Thursday, June 19, 2014

Darkness Radio Investigates Maura Murray

I had the pleasure of talking about Maura's disappearance on Darkness Radio this week.

In case you missed it, you can listen/download it here.


  1. Heard a few minutes and will download and listen to the rest later tonight. I emailed you once before suggesting that you work on getting Coast to Coast AM to feature you as a guest for this book. I still think you should work towards that as I've heard authors talk about the beneficial impact to their book sales and exposure to the topic. Whitley Strieber also has a program called Dreamland that has a good following. You may want to contact George Knapp at Coast to Coast AM as he is also a TV News investigator and his programs seem to be the most in-depth and he is good at interviewing for mystery topics. I've heard that you may need to email many, many times to get a response, but its worth it. Dave Schrader is a guest host on Coast to Coast, but I would try George Knapp. Just a thought.

  2. Very interesting. Why won't Maura's friends talk about the case?

    I have never seen so many family/friends of a person who disappeared who seemingly do not want her found.

    One more thing: if Maura was in "trouble" then I assume it was something against the law. Do none of her friends or family have enough morals or ethics to expose her for that reason alone?

  3. I listened to this & found it interesting. If someone can shed some light here though, I wanted to ask about something in particular. James says ".. Maura definitely had a problem, she has been known to get up & first thing she'll drink in the morning is coffee with Bailey's in it. She drinks all day, every day". I am wondering where this information came from & who it came from? I feel like I've read a pretty large volume of discussions, documents etc on this blog (and others) but I haven't come across anything where it's a confirmed fact that Maura drank all day every day.. if so, she had a pretty intense problem there. Please forgive me if I've missed something along the way!

  4. After hearing this interview, I'm curious about two things surrounding your theory. First, do you think Maura's escape plan was hatched before or after she crashed Fred's car near Amherst? And second, do you think Fred knows of her plan? It seems most logical that he doesn't but her friends do. If he knew, why would he have publicized it in the early days and on the anniversaries? He will speak of her but the friends won't. It seems that if you are correct, Fred is in the dark and the friends are keeping mum so she won't be found.

  5. Many years ago when I was on the site run by Helena Murray, it was mentioned there as though it were a matter of no great consequence that Maura liked to get up and put Bailey's in her coffee. Yet woe betide anyone who should state that they thought that Maura had an alcohol problem. Heck, advocates of the family made it seem that Maura spending so much on booze as she made her way up north on the evening she disappeared was indicative of nothing more than a young woman who enjoyed a spot of drink. Never mind that she could have waited to buy the booze much more cheaply in New Hampshire than in Massachusetts, and never mind that even today family advocates insist that she set out alone so she was not very likely to be sharing her booze with anybody else.

    John Avellar

    1. Speaking as recovering alcoholic who is the same age as Maura, I have always been baffled as to why searches for her did not focus on liquor stores, wine shops, grocery stores, brew pubs and bars. Trust me when I say that a woman Maura's age with a drinking problem would go to all those places, and would likely be at least one of those places daily.

  6. Ah, I see. Thank you for sharing. I've tended toward reading info that is not directly from the family but clearly it's worth looking at more deeply.