Monday, January 6, 2014

**UPDATED** Where should we run the ad?

**UPDATE** Since it is so close, I'm going to keep with Amherst. It's what we planned going into this, what people spent their money on, and honestly I think it will get us the biggest bang for our buck. There may still be people there with info about Maura and this can serve as a gentle reminder to come forward with info. I will check into the cost of running a full-page ad in Quebec City, in the meantime.**

Yesterday, we reached one of our goals in the fundraising campaign to bring awareness to Maura's disappearance and now have enough to purchase a full-page newspaper ad. Originally, I had planned to put this in the daily paper of Amherst, Mass, which serves the community around UMass, where Maura went to school.

Is that the best use of your contributions? Take a minute to answer the poll (found to the left).

We still have a ways to go to reach our next goal, which is to purchase billboards in the Boston area for the 10th anniversary. Please consider a contribution of $10 today.


  1. Amherst may be a good idea anyway. The "Disappeared" episode of Maura is on Investigation Discovery right now and watching it gives me the creeps. FM gives me the heeby jeebies and her friends barely know her. Maybe someone else will feel uncomfortable and start talking.

  2. I work in advertising for a newspaper with a market in Boston. Not sure how much it would help, but I may be able to get the Boston market to run something for you.

  3. I would contact the local papers here in NH that ran articles on Maura and see if they would be willing to do something again for the 10th anniversary as well as put your poster in there free lf charge.

  4. Have you ever thought that maybe the cops know where she is and that is why they are being so tight lipped about everything? That she told them she wanted to remain "missing"? Just a thought I've been reading this blog and other things online for days after seeing an episode on ID

    1. Since her case is an open investigation in New Hampshire, they cannot just keep it a secret and not alter the status of her case. They are under no obligation to reveal her whereabouts if they found her, but they would have to close the case.

    2. Ahh ok. Ever since I watched the show and have been reading about her case it blows my mind. How can someone litteraly vanish in 7 min. Between the time the lady that called 911 and seeing her and the police showing up! Also I think I read that the cop to show up didn't call for assistance for 2 hours? That seems like a long time to wait.