Saturday, January 4, 2014

**UPDATE** Still time to donate to help find Maura!

UPDATE: Holy smokes, Dustin! Thank you!! We can do the full-page ad!!

So far we've raised nearly $600 $1,000 toward our campaign to put up billboards and purchase newspaper ads to get the word out about Maura's disappearance.

That's about 10% of our overall goal.

If we can raise $1,000 we can do a full-page ad in Amherst.

If we can reach $3,900 we can do billboards.

Every little bit helps. If everyone who read this post took 5 minutes to donate $10 we'd far surpass our goal.

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  1. As much as I think it would be cool to see an ad publicizing Maura's story in my local paper, I'm wondering why you think this is the best place for the ad. Why not Quebec City, or a place where you think she actually might be? How do you expect the raised awareness in Amherst to help?

  2. What does everyone else think about this?

  3. I think Amherst or even NH would be fine, because someone who might not have wanted to say anything back then, may have put the situation in the back of their minds and moved on with their life. This could be the reminder that leads to a clue. If Kate said she didn't want to get Maura into trouble, there could be someone else out there with a similar mindset that says "oh, it's been 10 years, who cares if I get her into trouble at this point." there is some serious debate on whether the canada tips were good, but amherst and NH are definitely good.

  4. I agree with Matt. I don't see the point of Amherst if you think she's in Canada.

    1. Agreed. I'd think that Amherst would be one of the few places where people in general might be familiar at all with Maura's story — so it would be about the last place that a big reminder would be needed.

  5. Hi, I'm new to this blog and came across Maura's story while reading about the recent disappearance of Teleka Patrick. I've found it an addicting case to read about because of all the contradicting evidence. Of course I'd take my opinion lightly since I'm not a long term reader, but I think placing an ad or billboard in Quebec City (or whichever city) would make more sense at first thought, just due to the fact it's uncharted territory in comparison to the Amherst/NH area which seems to have had it's fair saturation with coverage, and anyone who knows anything has been stubbornly tight lipped so far. Would just be interesting to see the sightings/leads from a fresh metropolitan area. I can't make up my own theory, criss crossing between runaway/natural causes/foul play, but maybe when Fred dies, or when she's in her thirties and more matured, if she's alive and well she'll return for closure to the case. Anyways I love reading this blog so hope to comment again in the future!

  6. I think the fair thing to do might be to ask the people who make donations where they feel the ad should be placed. Maybe they can vote from a few selected choices.

  7. I just watched mauras story on the id channel. I am so sorry to her family and friends and hope she is found soon. I was just wondering if they looked into the bus driver? Being the last person to see her. Also his story sounds very strange why would he leave her there when according to him he new she couldn't make any call or be rescued! I hope im wrong I just am not sure about this.

  8. JR having trouble posting on your newest post so I will post here.
    Littleton Currier handles the whole area and they ran many artiles on Maura.

  9. I think you would have more luck with a billboard than a full page in a newspaper. Do people even get the newspaper much anymore these days?