Saturday, March 1, 2014

How You Can Help

This recent sighting in Georgia got me thinking. It could definitely help to post flyers about Maura's disappearance in area homeless shelters across the country. At the very least, it might drum up a few new leads.

If all of us took a little time to post flyers at our local homeless shelter this week, it might go a long way to either finding her, or ruling out the possibility that she's living in one of these camps.

Feel free to use this one.


  1. So I take it then you asking for specific help in GA was nothing more than finding someone in each of the states to post in the woods? Sorry James ,but I really feel you are just grasping at nothing to keep people posting on your blog.

    Did you follow up with the Guy From GA that found this girl? There are hundreds of thousands of homeless and I just have lost faith in the direction you have taken. Sorry but that is how I see it and I hope to be proven wrong.

  2. So, he's an idiot because he's asking people to post flyers at homeless shelters?

    Uhh. Is it a long shot? Yes. But it could be the thing that cracks the case.

    1. Nobody called him an idiot, Knock your socks off if you want to follow him and go post posters in GA because he posted about a missing girl found in GA. How does this relate to Maura? was this girl found in a missing persons center or just found in the woods? GEEESH is she missing or dead?

    2. Oh - you're right, that wasn't the exact word you used.

      He actually said "homeless shelters across the country". It's a good idea, actually.

  3. Mr. Renner, please consider the possibility that one or more of the Moulton brothers are or were invovled in the disappearance of both Jean Ellen Caccavaro in 1977 and Maura Murray in 2004. See my comments at the end of your last few blog posts for specifics. Thanks.

    1. Also...

      "Aaron lets not forget about Russell."

    2. Jean is my mother and what Mr. Renner is writing and saying are all lies! She is alive and our family has healed with the help of the Moultons. He Claude was my brother-in Law and a great help to us when she was missing....The Moultons had in no way anything to do with this at all he was there to support us when she was found. Mr. Renner is creating lies and stories about what was said. My father said " He hopes she is found alive and did not say anything bad about her" If anyone knows pain it is us please stop... It is unspeakably mean to spread this nonsense!!

  4. I hope we all look like idiots and:

    Maura is found

    It is what we all want right?

  5. Again, James, it would be nice if you would loop back to your statement in November that you knew where Maura was, who she went there with and that you were weeks away from the solving the case. What happened to that? Now, after launching a search for Maura in Quebec, which was the implied solution you referred to, you are wanting to put up posters in homeless shelters. What is going on? Don't your followers deserve some kind of clarification?

    ~ John Green

    1. John we have had our disagreements but I totally agree with you on this one,

    2. Thank you, John. Frankly, it is getting frustrating to get NO responses to questions from James. I appreciate that you at least acknowledge us when we write. I'm about ready to leave this blog altogether as James doesn't even seem to be aware that it's the proper thing to do when you write a blog, to keep your readers up-to-date or at least let them know you DO give a darn about what they say. ~rant's over~

    3. You can hear the posters asking James to respond to their posts yet nothing, That is not crowd sourcing it is bringing activity to a blog IMHO

  6. Hey JG

    Email me even though we have butted heads- I have stuff to say and want to hear what you have to say. Sincerely

  7. Hey all. I apologize for not engaging you personally more often. I'm just really busy on this end. I teach during the semesters and this spring I'm finishing up a novel and trying to get the Maura book further along its path toward publishing.

    As far as my approach: Until Maura is found I remain open to all possibilities. I believe the most probable explanation for her disappearance is that she left on her own accord and was traveling in tandem with one or more other drivers when she got in the accident in NH. I believe she was getting away from her problems and most of all getting away from Fred. The evidence for this theory can be found in the documents section of this blog.

    However, a small chance remains that she could be in the states, for instance in a homeless shelter. An even smaller chance remains that she could be held captive. Mathematically, I see it like this, based on the known evidence:

    Chance that she was abducted by a stranger: .05%
    Chance that she is living in a homeless shelter in the states: 3%

    That said, is it worth the time and effort to put up a couple flyers for such a low probable payoff? Why the hell not? What would it hurt?

    Finally, I will say many of the questions surrounding her disappearance could be resolved if Fred would honestly tell us the true sequence of events leading up to that Monday evening. If there's anyone to blame for this case not being solved, it's Fred Murray.

