Friday, February 7, 2014

Maura Ad Appears in Sherbooke, Quebec Newspaper

A full-page ad appears in today's newspaper in Sherbrooke. Another full page ad appears in tomorrow's Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Thank you for all your help. I'm extremely proud of the way we came together as an online community to make this happen. Hopefully these will generate some new leads.


  1. Good work James, I hope the age progression is accurate. How will you know if this leads to any tips with the police contact listed?

  2. Great job! My only suggestion is doing an age progression with the basic hair colors (red, black, brown) or styles in a 4x4 square so that you can visualize her with other than blonde/brown hair. It may be easier for more people to recognize her if they can get a visual idea, some people look completely different with hair color/style changes! Good luck.

  3. really nicely done , however if she is alive an in Canada , her boston accent would not only be thick but she has a route 18 south shore extremely distinguishing boston accent. It could be the one most distingishable trait that makes somebody read and call. I am from the south shore now living in the carribean and 7 years later people i meet call me out on it. no matter how good my spanish gets it still has that Bostonion twang. just a thought for the future.

  4. Some thoughts:

    1. Could Murray be hiding in plain sight? Easily. Recall the story of Julie Bureau. The 14-year-old went missing for three years when she disappeared from a Coaticook restaurant (suburb of Sherbrooke). Everyone thought it was abduction and murder, apparently on the basis that she shared the same first name as two other victims, Julie Boisvenu and Julie Surprenant. The local French newspaper published an article about the cases titled, Les Trois Julies.

    Bureau was found three years later. She had been living under everyone’s noses with her new boyfriend about 60 km away in Beauceville (North East of Sherbrooke). When asked why she disappeared, Bureau blamed the pressure from her parents who, “wanted to control her life,” .

    It would be easier than you think to “get lost” in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, especially if you were English. No one would question an English person there; Americans have been coming to the region for years. Further, no one would bother you; the French culture and authorities are pretty much insular and self-absorbed; they would never stop to question who you were, or what you were doing there if you were English.

    2. My question is, if Maura Murray is hiding somewhere, how did she get there? To disappear from an isolated New Hampshire road in the middle of winter with little more than the coat on your back is some trick. And I don’t buy this notion that because she had a half a year of cadet training under her belt from West Point that she was suddenly transformed into a survivalist.

    3. Maybe the answer is a combination of ideas. Maybe Maura was running away, and she died trying; her body still not recovered from some dense forest area surrounding Route 112. The runaway theory is a powerful narcotic, and I have heard it before: She was stressed, she fought with her family, she was pregnant and ashamed, she was failing school, she had a substance abuse problem, she was in Florida, she was in Montreal, she was in Calgary. This is how they initially described my sister, Theresa Allore, but I could easily be describing what people have conjectured about Maura. In the end, Theresa was none of those things. She was dead, less than a mile from where she lived.

    John Allore

  5. I am late to the party, 10yrs to be exact, but I had some free time this weekend and enjoyed the read, internet sites have compiled a great deal case material

    this much appears to be the core facts: she had something of a plan and some time to prepare; left school secretly under false pretense, packed personal items & drove in the direction of NH; had funds available to her within the past week that included both her father's $4k ATM cash and her ATM cash; she had book about mountain hiking and past hiking experience in the same area; she was- intelligent, young, good looking, healthy and a conditioned athlete; had some military training while at WP; she had experience with police contact - CC fraud ID theft charges and at fault MVC; after second MVC she was gone in <20m from a rural road in NH;

    maybe: her plan included someone following her in a second car to the NH area;

    I believe that her father was involved and may have actively participated in her plan but he was cut out by her at some point - and that deceit is very difficult for him

    so for me the question that needs to be answered before speculating on her abduction or demise is.. what exactly was her plan? and did the second MVC and abandonment of her car prevent her from executing the plan with any degree of success

    the question follows then why did she need a plan? what was her motivation to leave secretly as she did of her own accord?

    also has the father ever taken a LE administered polygraph? his involvement during her last week at school especially the $4k cash? the last late night phone call?

    best regards and may each find his own peace

    1. @Justthinking — note that none of us public sleuths know for sure that the famous $4K ever made it into Maura's hands. That part is only speculation.

    2. I stated as fact- "_had funds available to her_ within the past week that included both _her father's_ $4k ATM cash and..." I did not state or infer that the cash was in her possession and I did attribute the amount specifically to the father; we do know the odd $4k ATM cash did not buy her a used car that weekend they spent together; like others here and elsewhere I believe that many key details of the last week at school including her clandestine departure are still publicly unanswered

  6. I've always wandered if the local PD pulled phone records from MM job the night she left crying to see who called in around the recorded time? I've always just seen them say the caller is unknown but, if they had a listing of numbers that called in they should have some idea/clue at least by comparing her phone records to see if she had spoken to them before from elsewhere.

  7. I would like to know if anyone checked the area outdoor outfitters for a large cash purchase of winter backpacking necessities, $4k cash will buy all the gear you need for a four season excursion; a young fit person would be right at home along the popular long distance hiking/backpacking trails with other like minded types; it is common for them to spend many months hiking the trails alone away from home meeting others along the way exchanging primarily just made up trail names; in some areas of the county there is an entire infrastructure establish to support these independent travelers along remote areas for hundreds of miles