Monday, March 31, 2014

***UPDATED*** The "Official" Maura Murray Facebook Page is Being Catfished

There is something odd with the main moderator over at the official Maura Murray Facebook page and it appears the family spokesman, Helena Dwyer, has been duped and the page may be controlled by an anonymous person with an unknown agenda.

He calls himself Troy Killman. I have been unable to verify this person exists.

According to his profile, he is in a relationship with Casey Slone, a young man from Boston. Here's Casey's profile, which explains that he works for the NSA.

Except, wait. That profile is fake, created with photos pulled from Slone's real account, which I won't link to here. Sloan is actually involved in New England politics.

Killman claims to be from the Manchester, NH area, the hometown of prolific posters on Topix, who attack anyone suggesting that Maura may still be alive.

Manchester is also within the 22-mile "ping radius" of the mysterious phone caller who called Maura's phone the day she went missing in New Hampshire.

The term for posing as someone you are not, online, is "Catfishing."

It appears that Helena has given access to the official Maura Facebook page to a person who is creating false identities online, for purposes unknown.

Some have suggested this could be Alden Olson, the creep who taunted the family with YouTube videos a couple years ago.

Whoever it is, the authorities and the Murray family should find out who they're really dealing with. Especially given the connections to the mystery caller from the day Maura disappeared.

The Facebook pages for both Troy Killmans and Casey Slone were taken down hours after this post was published.

I hope authorities are looking into this. My hunch is that whoever these people were, they were also responsible for the Alexa Taylor Facebook page that was using Maura's photo for her profile pic.

Readers also pointed out a Troy Killman who worked for hotels in the Dover area, around the time of Maura's disappearance.

With the Manchester, NH connection I would not be surprised if this same person is prolifically spamming the Topix pages dedicated to Maura's disappearance.

Whoever it is, they were able to bullshit their way into moderating the family's "official" page and the Murrays and the police should be very interested in figuring out just who it was and why they were taking control of the information coming in and out of that account (including potential leads).


  1. Yikes. Good work James. Just turning it over in my head what this could mean about Helena Dwyer and TRoy Killman. 1) She never met him in person before but turned over the page to a complete stranger which would be very strange if the purpose of the purpose of the page meant a lot to her which I would have to assume it would, if she really believed Maura was harmed and this page could help bring justice for Maura . 2) She met him and he is using real pictures of himself on line, the antithesis of a catfisher profile 3) She met him and he looks nothing like his pictures and yet she didnt care or find that weird at all, and thus turned over the administration to him, which again would be weird given the implied gravity that such a page would have for the family. 4) Helena Dwyer knows the real identity of Troy Killman. I dont know anything about her personally so I dont know which possibility is the best fit, but I do know people in general and my gut tells me she knows who Troy Killman is. I will search his pictures and see if I come up with any hits on a different identity of the man (man child actually....he has a baby face :) ) in the facebook page. i will let you know what I find. And I also have no academic reason for being interested in this case so I hope that doesnt make me weird lol

    1. Haha, goooo, Chefsgirl! I feel weird, too, for being so interested in this case, but I am. And, nice job, James. :)

  2. TK has a LinkedIn profile too where he mentions he is MM FB page admin.

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  4. and a twitter page...

  5. Also on an interview I seen somewhere it states Helena Dwyer had never even met MM which is odd in my opinion. Every person this Troy guy is connected with has several Murray's listed as friends as well as liked MM missing groups/pages. The fiancé of 1 individual has been employed in the cabin/hotel industry for nearly 13 years.....

    1. For the life of me I cannot figure out why a CLOSE relative of Maura does not run the facebook page. I guess they all have better things to do.

  6. Killman/Sloan also have an association with Burke Ramsey (who I believe is Sloan's cousin - real or fictional). "Burke" is a member of the group, is facebook friends with Killman, and has commented on the Group's page and also had photos with "shoutouts" to Sloan. Is this Burke's real profile (it seems pretty legit)? If so, and he is cousins with Sloan and friends with Killman, how would Sloan not know about Killman "pretending" to be in a relationship with him, etc?

