Is it different if you maintain a very large balance?

  8. "Fred is excellent at manipulating timelines and facts. As I've pointed out before, he said he didn't want any book published about his daughter's disappearance. And he made that statement 9 months before I began posting about this case. So the excuse that he didn't cooperate because of this blog doesn't wash."

    My husband does this a lot. He invents new reasons to why he acted like he did a long time ago if he can't immediately remember. It's annoying, but doesn't necessarily mean he is a liar.

  9. Two considerations: One, Fred and family have long been motivated by a desire to present Maura in the best light possible. The lies (I'd probably call this revisionist reality) reflect this. Most tv shows on the case reflect this on steroids. Two, Fred originally thought Maura ran away but when she didn't reappear, he shifted to the local dirtbag theory (which I also believe).
    The car story sounds fishy but Fred would be able to ATM a lot of money if he used accounts from different banks. My ATM only lets you take $300 a day from one account but if you go right before and right after midnight you could take out $600.

  10. I find it very difficult to get my head around the actions of Fred Murray. If you new that someone was investigating the unusual disappearance of your daughter and was planning on righting a book about it, you would think that you would get involved as much as possible and pass over all the information you had, especially so long after the incident. That's for two reasons, one, you help out as much as you can so hopefully the investigation and book shows all of the right facts and two, it publicises the case a lot more to hopefully bring in more information and move the investigation forward to hopefully get the answer to what happened.

    I know from past experience that the best thing to do in any situation is nothing. But whats worse, a investigator or journalist that you help out and give as much information to turns it around and makes you look like the bad guy or you don't answer any of their questions and they make you the bad guy anyway. NOT THAT THATS WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE.

    I don't know. Its very hard sometimes to get your head around the actions of some people. I guess thats what has drawn me to this case of the disappearance of Maura, that theres so much unusual about it.