    1. Please explain how you say there is only .05% probability she was abducted by a stranger. When investigators, who have been working on the case for years, believe she is dead. Obviously it could have been done by someone she knows but to say the chance of a stranger is only HALF of a TENTH of a percent. Really? Losing credibility by the word...

      And I think you're taking the easy way out. You're using Fred as a scapegoat for YOUR lack of ability to shed new light and keep interest on this case/blog/book. Your last resort has been to make up wild stories(see recent blogs) and blame all lack of new info on Fred.

    2. Thanks James. Not that I needed that, because from reading your blog I could tell that's where you were, but I think it was a worthwhile clarification for all of the complainers of late.

    3. Hey Ryan, are you Dean Runkle's nephew?

    4. OK, check this out. We know MM was running at least for a few days. The odds that she was taken, while running, seem slim.

      The cops assume foul play because they don't investigate adults who don't call their daddies. That's not illegal.

      That's also part of why the family won't acknowledge that possibility. If they do then LE can shut down their investigation.

      The other reason, I believe, is because then the family must deal with rejection on top of loss. If she ran, they still don't get her back. In some twisted way it may be less painful for them if she was harmed. Sounds bad but think about it.

    5. That's your opinion and that's fine.

      And if LE was so certain she ran away, why would they still be investigating? Obviously they don't know what happened to her. And I don't think Renner does either. Yet he's so certain she ran away? What does he know that LE/PIs don't?

      I'm just saying professionals close to the case believe she was harmed and Renner is basically saying they're completely wrong, yet has no evidence to back up his story. Only theories. So I don't see how he can say there's a 99.95% chance she ran away. That's ignoring a lot of real possibilities. IMO.

      I think when Renner say's she ran away that will draw more interest/hope from people. So maybe they'll buy his book. If he went for the theory that she was harmed there's not a lot of physical evidence. That would kind of make for a lack luster book with no evidence. He has a lot more leeway for an interesting book if he claims she ran away and come up with some story to go along with hit. It will kind of be half real half fiction. Again, just my opinion.

      And let's try to be mature here, TDL. No need for name calling.just cause you don't like my opinion, And I raise a valid question. Why is he so certain (99.95%) that she wasn't harmed & how did he come up with that number?

    6. Do you think Fred Murray made up the story about Lawrence Moulton, his brother Claude Moulton, the blood-stained knife, and the A-frame house on Valley Road?

      Did you know that Claude Moulton's mother-in-law, Jean Ellen Caccavaro, vanished in 1977 in the same area of Route 112?

      Did you know that Claude Moulton was arrested in 1993 across the river in Vermont for violating an abuse protection order?

      Did you know that a young lady named Skye N. Weeks, who was the girlfriend / wife of Claude Moulton in 2004, bore him a daughter, and recently moved to Maine, has quite a few negative things to say about him on her Facebook page.

      Did you know that since 2008, Claude Moulton has run a 1-truck transportation company in nearby Piermont, NH called Fleetwood Transportation Northeast?

      Odds that Maura Murray is living in Canada, Ireland, Georgia, or some homeless shelter: 10%

      Odds that Maura Murray never made it out of the Route 112 area alive: 90%

    7. charlene stewart looks like maura. If you cant see the similarities, it is because you do not want to. This blog is a venue for people to find the girl, not try to bully each other. Spend time proving each other right. This homeless woman wasnt a run of the mill homeless woman to the NG apparently. Thats why it was posted on the missing person website, I am the person who saw that article and happened to see this MM case and sent the links to JR, LE and the family. I dont know what you all theorize and or believe what happened to the poor girl. I do know that I never heard of this case but have been reading up since i saw this comparison last week, I am sorry for causing such conflict but seriously zoom in on the faces in the different articles and tell me that charlene stewart and a ten year age progressed mm do not warrant a few minute walk into the woods to check. I feel sick to my stomach that its been a week and no answer of yes or no. Maybe it isnt her but someone should care enough to check. Especially most of the people who have devoted years to this case. In proving theories you must also disprove them to strengthen it. Go to the woods. Good luck everybody, lets be better to each other,.

    8. has this person been cleared ?

    9. Ryan.

      That was a serious question.

      Are you Dean Runkle's nephew?