    I see only two possibilities to reconcile this: either the Burke page is a fake or Killman is for real and Sloan just happens to have 2 Facebook pages.

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  8. Slone had to accept killmas request on FB to say in a relationship with. Slone and Killman have photos up so they appear to be two different people. They also have two seperate linkedin accounts. I'm sure these too are more than likely in a relationship just not sure of the relevance between the two and their associations with MM.

    1. Good point, Mrs. Foreman. This buttresses James statement that the Sloane Killman claimed to be in a relationship with was a fake account, that he created, with someone else's pictures. I have read some his twitter feed. He strikes me as a very confused and hurting individual. It also strikes me that similarities in his diction suggest that he is a roving personality on Topix, who has appeared there and here under multiple names. I kind of feel sorry for this guy. He seems sort of pathetic and lost.

      ~ John Green

    2. I don't think it's fake he had photos posted there as well as having a linkedin profile with professional comtacts. They both do. Granted he probably is confused but I don't not think that based on the photos and professional leads on many sites that either of these gentleman are take.... Also, no "E" in my last name :)

    3. Speaking cautiously (though admittedly quite understandingly emphatically) I have cleverly and unsurprisingly uncovered a link lurking among Killman and Maura. To wit, they both have ties to actor Kevin Bacon.

      ~ Cool

    4. Keep in mind that Linkedin is just another social media site. People can say whatever they want to on there. My ex husband has over 500 connections on linkedin, most of which have endorsed him for skills he does not have. He claims to be of the mensa society, he calls himself an economist to the world, he posts pictures of our children up there even though he lost his parenting rights and visitation and custody over a year ago because he didnt stop at abusing me and he decide to do it to them. As if that's not enough, he also claimed to have the power of therinathropy which is the metamorphosis of humans into animals. He since removed that "skill" of his from linkedin, but the rest remains and the rest is no less a lie than his "skill" of therianthropy. He even spouts principles like Occam's Razor (which he added after I posted something about it to my facebook wall) and other economic postulums that if you copy and paste what he says, you will find that he plagiarized it from another article on the web. All of his lying in the public eye and his grandiose claims that are clearly the product of a diseased mind have helped me in court when I was able to bring this stuff in as evidence of his character to undermine his testimony. But the bottom line is, all of his "connections" on linkedin have no idea who he really is. That or they dont bother to read his page because if they did it wouldn't take much to see there is something not right with him. How this relates to this discussion is, dont be like that car insurance commercial and assume that just because it's on the internet it cant be a lie :) In all of these cases...facebook, linkedin,, etc.....these are not others making profiles on behalf of people they personally know. These profiles are what people have to say about themselves. Again, professional connections on linkedin mean nothing to me since I have seen with my own eyes how apparently easy it is for a sociopath to fool people into connecting with and endorsing them. Heck, James Renner was at one point even a connection of my ex husbands. Don't know if he still is or not. And I think James is smart. So lesson being...liars are prolific and they are thorough when they have a lot invested in the lie. It would appear to me that "Troy Killman" has a lot invested in this facade.

  9. They have all started deleting the facebooks. Why would someone do that and start hiding friends if nobody was contacting them?

  10. I don't even know what to make of all of this. My husband said perhaps this Troy Killman is constantly returning to the scene of the crime so to speak by being the moderator and attacking others when they state she could still be alive.

  11. Could it be maura herself or someone who knows her?

  12. What does this have to do with finding Maura. Am I missing something? I feel like this blog administrator is drifting wayy off tarrget with this whole case. Just sayin

  13. Burke Ramsey, as in brother of slain Jon Benet Ramsey?!

  14. I really do not think this is as sinister as it's being made out to be and I don't think Helena Murray is being duped. Troy Killman still has an active facebook page and it appears that he created the Maura Murray Official (Page) which is different from the Maura Murray Missing Group which he is also apart of and appears he may have created. On the official page there is a note which reads ....

