Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fundraising Update

Good news!

Thanks to your contributions, we're getting the full-page ad in Amherst.

And if we can raise just another $300 we'll be able to buy a full-pager in the area of New Hampshire where Maura disappeared.

Keep it up! Almost there!

Share the link, please.


  1. James, early on you offered to contribute from book earnings and did a poll.What is going on with that? Why not just spin that money into further billboards or newspaper spots.
    Again I am sure NH would put a free article for Maura. NO NEED to raise money for that.

  2. Why not do Quebec City since so many voted for that area? You asked for votes and then disregarded what a huge number of us said!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this - I recommend checking out Tony Charalambides fundraising blog. Great read.