Monday, March 24, 2014

When Did Kate and Sara Know Maura Was Missing?

Maura had made two good friends at UMass: Kate Markopoulos and Sara Alfieri. I'd like to know when they knew Maura was missing.

According to Fred, he didn't know Maura was missing until early evening, Tuesday. Unless Maura spoke to Kate and Sara about her plans, whatever they were, two days have gone by with Maura flying under the radar. Why didn't Kate or Sara start looking for her before Fred? They would have known that Maura had disappeared by then. She wouldn't have been answering her phone or door. Wouldn't her two closest friends wonder where the hell she was?

I can't ever get a straight answer out of Kate. And the only time I have managed to speak to Sara, her only question was "How the hell did you find me?"

Early on, Helena Dwyer, the woman who runs the Facebook group, explained that Sara gave Fred important details about Maura but would not ever tell them to a reporter. I wonder if Sara ever gave those details to investigators.


  1. I was in college away from my home town about the same time as Maura. It was an 8 hour drive home from school. I decided late on a Friday night to head home for the weekend and most of my dorm floor was out for the night when I left. I didn't tell anyone my plans.

    I drove through the night Sunday and went straight to class Monday morning.

    When I finally returned to my dorm late Monday morning there was a funny note on the whiteboard on the outside of my dorm room door "Have you seen this boy?"

    I was greeted with a lot of hugs and "don't do that agains."

    I was informed that nobody had made official reports about my dissapearance, but the consensus had been that if I hadn't shown up by the time people were back from class on Monday there would have been.

    I went to school in San Diego and Tijuana was a popular Friday night trip for us. I could have been in a Mexican prison.

    To me this means that Kate and Sara almost certainly would have noticed Maura's absence. But, also, may not have actually reported it to anyone. Then again, Maura would have missed two school days by the time Fred says he knew she was missing.

    Their reluctance to speak has always been interesting to me. That being said, I hesitate to read too much into it. There are just too many possible reasons to speculate.

  2. In the show Disappeared they mention that Maura purchased several bottles of liquor and a box of wine. When the car was found and searched they only mention the boxed wine being found. Where is the other liquor? Is this maybe a hint to the theory that she left willingly with someone she knew (knows) and took the bottles to celebrate her new life? I may be way off, I only know what I saw on TV and have read on the internet... Jules

    1. The alcohol is never found.

      James has suggested that Maura (or a companion) might have checked into a hotel before the crash and that Maura might have left the alcohol there.

      My personal theory is that Maura's cellphone was dead (as indicated by the red charging light observed by Westman) and, ultimately, she decided to either go to Atwood's or, more likely, the Stage Shop to call AAA. First, she wished to get rid of the alcohol. I would guess that she would either have gone down OPR or behind the barn; possibly behind the Westman's house.

      This is all to say that many of us find the missing alcohol significant.

  3. Don't know why Sara was so freaked out about James finding her. I found her on Facebook in about 2 minutes. If she withheld info from the investigators, wouldn't that be illegal?