    10. Ryan, he did not say that there is a 99.95% chance she ran away. He said there's a 0.05% chance she was abducted by a stranger and a 3% chance she is living in a homeless shelter in the US. That leaves 96.95% for all other possibilities. The 96.95% includes his preferred theory as well as all other possibilities except abduction by a stranger and living in a homeless shelter in the US. So 70% could be the percent James ascribes to his preferred theory and 26.95% could be to "other" (suicide, exposure after fleeing the NH accident scene). This is not the same a the 99.95% chance you posted that James says is the chance she ran away.

    11. I say the suicide in the woods or dying from exposure is one of the least likely. No trace of her leaving the scene to go into the woods, no foot prints in the snow, no body, no clothing, no alcohol, etc., etc. So I think to say 26.95%(Just from your example) she died somewhere out there by her own or elements compared to 0.05% for a stranger harming her is absolutely absurd. So that's why I was asking how he came up with 0.05%??

      But fine I get what you're saying. There are more breakdowns but based on Renner's recent posts he doesn't even acknowledge other theories. I think in Renner's mind his theory of her running away is probably greater than at least 90 probably more than 95 percent. I know that's an assumption but so is your example.

      But the actual percentage numbers are irrelevant. The whole point of my posts was asking how he can possibly say there is only a 0.05% chance she was harmed by a stranger. That's being quite obtuse that there are more theories out there than running away. Until there is physical evidence that points in certain direction he should be open to all possibilities.

    12. Because he is essentially saying he is 99.95% sure she wasn't harmed by a stranger (that's what I should have wrote in the 2nd paragraph and that's what I did write in the last paragraph) and a lot of people say that is a real possibility since there are no facts to rule it out. Renner just wants to push his own 'agenda'.

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    2. Very well said JJ (Weymouth born & bred...)

  9. There is zero evidence of another car driving in tandem. I don't believe that. Butch Atwood would have seen another car

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    2. I think saying she staged the accident or crashed her car on purpose is very, very far fetched. If you were going to crash your car in rural NH why would you do it right in front of houses. You don't know how people are going to react. They may come outside and wait with you until the authorities show up. And if you take off they police may catch up with you before you rendezvous. And what if police are coming from the west. That could really screw up your plans.

      If she was going to crash her car on purpose you would think she would do it in the middle of nowhere (no houses around) and she wouldn't have to go very far for that.

      And I believe Renner did dig up some good info to clear MM from the Vasi incident. The time line doesn't add up.

    3. Warning - disorganized thoughts below.

      •Jabroni - agreed, and I've said this before. No evidence of another driver, but I still hope it happened. The county road she was on is evidence that she had a specific route to a specific destination. The alcohol, books, and running gear(I think she had those with her) show that a "getaway" was planned, but those items gave her the option to keep up with school. If she was bugging-out she might have brought only a few precious things.
      •If there was another driver or she was meeting someone at a destination she could have ran off in that direction to intercept the driver or get to the destination.
      •I don't think anything else can be learned from the accident scene, better to reconstruct her life.
      •It would be more productive to try and get location/Meta-data from the cell phones of her known associates. That info is stored and is available for the police.
      •Perhaps she gave up on a cabin and went for a hotel room in the area. Something cheap, but close to where she wanted to be.
      •Running off and leaving everything except some of the booze looks like an improvisation. Why grab the booze if she was meeting her dad? Don't think it was the Dreaded Fred that she met. Also don't think there was enough alcohol for her to kill herself as college girls can put away copious amounts of alcohol.
      •jjholy - She may have had a better chance at defending herself, but she's not a UFC fighter, a violent person or someone with a gun would have the upper hand.
      •I don't think she ran into the woods or drank herself to death in the snow. She appears to be a person that keeps on going in the face of all of the crap going on in her life.
      •Her dad probably said some horrific things to her after the wreck of his new car and that might have sealed her fate.
      •I would absolutely love to see someone put all of the FACTUAL evidence on an online timeline service (free of course), so that we could look at the totality of things and the timing, and adjust as needed. There are some neat free services out there. If I had the time I would do it, but it just is not possible for me.

  10. New to the blog (first post), Hi everybody.

    After reading as much as I could over the past month or so, I agree with James that this does look like a runaway. Whatever plans MM had probably went out the window when she crashed on Route 112 (second serious crash in less than a week).

