Monday, June 9, 2014

Is Ed Lanpher "Pomkik"?

Yesterday, I told you a bit about a retired chemist from Hampstead, NH, named Ed Lanpher.

Prior to my reporting, he was the only other person to request details about Maura's case via public records requests with the state of New Hampshire.

As some of you know, a popular messageboard related to Maura's disappearance was taken down by a web anarchist known as "Pomkik". Pomkik spammed a Topix board until the mod was forced to delete it altogether. Pomkik has threatened several people who have reported on this case.

Recently, Pomkik posted a photograph of my wife, claiming she was Maura in disguise. Wouldn't that be a twist?

Strange name, Pomkik. Does is mean something?

One reader pointed out that "Pom" is short for a thermoplastic, Polyoxymethylene. Lanpher has a patent on a specific type of polymerized rubber and worked in thermoplastics until he blew up his lab.

"Kik" is the company abbreviation for Kunststoffen Industrie, a plastics company in the Netherlands, founded in 1968.

Given Pomkik's fascination with my family, I assumed it was Alden Olson. Now I'm not so sure.

UPDATE: Ed Lanpher is not Pomkik!


  1. I visited Pomkiks page when she/he posted in the comments a few months ago. Pomkik had pics of a young girl up and other things I don't believe a man in his 80's or 90's would do, or even know how to do. The Pom meaning for a chemical name and the kik meaning a lab name is just silly. Why would a man that old do this? This is really grasping at straws, unless the chemist had a relative get the records so the person who wanted the records real name wouldn't be known. I think pomkik is just someone being a troll, and that the chemist has nothing to do with this. I don't believe pomkik and the chemist are the same person at all. A 90 year old man having a blogspot page? Get real!

  2. Once upon a time this seemed to be a reputable blog.....

  3. I just looked at Pomkiks wordpress page, and he/she hasn't posted since May. I didn't see a pic of Mr.Renners wife on there,unless Pomkik posted it somewhere else on the net. Pomkik only had a pic of Renner up,complaining about how their vacation was ruined or something. So, is everyone that request Maura's records going to be an interesting character? Time will tell I guess.

  4. No way. Pomkik's page looks like the work of a younger person. I have never seen an older person write with a weird combination of capitals and lower-case letters. It's also nothing like the self-written biography of Ed Lanpher. I'd say it's more likely that Pomkik is Maura Murray herself than Ed Lanpher.

  5. Why don't you phone Ed Lanpher and ask why he requested the records?

  6. Because it's more interesting to post his name on here and stir up conspiracy theories?

  7. if I remember right...wasnt one of Maura's friends..father connected to an explosive of some sort?


  9. "The shark was pulling my leg..."

    "The Joker!"

    "And the accident happened at sea..."

    "C for Catwoman!"

  10. Replies
    1. Not saying anything others haven't said, Mr. Hans Gruber Gooey Pants.

  11. When I looked at this jackass' website, the first person that occurred to me was that carnival sideshow guy -- I forget his name. He's always saying dumb things in abnormal ways, and loves to pretend everything is a mystery. My money is on him.

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