Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New to this Mystery? Here's the Top Ten Most Important Facts This Blog Has Uncovered:

10. Maura was facing charges of credit card fraud.

9. The strange call Billy got on his phone after Maura's disappearance was not Maura.

8. Maura's best friend at college can't recall any details and comes from a dangerous family.

7. Maura visited Goshen, NH shortly before she disappeared.

6. Someone called Maura's cell phone from New Hampshire the day she disappeared.

5. Photos of high school-aged cousins were found inside an adult magazine at Fred's house.

4. Fred lied to police about the events leading up to her disappearance.

3. Fred refused an interview with state police for two years and when he finally sat down with them, he brought two lawyers.

2. The rentals Maura was researching were for more than 1 person.

1. Maura had cheated on Billy with her track coach, and had talked about a plan to disappear.


  1. I don't know if I would trust what the track coach says...didn't he state that Maura was sleeping around with other athletes at the school? That doesn't sound like Maura, but it DOES sound like a man with an axe to grind OR something to hide...if he does have something to hide...how convenient that Maura once told him that she wanted to run away...reminds me of those husbands who kill their wives and stuff them in the freezer, and then tell the neighbors she always talked of wanting to run away and join the circus.

  2. Love how you have brought all this info together. I lived around the corner from Maura growing up. I didn't know her well but everyone knew that girl could run. From what I read here, I'll be getting a good look at every runner I see in a couple months when I'm up that way again. Seems to me she pulled a Houdini and did it like a pro. I really hope that's the case.