    At that point, she had to make a split second decision (probably under the influence, to some degree) and decided to run, probably getting a ride with somebody. The chances that the person she got a ride with was out to harm her is unlikely but not impossible. Furthermore, she may have had to get multiple rides with many different people so no one can really say who she could have ended up with further along on her journey (she had less than three hundred dollars on her which is not a lot considering the need for food, shelter and transportation). I don't think that it can be ruled out and it's probably greater than .05% chance especially if we knew how far she was going beyond where she was (every ride she gets beyond the first makes the possibility of ending up in the wrong company that much greater).

    I don't know about Canada, though. What are the rules for working in Canada if you are an American citizen. Wouldn't it be easier to get a job, go to school etc with existing Anerican credentials in the US? My hunch is as far from New England as possible but still some where inside the US.

    1. meyerofnyc - agree with your comments.

      Knowing her cash position could tell about her plans. A cheap room, food for a while, gas back to school? What would that money get her?

      Who could assign probabilities with any certainty - nope.

      Hitching rides seems like a plausible scenario.

      As far as work and needing papers. If you all have not noticed there are 25 million + illegals in America getting by on significantly less education and a communication gap. She could find work, no doubt.

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  11. Real-Life Scenario -

    Where I live a young college student was out biking very early in the morning. She was hit by a drunk driver who put her body in his trunk and then took her out deep in a woods he was familiar with. Hunters discovered her years later, only a few of her bones. There were truly massive searches for her that yielded nothing.

    This could be her fate.

  12. I've read this blog for quite sometime and have posted on occasion. What I've noticed is this blog has gone more from thoughtful disussion to becoming more catty and gossipy, especially since James returned from Canada. I've also noticed the tone of the blog has gone more from investigation and providing relatively insightful information to more grasping at straws, pointless information and dropping of topics that at one time appeared relevant. It's now basically throwing lots of mud at a wall to see what might stick. The majority of irrelevant topics took place in February with a couple in January.

    1. Murray Family Threatens Violence After Chronicle Episode Airs
    Definitely not relevant, it's tit for tat in response to what people were saying on facebook. It should've never been posted because no one should care.
    2. Maura's Mother Had Affair with Convicted Murderer.
    Maybe filler information for the book but not really relevant or useful here in the blog.
    3. Murray Family Shuts Down Messageboard After People Grow Suspicious of Fred
    I don't see this as being relevant but more of a jab at the Murray's.
    4. Fred Jr. Busted for Shoplifting, Drug Paraphernalia
    5. Who is Alexa Taylor? **UPDATE**
    Does anyone really care?
    6. Could Maura Have Used an Underground Railroad?
    Goofy and doubtful!
    7. For Maura (this was from November)
    You stated that you feel you'll have a resolution in weeks, however it appears this was dropped and never again addressed.
    Whatever happened to all of these so called credible witnesses in Canada?
    My thoughts..
    1. Just delete all irrelevant topics / comments
    2. Get off Fred!!! I'm not pro Fred, but he's not going to talk, and your approach is to antagonize him into talking which is never going to work. I also think this approach has burned bridges with individuals more in the know and will never talk now. I don't think Fred knows where she is, what her plans were but it would be nice to know the full extent of what occurred the weekend he was with Maura. He's not going to talk so drop it and moveon.
    3. Maybe Maura was running away, maybe she wasn't. My understanding of nursing programs is they're hard to get into and usually there's a waiting list. It makes sense she'd send professors an email saying there was a death in the family. Her absence would be excused, where her just not showing up or saying she needed to get away for a few days wouldn't.
    4. Her boxes were packed, boxes can be unpacked. Maybe she was moving.
    5. It's likely she was drinking and driving the night of the accident and it would make sense that she'd want to avoid the police if that was the case; 1. she'd be facing more legal problems 2. she'd be facing disciplinary action at UMASS for violating the alcohol policy 3. She'd likely face more legal problems from the credit card fraud because she was still within the 3 month window of remaining trouble free.
    6. For the longest time everyone has been saying how smart Maura was and how easy it would be (which it really wouldn't be) for her to disappear and start a new life, and now we're saying that new life is a homeless person? She's so smart that's the best she can do!
    7. It's clear Maura had a lot of issues going on in her life, and I don't think we know the full extent of those issues and it wouldn't surprise me if her closest friends didn't know the full extent either.
    8. I think more effort should be put into trying to locate people who lived on the same floor as Maura at UMASS.
    I'll still looking forward to reading the book, but I suspect in the end we'll all be left with all the various theories of what happened. Regardless I think we should get back to relevant topics / information and forget about posting the ones that have little to do with finding Maura.
    Sorry for the long post and diatribe!