    On February 8th 2004, only one day before Maura went missing Facebook only had 650 users. Helena Murray started the first Facebook page for Maura on March 30th 2007, Maura Murray Missing. At that time “Group Pages" and “Public Figure Pages" did not exist so the original page was setup as a “Friend Page”. As some of you know "Friend Pages” have a limit of 5000 friends and within only a few years the Maura Murray Missing page was at its maximum. On November 1st 2009 Troy Killman set up the Maura Murray Missing Group page, which is co-administered by Helena Murray. Group pages are not limited by the number of people that can join and the group page is currently at 2599 followers. As Facebook has grown technology advances and families with a loved ones that are missing try to keep up. Many cases have popped up in the last few years of independent people building websites, blogs and Facebook pages have become a problem. These pages have created confusion among Maura's followers. Facebook currently has over 500 million users and is evolving on a daily basis. Now that “Public Figure” pages are available we wanted to put up the "Maura Murray Official” page that is also administered by Helena Murray. Thank you for your continued support and please share Maura’s story!

    That was written January 31, 2014 well before this article. There are also advantages to have a "Public Figure PAGE" because it's visible to the Public and they don't have to have a "Personal Profile PAGE" to view it. Not that it's necessarily relevant but the administrator for a Public Figure Page would have the ability to comment as themselves or as the page. The difference being if he commented as himself only people viewing the page are going to see the comment. If he posted as the page it will go to the subscribers news feeds.

    Also it's not uncommon to find fans or people who are interested whatever to create a page and ignore all the legal disclaimers. In fact, when it comes to the Group Page Troy Killman did NOTHING wrong in establishing it. He would've been following FB policies which advises people who are unaffiliated with the public figure to create a group page and he would've had no obligation to add Helena Murray as an administrator. The public figure page is different and he would need permission for that. The public figure page was setup this year, and by now she would've trusted him to set it up.

  15. Also their Facebook pages aren't deleted, just deactivated and can be reactivated anytime. Now seems like a reasonable time to deactivate it because he doesn't want to be inundated by countless people messaging him. Also, if you read his Twitter he's not hiding anything. He acknowledges you, this blog, and your book.

    I also find it curious at how many people are interested in these "credible" sightings which have occurred in Canada, Nevada, Georgia and this latest location. I'm not sure why they're credible. There's no photographic proof. Maura was normal looking, and probably aged in a normal way. She doesn't have tattoos, her face isn't disfigured and all these credible sightings are never followed up on.

  16. James, Can you clarify the two spellings of Sloan/Slone?


  17. Well, you completely lost me now. I can't keep all these faceless names straight. Nor do I care to. I'm not being critical of you in any way. It just seems way too complicated to follow at this point. Maybe it's just too late to try to sort this out. Perhaps it's my ADHD. It could also be that this episode of Teen Mom I recorded is horrible. I think I'll just come back later.

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  19. My thoughts are between 2 things. First one being that he really knows something more than what he says about Maura's disappearance. Another feeling is that he is one that suffers from a thing called Munchausen's Syndrome, which is something where people (most often women but men can also suffer from it) and they keep a person or situation just off (not right) to gain attention on themselves. They have an overwhelming need to have people question them, feel bad for them and give them positive feedback. It is relatively odd with relation to the things he has done along the way. I know if I actually saw someone who resembled someone who looked like a widely known missing person or any missing person for that matter, I would strike up a conversation with them and try to get a name out of them or where they come from and maybe a few good pictures too. While they say everyone has a double somewhere, it is possible the woman in the video was NOT Maura but only a lookalike. Has there been any age enhanced pictures done on Maura? I hardly think that someone of her athletic stature and ideals will in fact gain that much weight. She was not petite but was in no way overweight. The woman in the video looks like Maura would have had to forget about her athletic passions to gain the weight on purpose. I do not think it is her.....although, as a parent myself I hope it is so that there can be closure for the family.