    1. My thoughts are exactly the same. Especially when it comes to harassing the Murray family, because I believe this is the right word for what James has been doing to them lately. Are they perfect all American family? Sure not. Has Fred been always telling the truth? Possbily not, but JR's statement that "If there's anyone to blame for this case not being solved, it's Fred Murray" is very far fetched and just hurtful. We don't really know what Fred has told the investigators, and honestly I don't think it would help if Fred disclosed each and every "dirty secret" to press and online community. There would be just more room for speculation and even more implausible theories. There are a lot of trolls and definitely not everyone has good intentions beside wanting to benefit from this tragedy or simply hurting the family. Probably it won't be popular to say it on this blog, but to me Fred's behaviour is to great extent understandable and reminds me of a situation from my family. I had a close relative missing and we were battling against a self-proclaimed "investigative" journalist, who was a real pain in the a** after we didn't really want to work with him. I've really had faith in James and believed he was different, but I'm not so sure of that anymore, also I've started to feel rather uncomfortable to be a part of this. Anyway, I wish JR good luck with solving this case (although it is very unlikely he will manage it), I'm also still convinced that he has done some good things as far as keeping the case alive is concerned.

  13. I do agree with David W.'s point about the homeless shelters. That was my thought exactly. If she ran away (which I believe she did), running to a life of shelter after shelter is scarcely an improvement from whatever was happening at home. It may have worked for her for a while, but for ten years? I think anyone would eat crow and come home, if not to her fathers house, then at least with a friend. Also, just a thought...has anyone considered that her not coming forward may have nothing to do with facing the music here and more with facing the music in her current life? Lies beget more lies and I am certain that if she ran away to start a new life she has told many, many lies. Perhaps she fell in love again. What would she tell the guy? Oh by the way, my name is not Jane Doe, I am actually Maura Murray, missing college student and protagonist of a ten year manhunt saga. Just a thought.

    Also, as far as James Renner goes, I dont know him personally, but I do know people in general, and although it is a tough pill for many to swallow, despite all the variety that exists amongst humans, the cold hard truth is we all fit into 1 of 16 personality types. Journalists are mostly the ENFP personality type. See this for explanation:

    "Psychologist David Keirsey identifies ENFPs as "Champions," which he suggests are rather rare. "Champions can be tireless in talking with others, like fountains that bubble and splash, spilling over their own words to get it all out," Keirsey suggests. "And usually this is not simple storytelling; Champions often speak (or write) in the hope of revealing some truth about human experience, or of motivating others with their powerful convictions." "

    I think Journalists in general value truth over public opinion, although to a certain extent what others say about them matters. I think this is what we see going on here with this blog. James appears to care to a certain extent what his readers think, but at the end of the day if he has to make a choice between answering questions to make random bloggers happy and keeping cards close to his chest that may assist him in finding the truth (something paramount to all else with him) then he is going to choose playing his cards close.

    If I am wrong James Renner, please let me know. I am not afraid of being wrong. But I think I might be right and I think that if everyone keeps this in mind then maybe they won't get so upset. My two cents :)

  14. if somebody tells me what we want our investigators to be, with all sincerity i would say we want them to be like James. He would be of so much help in the tara grinstead case, its the biggest case in georgia

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  16. normally i do not subscribe to this nonsense , but William Shatner just hosted a show on SYFY channell , describing the "Bennington VT triangle" , where people went missing hiking in the 50s, so i decirded to wikapdia it :
    and oddly it mentions another triangle in Bridgewater MA , both of these locations skirt A) where she disappered and B) her hometown of Hanson MA. Keepng i real i dont really believe in psuedo sciences , but it did make my skin crawl for a second!

    1. And if you read the similarities between her and missing Paula Welden 18 yr old Bennington College student " she was rumored to be living with her Boyfriend in Canada in recluse" umm sound familiar?